Aconitum napellus for Coronavirus

I came up with the possible right medicine for Covid-19 in my article, Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus, though in heart I knew that this is the right medicine. And it then got the right proof too, when it cured a tough case of Covid, which could easily need a ventilator too, had the action of right medicine didn’t begin on time. Curing a tough case was a big test, and it then cleared any small doubts too, which would have unnecessarily appeared over time, had such a case not come my way at the right time.

This is that one single medicine in homeopathy for Covid, which can cure almost every case, provided being trusted rightly, and given in the right manner. Apart from two-three homeopaths suggesting their single medicine for Covid, others are trying to give different homeopathic medicines for it, on case-by-case basis. Though, this way of giving a different medicine on case-by-case basis, won’t be able to help everyone, and the need is of one right medicine, that if found for a pandemic in homeopathy, can cure almost everyone.

Hahnemann said to get to one medicine, that one right medicine, in the case of any pandemic, and not treat it on the basis of singular symptoms, in his aphorisms of Homeoprophylaxis or Genus Epidemicus. Though, we erred here, while using various homeopathic medicines for Covid. As shared, some even tried to get to one medicine, though on the contrary, some even thought that various variants of Coronavirus may mean various medicines. However, the medicine needs to be one certainly, that one right medicine, and that is when it can rightly help..


¶[Case 2]

A case came with sore throat, good amount of phlegm, fever, and loss of sense of smell; though for sense of taste, it was quite a bad taste in mouth. As the medicine began, fever got in control, and it was no fever on the third day.

Sore throat improved, though phlegm kept coming out. Sense of smell began to come back from fourth day onwards, when she could just smell sanitizer, though nothing else. Even on seventh day, sense of smell was not properly back, but better.. Phlegm issues too still, though a little..

I suspected it a little tougher case, as sore throat and phlegm issues fell in her comorbid symptoms, with she prone to it earlier too.

The sense of smell got to 50-60% on the ninth day, though she could smell things properly if brought close to nose. Doses were then reduced to 4 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, and it was also felt that the improvements would be faster with the reduced dose rather. The same happened too, with sense of smell coming back properly on the eleventh day..

Doses were then reduced again, from the twelfth day, to 3 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, which she took for three days, for proper and sure recovery from Covid..


¶[Case 3]

A case came with fever and pain in legs, along with legs giving up. Blood test was being referred by the earlier allopathic doctor, in which blood platelets came less, and were around 100,000/uL. With no other issue, like dengue, Covid was suspected, though no such case has been reported yet, in which blood platelets got affected straightway, without any other major issues.

Aconitum napellus 200C was given, with the word that if it’s Covid, then blood platelets would improve, otherwise it would be something else. And fortunately, the blood platelets got normal in three-four days itself, with fever gone too. The doses were then reduced to twice a day for two days, and then just once a day, for a few days, for proper cure and to cover up the remaining weakness..


¶[Case 4]

A case came with fever, loss of sense of smell and taste, body pains, some cough, and chest pain; along with a feeling of oppression in breath, while deep breathing. Body pains had increased from a day, with difficulty to get up in morning, along with no desire to eat anything. She was feeling a lot sleepy too, almost all the time.

It started with some chest pain and fever, from around five days, along with a feeling of oppression in breath, while deep breathing.

Many confirmatory symptoms for Covid of course, and thus the medicine was begun. I knew her constitution well, for she already taking medicine from me, and knew that she mostly needs medicines at lower potency, than what we generally need. Thus, the need was of Aconitum napellus 30C here, and not 200C, which thus was not because of age. I even expected its better action, than what has been seen in other cases, despite the lower potency.

Fever was gone by the morning of second day itself, though returned back in evening again, for a while, along with a good amount of stomach pain, on eating.

~ I recently had seen another case, wherein it was the inability to digest anything, along with stomach pains, and fever; and Covid test was referred for her, by her allopathic doctor, which came positive. She though had no other confirmatory symptoms, like loss of sense of smell or taste, or any other. The lady went to hospital of course, where soon the situation worsened, leading to her being on Oxygen support, and then soon her sad demise. So, allopathic medicine didn’t do anything for her, ~ and for that reason too, I got to know how difficult was this case, the one I was curing. Still though, as I knew that she can get better by Aconitum napellus 30C itself, I was quite sure of her proper recovery soon, than late.

Sense of taste started returning back on the third day, and by night, even the sense of smell had begun to come back. She even was feeling better in energy on the third day, along with no chest pain, though some oppression in breath, while deep breathing, was still there. Sense of taste and smell, both were properly better on the fifth day, with a little oppression in breath though, while deep breathing, still there. Everything got properly better on the sixth day, saying for a proper recovery from Covid, in every way..

The doses that were given, despite a lower potency, were just 3 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, to begin with, which then were moved to 2 pellets, thrice a day, on the third day, and then 2 pellets twice a day, on the fifth day. The doses were further reduced to just One pellet, twice a day, from sixth day onwards, and were given till the seventh day.

~ It may seem a simple case, if we look at the dosage, though, it was her constitution, which acted fast, and even needed lesser doses, along with lower potency. Otherwise, the case was quite tough, which we even can understand with the comparison of two cases being brought out.. ~ Other such cases would easily need 200C potency, along with possibly, a little more dosage..


¶[Case 5]

Stomach pain on eating anything, and related problems, like diarrhea, or nausea, or nausea and vomiting etc, are other major symptoms of Covid these days, I mean even if just these. The last case I shared, had it, and even the one who didn’t take homeopathy, and succumbed to Covid.

It can also give sleepy symptoms, as if a slow poison, though not always, so pls be careful. And if not checked properly, thinking it as a simple issue, and doses taken intermittently, as one person did, then though some relief comes, but soon the Covid comes strongly in other symptoms too, like in even oppression in chest and breathing.

Before it got to oppression in chest and breathing, there even came a phase wherein stomach issues gave the feeling of swelling in stomach, i.e. inside. At that time, she even went for Covid test, which came positive! She stayed with homeopathy itself, instead choose allopathy, and the doses improved her stomach soon.. but then again, the doses were reduced, and then stopped for some reasons. Finally, when it also troubled in oppression in chest and breathing, proper doses were taken, which then even gave proper cure, very rightly..

The dosage required for such cases is usually less, One to Three pellets for a dose, Once to Thrice a day, for a few days, as per the situation, if given in earlier to intermediate stages. Though, if the problem gets to oppression in chest and breathing, or other tough symptoms, the dosage too increases.


¶[Case 6]

Aconite given to a person aged 76, in hospital, under Oxygen support.. His fever got in control by allopathy itself, earlier, though for many it doesn’t happen. Among other symptoms, his cough was choked inside, and wouldn’t come, whenever he would try or feel the need for..

In a day after Aconite, his cough would come properly, when Oxygen support would be removed. Otherwise though, he won’t feel the need to cough. Despite under Oxygen support still, seeing the speedy recovery, the doctors even got confident to discharge him a day or two! And he even was discharged on Day 4 itself, after beginning with Aconite..

Not to mention that he got hospitalized for Covid, and his Covid rather got clear in CT scan (but not in other test), showing 15% infection in lungs (Covid pneumonia), in the left side..

Oxygen level on Day 2 itself, after Aconite, got to 97, though earlier it varied between 80-90! On Day 3, it was 97 with Oxygen support, and 94 without it.. Oxygen support was 9 L/min on Day 1, 5 L/min on Day 2, and 2 L/min on Day 3.. Such a fast improvement in Oxygen level, requiring lesser and lesser Oxygen support, gradually..

Aconite of course was given for the next days too, as per the need, till surety, that Covid has been fully kicked out of the body..


¶[Case 7]

Cured a case with loss of sense of smell and taste, with right doses of Aconite, along with complete recovery from Covid, in thirteen days. Though, a good thing to notice in this case was the infection in lungs, as got noticed in CT scan, which the person chose to do, when she noticed some pain and pressure in chest for two days, on Day 6 and 7, with Aconite. As the medicine would be clearing her lungs too, for infection or Covid pneumonia, some pain felt there, and that gave the opportunity to see again (in CT scan), the right work of Aconite in it too. No pain or pressure on chest after that, and in just thirteen days itself, it even was quite sure, that the Covid is gone..

And sense of smell and taste began returning back on Day 6, and were properly back on Day 9. Further, the Oxygen level was around 89 in the beginning, and 94 on Day 5, and then got to normalcy soon after it. Oxygen level too of course, was a right hint in the beginning itself, for infection in lungs already, and then how it too solved very rightly, with Aconite..


¶[Case 8]

In a case of long-Covid nature, it took more days for sense of smell and taste to gradually recover from Day 4 onwards. Both came gradually, even with sense of smell coming first, beginning from Day 4 onwards, and sense of taste noticeably from Day 12 onwards, when sense of smell was almost fully there. Both were totally back on Day 15, and the medicine in total was needed for seventeen days.

In another peculiar, as sense of taste started to come back, for around two days, she felt the taste of water as horrible, including bitter taste in general. And the bitter taste lasted for nine days more, as a post-covid symptom too (note it pls)..

As per the nature of the case to be of long-Covid, even the doses were automatically guided towards a little lower side, from Day 7 onwards, for calm and easy cure, as it caused some cold on Day 5 and 6.. So, taking it as faster ouster of symptoms, calmer doses, with again of course, gradually reducing doses, with lesser number of pellets for a dose, worked better, and healed everything, even for long-Covid..

More so, a dose of Aconite was needed as a post-covid dose too, which then finally dispelled the bitter taste in a couple of days itself, than letting it last for too long, as is generally reported otherwise for such cases..



Still, there can come many roadblocks in the path, as first homeopathy in general is not believed by everyone, and many feel that there is no action of any homeopathic medicine. Second, there are sharp divides within the homeopathic community itself, and not all homeopaths may agree for it to be the right medicine. Particularly, when the medicine has been used commonly in a way, wrongly though, and without any thought on it yet for it being the right medicine for Covid. So, there’s a big gap that the medicine may need to bridge, to get to where it should rightly be, as the proper medicine for Coronavirus.


Further, even in general we know, that it would be allopathy which would be preferred, and some countries even look at homeopathy as a non-scientific way of medicine, like USA.


¶[Homeopathy in Spanish Flu Pandemic]

This despite the fact that while Spanish Flu pandemic, allopathic medicines weren’t helping, and Aspirin rather was raising the mortality rate from around 15%, to a whopping one of 25-30%! Homeopaths in America noticed this, and got in a rightful mode of action. With their right help, the mortality rate was reduced from 15%, to around 1-3%, across various camps. This despite the fact that the final one medicine in homeopathy, for the Spanish Flu pandemic, wasn’t found then, and a very possible one was rather suggested as long as ninety years after it. Please see here. The homeopaths gave the medicines on case-by-case basis, mostly from among the five selected ones.

America still trusted homeopathy then, though it was already on the decline. At the present time, vaccines and their lobby seems to have clouded their thinking against homeopathy in a big way, and the country here, really needs a proper resurrection.

Imagine if allopathy weren’t helping for Covid, as it didn’t help in Spanish Flu. Then we would have no option but to look for a solution in homeopathy, which we are neglecting now. So, we need to be more careful, as there is a kind of similar atmosphere almost everywhere, in neglecting homeopathy for Covid, and hope we make a rightful correction here. One should also be aware that there is a big lobby that works against homeopathy in general, and for that too, an extra layer of caution is required..

Actually, the mortality rate due to Covid is high enough in many countries, to think about homeopathy, but the neglect still, is certainly disturbing..


Coming on to the medicine Aconitum napellus again here, then rare cases may even need its 1M or 30C potency rather, and one must keep this in mind. Though, most of the cases will need 200C potency, as already shared in the article, along with other details on the dosing..


¶[Post-Covid Symptoms]

Another very important thing that has been seen is, that the same medicine also cures the post-Covid symptoms, quite beautifully! And for that, we just need its occasional doses, like one or two doses of One to Three pellets, just once or twice a week, as per the need.. Though, a few may need doses in a little more frequency, which can again be managed very easily..


¶[Covid Vaccine Troubles]

It’s not again a surprise, that Aconite would sort out the troubles caused by Covid vaccines! I knew it should, inside, from always, though got a case for it late, to see it properly. The medicine in 200C or 30C potency, with doses as per the situation and need, sorts out the troubles caused by Covid vaccine, easily. Generally, around 1-2 pellets for a dose, taken less or more, as per the situation, sorts out the issues quite nicely. Best dosage can of course be understood as per the case, even when any different one required, than state on general basis..

It even can avert a blood clot, that can happen by vaccines! If one starts feeling pricks/pins/needles anywhere in body, less or more, after vaccines, it’s a precursor to possible formation of clot. And as per the intensity of the pricks/pins/needles, the dosage can be decided, to avert the formation of blood clot, easily. If the intensity of pricks/pins/needles is more, the clot and hemorrhage is just half to one hour away then, leading to instant death! So, in such a situation, the decision on right dosage, should be taken immediately..



The feeling of pricks on skin, on a particular area, got felt on and off for one, after the Covid vaccine. First of course she ignored it, though as it kept on coming on and off till night, I was informed. I knew it to be a precursor to blood clot, and the pricks being not quite strong, was a relief of course. The right dose of Aconite was given, to avert the possible formation of blood clot..

After the possible blood clot was averted, she got intense body pains and joint pains, right the next day. And these were so intense, that she had to be in bed for almost the whole day, which she almost never did otherwise..

So, Aconite changed the course of action of vaccine, from something quite more dangerous as blood clot, to comparatively something less intense!

She even got pressure in her heart later, in the next four days, as body pains were being sorted, and slowly that too went away, along with body and joint pains, in the next week..

So, a tough situation sorted out, due to the bad/wrong effects of Covid vaccine, again with the right doses of Aconite..


¶[A Right Will]

At least the governments of the respective nations can take it as a good suggestion, and think to test this medicine in the right manner, keeping their reservations in general for homeopathy, if any, aside! We just need the right will and understanding to get to this medicine for Covid, and the rest then will certainly align in favour of it. Some hiccups, issues and problems will of course come, which we know too, but they shouldn’t stray us from our path, and shouldn’t unnecessarily sway our mind..



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