Years (time factor), and Fixes

Why many a times parents feel that if “a bit” of “results” are given by a homeopath, in autism cases, be in years, and then next “a bit” by another, is something good. Doesn’t it seem quite obvious then, that actually the right medicines couldn’t be found?

Five to ten years given, in changing homeopaths, or even methods i.e. including even others than that of homeopathy, and something or just a little being achieved. Which means autism still being there, or maybe the diagnosis got changed to ADD and others for the lucky ones.

Doesn’t it make an obvious sense then, that what was done by the remedies, or methods, was just some palliations, or very possibly even suppressions?

Of course, not to forget, that the wrong reactions would have got many a times, as this simple scenario of just palliations, or a bit of results, gets in with a very few!

It’s therefore very important that parents come out of the mindset of a bit of things done to be called as “results”. This understanding will help them to find right needed homeopaths and therapies.

There is no point in calling fixes by palliations and suppressions, as results. The fixes are produced by fixing the child. A crude sentence, but if it helps in the understanding.

We must try to keep ourselves as aware as possible, so that somehow we find the right needed homeopaths and therapies.

Like if parents learn and understand more, a vast majority of the ones going for CD, Chelation, and even other Detox methods, both by homeopathy and others, would fall down drastically. Anyone would know, how really a big number is after such methods.

Videos and/or Testimonials shared by their practitioners, that they produced so and so “fixes”, by calling them as “results”, and parents too happily calling them as “results” or “improvements”, even if produced by fixing their own kid, leads to a big cult following.

One or two odd cases seeing better results further add to the cult, even if in others it produces either just a bit of palliations, or rather even drastic reactions, which largely go unreported. Neither if any parent cries his or her heart out against such methods gets heard, and the ones going for them still want a tryout. Nor they listen to others guarding against such methods.

A very sad situation thus, which seeks a very right change..

Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception

What is a constitutional medicine? When the so-called constitutional medicine doesn’t provide cure, why do homeopaths start looking for other medicines for clears, or to carry out a detox?

These days, the medicines used for such clears or detoxes could be:

Fake Flowers

1. A Single or Mixed, generally Low Potency Medicines, to open the so-called Blocked Detox Pathways, Drainage, etc;
2. Vaccine Clears, usually with a long list of vaccine remedies, in low or high potencies, or generally rather in ascending potencies;
3. Clears by nosodes, as the ‘name’ nosode creates a chic impact.
4. Or any other forms of clears or detoxes.

It’s important to realize that Hahnemann never mentioned the word “Constitutional Medicine” in any of his works. In practice, when one medicine could cure most of the issues in some cases, that medicine started getting to be termed as Constitutional Medicine.

J T Kent using the word constitutional for the first time, for remedy pictures, was another reason behind it, from where the word actually came too. A misnomer thus in a way, with even added tweaked meanings attached to it, as gradually we started looking for just one constitutional medicine for all cases, with in general persons too expecting and demanding the same.

One medicine curing the cases, or one constitutional medicine certainly exists, but it’s not a rule, and there even can be more medicines at the constitutional level. And this is something we really need to understand..

The same applies to even the cases of autism, or be it any other tough issue, though, the percentage of cases finally needing just One medicine itself, are still more. When an autism case is ‘fortunately’ having just one constitutional medicine, and even a ‘good’ homeopath finds that right one, the case gets cured. And when there are more medicines at the constitutional level, one generally doesn’t find the right needed cure. These aspects are enough to ask ourselves some quite in-depth questions.

In tougher cases, when one medicine couldn’t cure, Hahnemann just said to follow one medicine with the other, but all to be administered as single medicines. These days, we however see mixed medicines used for clears and detoxes, most of the times. A diversion in Hahnemann’s ways thus. Even if it’s single medicine, it’s actually being used for ‘clears’ or ‘detoxes’. Similarly, other concepts see diversion in order to tackle various issues, supported by some or the other logic. Some follow one, some the other.

Cases lingering for years with any method, with a little or some improvement, are not close to getting cured. This rather simply means that the right medicines couldn’t be found, and/or in principle, are not administered in the right way. Thus, a deep analysis of all contemporary methods is surely required, more so by patients and parents themselves, to get to the right understanding. This will empower them to be aware of the finer points of homeopathy, and lead them towards cure.

The use of “clear or detox” remedies in homeopathy by some homeopaths in the recent times, unfortunately falls in the same category, as clears and detoxes via other methods, such as Chlorine Dioxide, Chelation, random supplementation and so on. These methods aim at “detoxing” the body. Thus, the same mindset is being applied in homeopathy, which is against the core principles of homeopathy to begin with.

Tweaking the use of homeopathic remedies in this manner means not getting to the root of the problem, and rather practising homeopathy at its outskirts.

Constitutional and clears/detoxes, the safest way, as that’s what resonates the best with most of the parents and patients too in general, even if not in cure.

Not to forget the high intensity clears and detoxes here, done in the name of vaccines, miasms, etc, which when done equally creates high intensity troubles too.

So, we should start understanding these inner nuances of homeopathy, to be guided rightly, as otherwise we too would be in their loop.

(Pls also check the second part of the article, here, to have a better understanding..)

Chelation Can’t Cure

Chelation can’t cure, though may provide a bit of results, but with side-effects. Prolonged use, as metals keep coming out “endlessly”, for yet unknown, but surely some reasons of its side effects itself, is thus very harmful. A lot therefore is compromised in the health aspects of such kids.

But in the first place why mercury concentrations are high in hair tissues of kids having autism?

Surf Rightly

The truth actually got out to be something very different. It actually doesn’t mean higher concentration of mercury in them, or most importantly it being the reason or cause of autism. There’s actually a very nice study to reveal/answer it, and thus a big slap on the face of chelation, wherein kids are put to so bad routine by many… So, wake up to the Fallacy..

Use the keyword “mercury” in the Find feature for this article to get to the specific details of reasons of higher concentration of mercury in hair tissues of kids with autism.

And certainly, the main finding which led to other details in the article, again are a cause of concern, though also giving a way to reduce the cases of autism.

Homeopathy never attributed higher concentrations of mercury in the kids to be the cause of autism. However, we know how many don’t listen, and are not willing to understand, as they get their bit of results. Even if some higher levels of mercury in them, that is not the cause of autism, and therefore removing it neither can provide cure. Hope this study helps them.

Have a right look at this too..

Healthy children not having autism having more levels of mercury, in proportion to the mercury level exposure of their mothers, (The study/pdf though removed from net.)

When the cause of autism is not in the levels of mercury, you can’t look for cure there. Though, many may not accept, as they get their “a bit of” results at least. For really very few, and actually very few, this a bit is a bit or somewhat more. Therefore a lot of opposition/non-understanding is very much expected, as no parent seeing those few positives would like to feel that he/she is on the wrong path.. and rather even otherwise.

Really a very few see some better improvements, and thus a big caravan follows, despite it not giving the same results for others. A bit of improvements though get seen in the whopping (real) reported 74% stats! However, had the method been “the cure” for autism, all autism cases would have been cured by now.

As real cure is difficult to find, the number of people going after a bit of improvements would certainly be large. And very few seeing better changes, make the cult even stronger.

More so, it being done for soooo long, rather an endless time, years, for many, along with the need of diet restrictions, supplements, etc, is by itself a very good indication of it being the wrong method. Even then though, for a bit of improvements, everything is very much fair in this autism industry, and that’s a very sad reality! Hope it changes in some time..

C vs LM

How LM potencies compare with the C ones, how a particular LM potency stands wrt to a C one, is one of the intriguing questions that hasn’t been answered till now. Some homeopaths though have given their “guidelines” and “assessment” for “very few” LM potencies, the initial ones, on how they stand as compared to the particular C ones.

C vs LM

This puzzle has now been solved, and a proper scale of comparison between C and LM potencies is in my book (section and (For best understanding, get the print book. Though, Kindle book too offers the same, or gives a right understanding, if read with interest.)

Here’s the scale, or the comparison, on how potencies stand, till CM and LM16…

30C,   LM1,   200C,   LM2, LM3,   1M,   LM4, LM5, LM6, LM7,   10M,   LM8, LM9, LM10, LM11, LM12, LM13, LM14, LM15,   CM,   LM16…

The scale is as per proper explanations, and one even can find where will any LM potency stand as compared to a C one, be it LM100, LM200, or any C one… So, something big on this front.

An interesting observation on the scale revealed above is how LM8 is higher than 10M, and even how LM16 is higher than CM! One maynot have thought so, and with this, if LM8 stands above 10M, and LM16 stands above CM, it certainly raises our eyebrows on to how the rest of the LMs stand, and where does a particular one do, as compared to the respective C ones.

And pls do know, the time for which an LM potency acts is longer. So, despite LM1 between 30C and 200C, if given more, it will act for more time. And therefore, these potencies need to be given in lesser doses, which even Hahnemann said.

In the absence of knowledge of “coefficient of absorption of power of alcohol”, sometimes dilutional equivalent is thought of to present potency comparisons (by some homeopaths). What is dilutional equivalent, and how though that doesn’t hold for potency comparisons, can very well be known from this very important link. The ones who are not aware of difference in C and LM potency, also should have a good read on it. It gives the much needed information on why LM potencies are considered as high potency medicines (barring the initial lower ones), and what has been observed on them by some eminent homeopaths.

However, dilutional equivalent doesn’t tell the potency, as the “absorption coefficient of power for alcohol” is not taken into account in this. Alcohol is very much expected to absorb more power on more dilution (including succession), and that’s what happens in LM scale. So, each LM absorbs far more power than what happens in each C scale dilution, coz of more dilution ratio. The difference in the dilution ratio for two is quite a lot, 1 : 100, and 1 : 50,000. That’s why LM potencies are feared too, even otherwise in general, and considered stronger. Here one can say that LM potencies rather act more gently. Then that’s also true, as both the aspects hold, provided used rightly.

Apart from dilutional equivalent, I got to learn how some homeopaths even use Fibonacci Series numbers, in some multiples, to arrive at equivalence between C and LM potencies, wherein the power of C potencies are thought in those multiples of LMs. It’s done in the following way.

M Potencies  /  For series number 3         /  It’s nothing but 3C /  C Potencies
LM1                 /  For the series number 5   /  It’s 3×5                    /  = 15C
LM2                /  For the series number 8   /  It’s 15×8                   /  = 120C
LM3                /  For the series number 13  /  It’s 120×13              /  = 1560C
LM4                /  For the series number 21  /  It’s 1560×21           /  = 32760C

Placing Fibonacci series in this way for potencies in a way means assuming the potencies in the two scales to be related in the above way as per this series. So, this thought, or any other one, of assuming it in any similar fashion, is certainly wrong. More so, if I may say, it’s the name Fibonacci here that attracts, and one thus thinks to relate potencies as per this series’ numbers!

There are many other mathematical series, so in good reason, one should stay away from getting influenced by an hip name. It sounds really crude, but one must be open to think this way too. Also, it sounds somewhat reasonable to possibly think of potencies in the above fashion, as it’s not as per dilutional equivalent, rather in some higher multiples.

Thus, the two good “sounding reasons” than real reasons to think or rather assume in this way.

Primer Fields

It came in December 2012, and radically changed the way we should look at the Universe.

David LaPoint’s theory of Primer Fields, the bowl shaped magnetic fields associated with all/every matter, takes away the need of associating Dark Energy with the expansion of the Universe. It very easily even explains and rather practically presents the structure of the Universe. No convoluted theories which get over everyone’s heads, and just a very simple concept he has come up with, by thinking in a bit differently.

If one can view even this one video patiently, his eyes will light up. Important parts (time-slots) in the video, even to make oneself interested, are – 7:50 to 8:41,   19:42 to 24:42,   27:07 to 27:40, and   30:04 to 32:09. The last time slot gives the proof of the assumption he begins with, please listen to it.

So, Dark Energy prima facie required to reconcile the total energy in the Universe, is not the reason behind the expansion of the Universe, along with its structure. A great discovery, and I salute David LaPoint for thinking differently.

In my work I’ve mentioned about the qualitative nature of Dark Energy. Rather I began with the term Qualitative Material Energies, and used this term almost everywhere. Dark Energy, the mix pool of Qualitative Material Energies, as I portrayed it.

Nowhere in my work I associated Dark Energy with the cause of expansion of the Universe. Rather I called it as a qualitative energy, and even mentioned it to be the mix of energies from where the matter is formed, the qualitative mix of energies from where matter originated.

So, as unnecessary clutter around Dark Energy and its properties gets shed, time has even come to move towards Qualitative Material Energies, a better term for explaining the very nature of Dark Energy!

Dark Energy and Homeopathy

74% of energy in the universe is called Dark Energy, Dark aptly called coz we still don’t know what it is, and thus the name is given Dark to it. Please give due stress on the point that it’s the name Dark that is given to it. Scientists have no option but to believe that Dark Energy exists, as otherwise we can’t reconcile what that 74% of Energy in the universe is. Please see in this link and read third paragraph here for sure.

Einstein’s mass energy equation, E = mc^2, gives us only 26% of the energy in the universe, and thus there is much more beyond it that is still unexplored. Answers to Homeopathy lies here only, however don’t think that it would be all some confusing science talks in this.

What is required is just to understand that Homeopathic medicines (alcohol) actually extract this Dark Energy from substances, when the medicines are prepared, and thus it’s this energy that is in them, and not any electrostatic potential, memory, magnetic field, etc, that have been proposed earlier. We even know how these earlier propositions haven’t given any plausible explanation to Homeopathy. More so, it must be clear from now onwards, that it is actually an Energy in Homeopathic medicines, than anything else.

Scientists earlier also have believed that everything in the universe is made of Dark Energy. Not all believe in this, but actually it’s very easy to visualize and believe in it, if we understand a few things.

Everything including matter, dark matter, etc, is made of this Dark Energy, and thus we too, especially our mind, which is in the real Dark Energy form itself, than in any matter form. This concept makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, and also explains each and every concept of Homeopathy scientifically.

Another point to be given due care is, that even any talk of Homeopathic medicines being energy medicines, that has been done earlier, has not provided any plausible explanation to the working and other concepts of Homeopathy. That is, even after calling it an energy, the explanation hasn’t been provided by any credible energy and force analysis.

So, how do things change now by calling it Dark Energy?

This all is actually possible now by keeping these two things in mind.

1. First, Homeopathic medicines contain Dark Energy in them, and

2. Second, Even our mind is formed of Dark Energy.

These two things are pillars, that explain all, and that’s where the difference exists..

Further, apart from this, and based on this, there are very many new discoveries and concepts in my work, in relation to the usage of medicines, and thus very many new things to have much better understanding as well as practise of Homeopathy!

When I posted the above information in a Homeopathic yahoo group Minutus, I was asked the following questions by Andrew Vincent over there. I replied to them but my message was not approved by the moderator, Soroush. Anyway, the same happens with all Truths initially, and many try to oppose it. I’m posting my reply here, what I did there. Later, fortunately, my mail was approved there, and now in this post I even have added things from the questions asked there afterwards, in the discussions.

Andew’s mail and his questions:

Hi Varun,

I have read these discussions with an open mind for a while now, but feel I have to respond to this posting.

I don’t profess to know much about Quantum Theory (although I do have an interest in new science, and any possible explanations for how we could explain the workings of Homeopathy), but I would like to quote back to you some of what you have written, with my comments..

“Scientists have no option but to believe that Dark Energy exists, as otherwise we can’t reconcile what that 74% of Energy in the universe is.”

So … we don’t really know what constitutes 74% of the Universe?

“Einstein’s mass energy equation, E = mc^2, gives us only 26% of the energy in the universe, and thus there is much more beyond it that is still unexplored. Answers to Homeopathy lies here only,..”

Do you have any evidence for this bold statement?

“…understand that Homeopathic medicines (alcohol) actually extract this Dark Energy from substances, when the medicines are prepared,…”

Again … any evidence?

“This concept makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, and also explains each and every concept of Homeopathy scientifically.”

Well actually it doesn’t prove anything …. you state that we can’t account for 74% of the substance of the Universe, and then state that this is how Homeopathy works…

So in summary, we don’t know what Dark Energy is, and this is what makes Homeopathic remedies work … which translated means that we don’t know what makes Homeopathy work!

Or am I missing the point?


These are my answers to his mail that I posted there.

Andrew, you have really posed very valid questions. Thanks a lot for asking them too.

First of all I would like to tell, that scientists don’t know what that 74% of energy is, and thus they have given the name Dark to it. Many hypotheses have also been put forward to explain it, but none has been accepted yet with proper conviction.

Just make it easy for a while and just think on the fact that it is some energy, and even scientists are keenly willing to find and know what it is.

About the fact of E=mc^2 giving 26% of energy, as you asked, then it comes as a natural by-statement to the fact that 74% of energy is required to reconcile total energy in the universe, as known mass as well as energies calculated and thus totalled does not account for total energy in the Universe. Now here mass would be totalled to energy by E = mc^2 only, and known energy would also come under the aegis of Einstein’s equation, naturally.

Let’s again come back to the point that Dark energy is some energy only. Our mind, which we really can’t see, is made of some energies only, and it will only come in the realms of Dark Energy. This is something big, which once understood, can make the understanding of everything very easy, that our mind is in the form of or made by Dark Energies itself. Can we see our mind? We can see our brain, but not our mind. Our mind is actually in the form of real Dark Energies itself!

Does this hypothesis solve any problem? Actually it does. If we can know somewhat into these energies, and know what all energies our mind is made of, including how these energies work in us, or you can say, if we can provide a framework to it (even without knowing what this energy is), then we get a very good lead to work into the concept of Dark Energies. You may say I’m somewhat confusing in my words here, but actually I’m not, as I’ve properly explained how our mind is made of some energies in my book, and how it works. Take it a thing like Newton said gravity is there, but he had no scientific evidence to prove it, when he said that. However, gravity explained falling of an apple, so it had to exist, and later it was even proved mathematically. Similarly, the understanding that our mind too is in the form of Dark Energies itself, and the putting forward of working format of these energies, gives us many right leads in homeopathy.

We have been saying right from the inception of Homeopathy, that Homeopathic medicines act on mind. Just try to catch the correlation here, that it can only be possible if homeopathic medicines are made of the same energies as our mind is made of. That is, both are having Dark Energies in them! This is the reason which makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, in working with the same energies as our mind is made of, as no other pathy works by extracting this higher form of energy in alcohol, and thus no other pathy can manifest cure in real terms!

A big step forward in my work also is that Dark Energy is not just one energy, but a blend of similar type of energies, and even our mind is made of them. Say like we have five hundred of these energies, and one person’s mind could be made of ten of these, and other’s say twenty of these.

Now my work explains all this, and even working of Homeopathic medicines by this. Even the Law of Similars comes as a natural by-statement of the concept! As gravity was required to explain falling of an apple, and it had to be true, similarly, anything which can easily explain the working of Homeopathic medicines, and all of its other concepts, has to be true.

I’ve been repeatedly saying that each and every concept of Homeopathy can easily be explained by my theory. If I’ve really explained these things there in the book, only then I’m saying all this.

More so, mark my words again, that there are very many new discoveries and concepts in the book, in relation to the usage of medicines, and thus very many new things to have much better understanding and practise of Homeopathy.

Again, please don’t think that it would be some confusing science talks in the book, as most talks on science end in the early part of second chapter itself, and what begins thereafter is the information about new discoveries and concepts for usage of medicines, that too in proper Homeopathic language. Further, I even have tried to put the things of homeopathy in a simple way, so that even the persons not from Homeopathic background are able to understand it with ease.

Till now I’ve talked about science, but let me also tell that what all seems so difficult to understand, is not so difficult actually, if we would have some knowledge into Indian scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads. Time and again scholars have said that Vedas and Upanishads are repository of vast scientific knowledge. I’ve got to learn about this rare knowledge from my Guru, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, whom I’ve dedicated my book too. I’ve no qualms in saying that what I’ve put is a vast repository of rare knowledge he gave to me, when it came to saving my own life. The concepts are not even difficult to understand, as I’ve kept them very simple for everyone to read and understand. Many cases normally seen by Homeopaths on daily basis would require using these concepts, but as they are still not aware of them, they still are working on single medicine at a time concept.

If you remember, once in my earlier post (in yahoo group Minutus), I also said that Crotalus Cascavella might be required to mix with Lachesis in potency two standard potencies below Lachesis, taking 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M and CM as standard potencies. This means, if Lachesis is given in 200C potency, then Crotalus Cascavella should be mixed with it in 6C potency, and so on with the other potencies, if required as per a case. Now this comes from a very sound new concept discussed in the book, and I even have talked of more remedies under this, than only Lachesis and Crotalus Cascavella. This as well as the other new concepts I’ve discussed, can easily be verified too, as these things will easily be visible in day-to-day cases, thus providing all clinical evidence as well.

Some other important points as per more questions asked by Andrew there are also given below, as later my mail was approved in Minutus. Though, soon again the group owner created further troubles. Join this group, to understand more on the atmosphere there.

I know things might be hard to believe in the first go, but first of all just try to be clear in the concept that everything in the Universe evolved from what we call as Dark Energy, including mass as well as the other forms of energy. More so, just try to enter into the gravity of the situation, that this energy is beyond Einstein’s mass energy equation too, which leaves things to be a bit tricky, and more in the thought process, than in observations, as we cannot see this Dark Energy. But still it’s not so difficult to understand, as if we try to think on a simple form of any other energy too, even that is not visible to us, but only its actions are.

Take the example of a cricket ball kept over table. Now the ball has potential energy with respect to the ground, as per the height of the table from the ground. Though, just think, that can we see that potential energy in the ball? Actually no. We can only see the ball, and not the potential energy in it. To feel or to understand that the ball has potential energy in it, we would have to drop it from the table, and then we can feel the force in the ball, either on our hand, if we place it below the ball, or in any other way, if it can break a piece of glass below the table, or runs a small turbine placed in its path, to produce some electricity. Now here we can see the things done by the energy, by some mechanism, wherein energy had to deliver in terms of force, whether force on hand, or force on a piece of glass, or on turbine blades, but it’s certainly not that we could see the energy in the ball. Energy is not visible to eyes here too!

Now in the realms of Dark Energy, thing gets somewhat tougher, but not actually so tough that our mind cannot grasp it. Let me explain one more thing in relation to this that will make it easy to understand.

Just try to give a scientific explanation to the fact of what actually is a Thought, Imagination, Dream……... Scientific explanation…

Think it for a while before you see what I would have written below.

Are Thoughts, Imaginations or Dreams a potential energy, kinetic energy, electrostatic energy, or is it now Dark energy, as you might think that I may say. Actually they are none of them, that is, neither are they Dark Energy. It’s actually a way to feel or rather understand that Dark Energy in action, as we could feel the energy of a ball on our hand, or on a glass below the table, or through turbine blades. So, just think again, and the Dreams, Thoughts, and Imaginations are actually Forces manifested by the Dark Energy (of mind). Scientists have not yet given any plausible explanation to the nature of thoughts, imaginations or dreams, on scientific basis. Dark Energy like any other simpler forms of energy, is not visible, but its actions are just like the actions of any other form of energy. And I now even have provided a scientific statement to the nature of Thoughts, Imaginations and Dreams, and I hope scientific as well as Homeopathic community gives due importance and observation to this.

Now just give some insight into the fact that how great an importance we have been giving to thoughts, imaginations and dreams in homeopathy, right from the beginning. Symptoms of Mind, and we relish them in Homeopathy. Again this all is giving all plausible hints to the concept of Dark Energy. The forces of thoughts, imaginations, and dreams are coming from mind, the forces which are the symptoms to choose right homeopathic medicines, the medicines which are again having the needed Dark Energies! How simple it’s actually to understand all this, if we give a right thought/insight into it!

Forces of mind varies from person to person, and that’s how varies our selection of remedies for them. Dark Energies from which their minds are made varies right from birth, or rather right from when they were formed in mother’s womb, and then as per their development and challenges they face, Dark Energies show their action. Further, when required, we correct these actions of Dark Energy, and the unhealthy energies, via the same Dark Energies in Homeopathic medicines!

Again come on to the fact that everything is made of Dark Energy. When God could provide a way which would indeed be scientific by every respect, for the formation of Universe from Dark Energy, then why can’t they be extracted backwards from matter, and energies available to us? Fortunately extraction in alcohol is possible, as only that’s why the Homeopathic medicines work!!!

First Book

I came with my book, my very first book, in 2010, expecting a great response, as if a blast would happen, and my book would be a super hit very soon. Though I didn’t know that it had so many language errors, and was also coming with somewhat a poor sense of book writing. Despite good ideas thus, the book didn’t gather much response, and even the ones who bought it, felt a sad taste in mouth, due to so many issues in language specifically.

I put below some parts of my post, from Blogger, the one I wrote on book’s release, on July 11, 2010, along with requisite edits.

I’ve found a grand new theory on homeopathy, that gives the true base of homeopathy itself, which despite the development of homeopathy, has still been an unsolved and mysterious matter. I also have discovered many new things in homeopathy, and they are part and parcel of this grand new theory, and without saying, are in the book too.

The book answers all the unanswered and unexplained things in homeopathy, whether how a homeopathic medicine acts, or any other ones. Just to tell again, it is much much more than that. As I said, it answers all the unanswered and unexplained things about homeopathy, for which we have had only question marks till now.

Not only this, but any of the existing concepts of homeopathy, which make way for confrontation, are also explained in true respect in the book. There will remain no room for any confrontation in any of the concepts of homeopathy from now on, as everything is sorted out and explained by this grand theory. All the wrong facts have been rejected by proving them wrong, and all the right ones have been retained. Not only this, but also any fight between classical and modern homeopathy will not exist from now on. More so, the theory is not just a theory, rather it’s a proven fact, proven in the book itself.

I’m not a homeopath by what we call by getting a degree, but I’ve discovered this theory in the process of saving my own life. I knew that only homeopathy is the science that could save me, and thus, when even my homeopathic doctors could not do anything for me, then as a last ray of hope, I took my case in my own hands. And by God’s grace I saved myself, and what required saving me was this grand new theory, and very many other concepts that are its parts.

It is also a well-known fact that many amongst us want to and try to understand homeopathy, but not everyone succeeds in doing so, as one may find it difficult to fathom the deep secrets of homeopathy for various reasons. One of the prime reasons for it is that initially we fail to generate interest in homeopathy, and if we generate, then we fail to sustain it, as many of the things are still unexplained, thus making it very difficult to give us the right direction, wherein we can move in our explores.

One very important thing that I want to share with you all, and especially with the homeopaths, is that the things in my book are way ahead of the current theories and practices in homeopathy, and thus it may become difficult at times to digest what all is written. But I’m not at all worried for it, as any big truth that comes out, experiences the same initially, as that of the revelation that Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa. And we all know that even our Master Samuel Hahnemann himself had to face a lot of opposition initially, so I’m not worried at all in this regard. (Actually I was too much worried!) More so, the earlier age when such truths were discovered, was different, as the information could not spread fast, but now as whole world is one global village, I know that many positive voices from various places, and certainly not only from the people of homeopathic background, is going to make the things align in favour of this theory and its related discoveries, very easily.

Something to tell about me, I’m 29, date of birth being 27th September, 1980. I’ve done high school in Science as major, and then Mechanical Engineering as major in bachelor’s degree, so I’m very much aware of the scientific aspects that I’ve discussed in my book. After bachelor’s I moved in management studies with Marketing as major in masters. And as I’ve already said, I’ve discovered this new theory while saving my own life.

At a very young age I got engulfed with major things in my life, discussed all in my book, and being young I really didn’t want to die, and also for other reasons written in the book. So, those things somehow made all this possible. I was interested in homeopathy right from my childhood, and started reading various books on homeopathy at a very early age, though never took it seriously for major studies or career. Who however knew at that time that I was to discover a big theory at such a young age. Lot of formative phase in homeopathy got built up in me right then, as many questions would arise in my mind, and I would keep on thinking about its answers many a time. So, homeopathy was really destined to happen to me, that too in a big way.

I could have waited for my death to come to me in some months, like many others do when even doctors say them no, but I wanted to live, and thus chose to give it a shot at least!!! Though I never knew where will it lead me, and I’m really lucky that by his grace I’ve found such a big Truth. I also knew when I began writing my book, that I may face difficulties in getting it published, as I don’t have a degree of homeopathy with me, but I kept on going, as I’ve always believed in myself, and more so in God, that he’ll show me the right way.

Samuel Hahnemann was not a homeopath before he discovered Homeopathy???!!! Who knew Albert Einstein, who clashed with his college authorities, for their teaching methods, will discover the biggest truth relating to Relativity in Time too??? Who knew Leonardo Da Vinci will make a working sketch of a helicopter 400 years before making of the first plane??? Who knew Thomas Alva Edison, who only had three months of formal education in his early life, will finally succeed in making the first practical electric bulb, even after failing so many times, and will become one of the greatest inventors of all times, with so many other inventions to his name??? Who could digest, when at the ripe age of ten years he set up his own laboratory in the basement of his home??? Who knew a big thing will happen to me too!!

World has always changed when people have dared to think differently. If Walt Disney believed in himself, and his vision, we have Mickey Mouse today. If Thomas Alva Edison believed that he could discover the first practical electric bulb, we have light today in our rooms, and much more that has followed after that. If he could make first electric car, and also encourage his friend Henry Ford in car manufacturing business, we could have first cars ever. So, I really hope that you won’t think low of my book in any way, for just the reason me not having something called a homeopathic degree.

Samuel Hahnemann made a beginning, and what I’ve written now is the grand theory, rather the self-explaining Truth, to mark Homeopathy on the face of the world, in true scientific aspects, and as the true scientific pathy!!! What I’ve in my book is the world changing Truth, a Truth that will shake the whole world. What I have in my hands is the moment of history.

Any of the comments or feedback from the readers is most welcome.

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Your participation is needed, which lacked actually many a times… The work/book already has a very good recent edition… Hope you’ll give it due importance…


Hi all… It’s my another blog, apart from, the blogger one. For better reach among all, I thought to come here rather, or shift to this blog. First I’ll reproduce the same posts, which are on blogger, and then would take it ahead.

My motive is that people in general start understanding better about homeopathy, and know what it really is, including how it really works. This will solve many problems, and many then will start getting away from the false things in homeopathy, which unfortunately are being done by many.

Hope this blog is really able to do and bring that change, for which it’s coming to be..