Heart too weak to qualify for surgery

A relative of a simple lady of age 66, asked me for helping her aunt, in October 2019, at the time when she was in hospital, and possibly on the verge of being advised another heart surgery. She had a heart surgery in 2002, when she was forty years of age, in which they replaced her aortic valve, and since then she has been living a passive life, to avoid fatigue, wherein she couldn’t even do the domestic work. Before this too she was living a passive life, again to avoid fatigue, though not to this extent. Still, her weight, which had got reduced to just 75 pounds at the time of surgery, did improve after that, and at that time, was 95 lbs.

Apart from her heart situation, she also had anemia as one of her major problems, along with some others, like fluid retention or edema in legs. Hair loss and some skin issues were some other of her ailments. Particularly for anemia, once she also had to have blood transfusion, in 2017, and since her heart surgery, she of course had also been on some allopathic medicines.

Her relatives didn’t want the heart surgery again, as they believed that she may not survive it, and soon she was said the same, that her heart condition was too weak, to qualify for surgery. It even was said that she probably would die soon, as it was a case without hope, for she could not even get out of bed, to avoid increased cardiac output. She was discharged from hospital soon, with the prescription of some medicines for help. To tell about her heart situation, then at this stage, her heart valves are damaged, calcified, with walls thickened, and her heart was almost twice the size of a normal one! And the force with which it was pumping blood, was very small, along with high pressure inside lungs, or pulmonary hypertension, as another of the concerns.


I’m asked to take up case at this stage, and I take it up with utter caution. As I analysed her quite nicely written case, her simple nature, and simple way of life, along with firm temperament, which actually was described quite elaborately, in she looking for just basic things in life, along with strict childhood; her simple life in a semi-urban or semi-rural environment; her quite low interest in aesthetics, and even in having any boyfriend or marriage, as she remained unmarried too, led me towards the First stage in the Ferrum Series, i.e. towards Potassium or Kali salts, and then to Kali Carbonicum, for heart issues very rightly covered there, along with other matches..

Kali Carbonicum 1M was begun with on November 13, 2019, in pellets/pills, dry dose, and slowly and gradually it started to show improvements. Here are some of the words of her niece, at particular times, telling on the path of improvements..

November 29, 2019: My aunt says she feels better, her mood is very good, the cough has stopped, she does not get tired while walking, and wants (just desire here) to do her usual housework.

February 13, 2020: Her mood is better, and she sleeps well, not as before; so, we are full of hope about this experience.

August 20: She says that she is in good mood and spirits, and without respiratory distress. On some days she has edema on her feet, and on other days not. She keeps her feet elevated to avoid edema. The appetite has returned to her normal state, and the colour of the skin has lost the yellowish tinge; in general, she feels better.

December 9: She is no longer taking vitamins (like for her anemia), and says she’s in good spirits. Sometimes her feet and legs swell a little, at other times they don’t.

The vitamins were advised to be reduced slowly, earlier itself, as per the situation and improvements. Though, there also was a time inbetween, wherein she needed them a bit more, including the injectable ones.

February 9, 2021: She feels better, her skin has a good colour, the paleness is gone, and she has better spirits and mood. She’s even doing some housework that she didn’t do before (means since her heart surgery at 40), such as cooking and cleaning the house. Had hair loss on some days, but it disappeared, and also had some skin lesions, but they too disappeared spontaneously.

March 30: Her skin keeps a good colour, a colour that she had maybe 10 years ago, and she continues doing more housework. Is eating better, good sleep and doesn’t have fluid retention, so she doesn’t have swelling on feet or legs. She keeps good spirits and mood, and is going very well.

May 17: She certainly looks good, and her skin has a good colour. She is no longer pale or yellowish as before, and her feet are not swollen as before. She is not losing hair, and has new hair growing. Does not have the small lesions that she had on the skin on her back, and is very cheerful and in good spirits.

August 30: She continues feeling fine. The yellowish colour of her skin has not returned, and her appetite continues well, although with the selectivity that she has always characterized. The edema of her legs has never returned, and in general she feels good. I asked about her skin, sleep, hair or any discomfort, and she says all is going in a good manner..


Some ups and downs have not been shared, as they of course can always be there, to keep the brevity of the case. The doses were given at right times, as per the need, and the frequency of doses in general, also kept on getting less with the improvements..

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