Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus

Today when the world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus, I’m trying to put my thoughts on the right homeopathic medicine for it, and after much deliberation over the past days, than in any hurry. Homeopaths are trying to find the medicine for it, and there even are possible thoughts or remedies, like by Manish Bhatia, in this article.

I think that the medicine that should be right finally, to combat the deadly Coronavirus, would be Aconitum napellus..

(As a postscript, it’s also the neglected remedy for Covid, for various reasons, despite it really curing even difficult cases.. And one of the reasons for it is, that we are looking for a magic pill in homeopathy, that makes us better in two days, though are willing to have allopathic medicines for days, even if the situation finally leads it to hospitalization, and other tough states.. Another reason is that this medicine is generally thought to help only in the beginning of an issue, and one thus doesn’t even want to see, or have a look, that its tougher and chronic pictures, again exist.. Other reasons too behind it, though not good to state..)

The explanations, dosage details, and the cases shared properly tell, that what it needs to tackle Covid, with Aconitum napellus..

So, have a read with proper interest and care..


¶[Initial Explanation]

This medicine, if you would ask to homeopaths in general, is used for common cold, general influenza and even pneumonia, etc, which have a sudden onset (sudden attack). Though, very possibly, it won’t be thought to be the possible remedy for Coronavirus. I however have seen that in majority of cases, where we feel that the onset of common cold, influenza, etc, is sudden, and try this remedy, are not sudden, and rather are brewing in the body from some time. Like in winters, our body and mind are fighting the cold weather daily, and we do even feel bad in nose, or in body, or see some other symptoms at times. Though, when it doesn’t get bad, we feel we got over it. Then soon, in a span of a few days, we get properly down with common cold, which then is certainly not sudden onset.

If we give Aconitum napellus in this situation, I have seen it not working so well, as it should be doing, though of course, we do see some palliation, and then we think to get to some other medicine, thinking that Aconitum did the initial work, and now it’s the time and work of another medicine. The reality however is that Aconitum napellus was never the right medicine, for most of these cases, and it’s the other medicine itself, which gets right. As I saw it more and more, a big question mark got printed in my mind, over the really right cases for this remedy, the ones who would really need it! And this is a big factor, which even has played its very rightful role, in me thinking of this medicine now for Coronavirus.

One may say that even this virus can stay in the body, but not produce any symptoms, and then after some days, the symptoms appear. So, even here, the onset is not sudden. However, the fact that it doesn’t produce any symptom in its dormant time, is equivalent to the person healthy till then, and then getting hit suddenly, to be a full-blown victim. Other symptoms that match with the symptoms of Coronavirus, can easily be seen in this description of the remedy, and even more links/articles are available freely over internet, to confirm on this. Certainly, good books can also be referred to.

This link of the medicine that is shared above, is shared for a purpose, and if one needs more information, it’s important to check other descriptions as well as good books, so that we get proper confirmation of the medicine.

Some variation in symptoms too always can be there, from case to case, and if someone would feel that Aconitum napellus may not be the right medicine, then that small variation would also apply for Coronavirus in general. However, that doesn’t mean that there is too much of a variation in symptoms, as it’s really not, and that can easily be confirmed from various descriptions of the remedy.

We even find this written in the information of Aconitum napellus, easily, that it’s the remedy only to be given in the beginning of an issue, acutely, and acts only then, giving way to another better or deeper remedy. We now can easily see, from the above discussion on sudden onset or sudden attack, that how this misinformation crept slowly, for Aconite..

In general, Aconitum napellus (Aconite) should be the right remedy for even other viruses that produce sudden influenza, cold, etc, i.e. the onset is sudden, and when of course, other symptoms too are matching. So, this remedy should really be earmarked for this, than for other common colds, where the onset is brewing inside from some days or time, with some or the other symptom showing up at times.


¶[Further Explanation]

Another important symptom that got me towards this remedy finally, is the fear part, and the symptoms related to fear in it. As a check, one can even think, that are we really afraid when we get common cold! Certainly not, and not at all to the extreme degree as it’s mentioned in this remedy. So, this is a big confirmation, that this remedy is not for most of the cases of common cold, but is for some very selective cases. And Coronavirus meets all the requirements of what this energy is all about. The fear factor that is gripping the world today, is very aptly covered in this remedy. Some even feel that it’s the end of the world, and that now all will die! And even this extreme fear is covered in the remedy, as one sentence in the description says, “He is sure he will die and even predicts the time of death!”

Fear of public places, as mentioned in the description, again explains the situation aptly, when there is always a fear of catching the virus..

So, we must use this remedy for the ones fighting with the deadly virus, and for that, the governments of the respective nations need to be serious to give this remedy. They can do it under the guidance of homeopaths in their country, and most importantly, it should be done with the right will, and not to prove that this remedy possibly isn’t right. Very importantly, one should keep giving the other allopathic medicines too alongside (though they won’t be needed, as got clear with the cases), and I’m not saying to not use them, or stop them, while giving this remedy. Both should be given together, and if some cases show recovery earlier than expected, and we can see it clearly, then there should be no doubt that this remedy really can help in combating this deadly disease.


¶[Theoretical Dosage]

Now coming on the doses, potency, etc, and how to use this remedy. Then there are three potencies that can work, and it’s not clear on just theoretical basis, that which potency would work the best. If may also depend upon the situation and condition of the person, as to how bad or in tough situation he is. So, we should be open to check the possible potencies, and take this quite seriously. The first potency to try should be 200C, Aconitum napellus 200C, and we can give six pellets for a dose, three to four times, in a span of twenty four hours, given daily. We should see which dosage is producing faster improvements, and here too, the number of doses can easily depend upon the condition of the person. More severe cases can easily need more doses, which is quite obvious of course. As an important care, we shouldn’t be using the original liquid medicine, and it should only be used in pellets/pills, of size around 3-3.5 mm diameter. Just mentioning it, so that we don’t err in this.

The potency 30C should also be checked, in case that is more effective than 200C. Generally, in pandemics, the potency of the right homeopathic medicine that is chosen is 200C or 1000C, but there are some reasons that can make 30C to be more effective. It won’t be easy to state them as of now, but we should be open to try this potency, if we see that 200C is rather seeming to be a stronger potency. In that case, the number of doses that we would need, can vary from three to six doses, over a span of twenty four hours, with of course daily doses, and again with six pellets for a dose.

The other potency used in pandemics is 1000C, or 1M, as it’s generally called in homeopathy. And if this is seen to be more effective, then the number of doses needed would be just one dose of 3-6 pellets in a day, and the frequency of doses would vary from daily dose to doses in every two to four days.

I hope this remedy really works, and take us out of the grip of this deadly pandemic..

¶[Case 1]

I sent the article to a few, and one lady, who is taking the medicine for her kids from me, was herself down with Coronavirus. She is from another country than mine, and she didn’t go to hospital, rather was trying one or the other homeopathic medicine herself. She was already in the crucial stage of difficult breathing and suffocation, and took Aconitum napellus 200C as soon as she read the article.

She wrote me then, and here are her replies, telling on the original stage, and recovery. Fast recovery, inline with the sudden onset of symptoms for Aconitum. And the date and time shown is as per the time zone I’m in, i.e. the Indian time.

April 12, 2020, 11:58 pm: I’ve been fighting Coronavirus for six weeks now, and last night I had a sudden suffocation attack. I feel like I do not have enough vital force in me to recover from this nasty virus. I am running out of ideas how to conquer this terrible virus. I just can not seem to get over it! Right now I am at the final stage, I have been in this stage for three weeks now. Coughing, tightness in chest, out of breath, and suffocation attacks in night.

April 13, 2:54 am: No, I am not chilly. The viral stage has passed, long time ago. I am in the bacterial/pneumonia stage. I am coughing once in a while, dry cough. And I have a tightness in my chest, right in the middle, above the stomach. Not a typical pneumonia, it’s different, Corona type damage to the lungs.

April 13, 8:03 am: I think I am feeling better, I can breath better tonight than I could yesterday. I did not realize I had difficulty in breathing even before I went to bed yesterday, but it got bad soon, and by midnight I was suffocating.
I hope this remedy will finally cure me. I do not want to get my hopes up because with this virus you feel better, then you feel worse again after a couple of days. I need at least three days of feeling good, to be sure that I am over it.

April 15, 11:09 am: Other remedies only helped for a short while, I felt better for one day, but worse the next day. This time I feel like I am improving every day.
It’s hard for me to judge my breathing, the suffocation attacks usually sneak up on me out of nowhere. But I’ve stopped coughing, and my cough was getting worse and worse for the last three weeks. It’s rather miraculous how fast I stopped coughing with Aconitum. I never thought of it as a cough remedy. Other symptoms are gone too. Thank you and Thank God for this remedy! Without it I’d be dead by now.

April 16, 9:22 am: Last night I had a slight tightness in my chest at midnight, but not nearly as bad as before. I maybe coughed two-three times today during the day, which is also a big improvement. Never before, in the last six weeks, I had a three days in a row of feeling good, so I am hopeful this is the end of Corona for me.


Here she chose to not check emails for a while, to remain away from stress, because of the exhaustion that is caused in a tough case of Covid, so as to recover calmly, and then replied after a few days. She even wrote more details, to give a better idea on how the things started, and then got worse, before the recovery began.

April 24, 2:41 am: I wanted to thank you again, for pointing out to Aconite, because without Aconite I would have never recovered. My symptoms were only getting worse and there was no progress in the disease. After taking Aconite I started recovering with no fall-backs. Right now I can say for sure that I am fully recovered and I have no symptoms.
Thank you!


So, the remedy is really right, and it should be used rightly to help others too..


¶[Practical Dosage]

[For cure]

Also to tell, the doses she took were three-four times a day, mostly three rather, of Aconitum napellus 200C, with six pellets for a dose. This is the potency that should generally be used, though for kids, it of course would be lesser potency as per their age. Even some variation in dosage can certainly be there, as per the case and its difficultly level, though with variations mostly on the lesser side of the dosage, i.e. lesser pellets per dose, two to four pellets per dose. Gradually decreasing dosage should again be brought in, as and when needed for a case. Further, if someone is more comfortable in taking the medicine four times a day, instead of three, though then of course with lesser pellets per dose, that should also be considered rightly..

In case any dosage is not making things better, then the decision to increase the dose should be taken soon, so that the medicine starts combating the virus in the right way. Like the cases already at the stage of low Oxygen level, may need the doses five (or more) times a day.. One even shouldn’t panic unnecessarily, and rather simply should see for the right dosage. Overdose too should equally be avoided, as even overdose can give such symptoms, the ones we see otherwise, in Covid’s tough situations.. So, the dosage should be managed with proper care, as per the need of the situation..

Second wave of Covid in India, is mostly needing four doses a day, initially for some days, with right number of pellets, as per the case.. And then pellets per dose reduce, as per the situation, and even when needed, the frequency of the dose..

As an important care, we shouldn’t be using the original liquid medicine, and it should only be used in pellets/pills, of size around 3-3.5 mm diameter. Just mentioning it, so that we don’t err in this.

Further, getting the original liquid medicine, to make pellets by ourselves, should be the preferred option, in countries where liquid medicine is available as the standard medicine, like in India.

I would even be happy to help one get to the right doses, as there of course is always something unique with every case.. And it would be the best option, for the serious persons, who really are willing to get cured by homeopathy, and get saved, without any hassles of hospitalization and allopathy..

[For prevention]

We of course can even use it as a prophylactic, i.e. for prevention, and the dosage can vary from one to two pellets, once in three-five days (carefully, not three-five times a day), depending upon the risk zone we are in. If one takes it for more time, like over a month, then the doses should be on the lesser side, preferably with just one pellet for a dose, once in four-five days. And again, for kids, it would be a lesser potency, as per their age, Aconitum napellus 30C or 12C for kids, as per their age, and Aconitum napellus 6C or 3C for infants.

It’s also very important to not take more doses for the fear of Covid, than specified, both for prevention and cure, to avoid overdose, and thus the proving of the medicine, the situation wherein a homeopathic medicine rather gives its own energetic symptoms, which then can cause symptoms like false cold, etc. So, we must be very careful in this.

More so, if one is taking any homeopathic medicine already, for some health issues, then one shouldn’t take the preventive doses of Aconitum, and rather concentrate upon remaining healthy. Any other medicine then will interfere in the action of one’s medicine, and it thus won’t be right to take the preventive doses. Even in general, it’s best to use Aconite for cure, when one is sure of Covid, than be in fear, and keep taking the preventive doses.

Also, the size of the pellets/pills, as mentioned above in Theoretical Dosage, has been around 3-3.5 mm in diameter, i.e. for proper spherical pellets. Other pellet sizes and types are also available, and there generally is a little variation in the sizes, as per the country. So, it’s very important to note this, to avoid taking any wrong dosage, and make requisite adjustments as per the need.


¶[Comorbid Symptoms]

Getting back on the case, she has had some heart trouble too, a minor one, and Coronavirus then troubled specifically there too. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, they were the same symptoms, the ones of more trouble, as it’s written in the energy that can fight with it, i.e. in Aconitum napellus! Similarly, if someone would have another area of concern for their health issues, more problems in it can easily be expected by this virus, and these issues or symptoms then can easily be listed in Aconite!


¶[Genus Epidemicus/Homeoprophylaxis]

Do know, that for any other issue otherwise, we need to take whole case history, but during pandemic, it’s that “One energy”, which is troubling the whole world.. And thus, the medicine is also one, and we need to get to it properly, than still thinking on varied medicines..

Hahnemann himself said it, and explained it under the concept/aphorism of Genus Epidemicus, or Homeoprophylaxis, “that we need One right medicine then”, “as per the symptom picture in totality”.. But we are busy treating it as per isolated symptoms, and suggesting hundreds of medicines..

Also, if you think to give any medicine, kindly give that one alone, and not a mix of medicines, as then none will act rightly.. This situation needs a right faith on one medicine, including its right dosage..


¶[Covid Vaccine Troubles]

It’s not again a surprise, that Aconite would sort out the troubles caused by Covid vaccines! I knew it should, inside, from always, though got a case for it late, to see it properly. The medicine in 200C or 30C potency, with doses as per the situation and need, sorts out the troubles caused by Covid vaccine, easily. Generally, around 1-2 pellets for a dose, taken less or more, as per the situation, sorts out the issues quite nicely. Best dosage can of course be understood as per the case, even when any different one required, than state on general basis..

It even can avert a blood clot, that can happen by vaccines! If one starts feeling pricks/pins/needles anywhere in body, less or more, after vaccines, it’s a precursor to possible formation of clot. And as per the intensity of the pricks/pins/needles, the dosage can be decided, to avert the formation of blood clot, easily. If the intensity of pricks/pins/needles is more, the clot and hemorrhage is just half to one hour away then, leading to instant death! So, in such a situation, the decision on right dosage, should be taken immediately..



Very possibly, Aconite again is the remedy for mucormycosis or black fungus, though, I still am to check it on any case. If right, then how would the potency and doses vary, that too remains to be seen..


(Please also read the second part of article here, for more information, like on post-Covid symptoms.. There are more cases too, which are updated from time to time..)


A right recognition for Aconite for Covid.. Pls see here..


If after getting well, you would like to help me, then you can do from here, https://milaap.org/fundraisers/new-discoveries..



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