Misguiding Practices

Cease Therapy

Cease therapy today is evolving as one of the biggest fashion statements to cure autism. It’s been promoted as the one to clear vaccine damages, and other causative factors behind autism. The truth however is quite bleak and dreary.

Here’s the in and out of Cease therapy right from its source, which will make one understand its details and think better. It clearly says that they deploy isotherapy, a form of homeopathy using the thought of causative substances, in homeopathic preparation, and then using them to erase the toxic imprints. Note the word isoptherapy. This if one would know, is the poorest form of homeopathy, which isn’t even called homeopathy in any way. The several substances termed as causing autism are potentized and given homeopathically, in the name of removing those causative factors!

If isotherapy or isopathy would have been so good, then urine and saliva therapy would have been most successful by now. Simply potentize urine or saliva of the same person and give them, and he’ll be cured of whatever problems he has, as it has the same toxins or its imprints, which caused him his disease, that too in the same manner and proportion in which he particularly needs! Several persons practice these too. Have a look on it here, and its presentation on a very good site.

Just ask yourself, would you take a common cold virus in the potentized form to get rid of common cold? Or will you take the right needed homeopathic medicines as per the affected energies. Is common cold virus not the same outside entity as MMR or Hepatitis vaccine shot. Just because vaccine damage is more visible, will you retort to removing them isopathically, by potentized MMR and Hepatitis vaccines, which in real can’t even be done, as removal can only be accomplished by right homeopathic energies, as per the layers being affected. An understanding of this in terms of energy and force mechanisms in the cure process, as compared to such isopathic ways, gives a better picture.

Isopathically potentized vaccines will and can only do some palliations, or can even suppress vaccines in body, and this at times even shows and appears as a little improvement, which often can get in the term results then. Thus, a very nice method to make appear one is getting good, by a little of course, that too if it happens, when in real he’s rather getting palliatives, or even very possibly suppression by such medicines. Just because the majority of homeopaths are not able to find right remedies for the kids on autism, such wrong practices are springing up quite rampantly, despite not providing any cure. Parents go through a round of Cease for their kids, along with other remedies, with nothing or a little achieved in the end. And then they start looking for other homeopaths, or options, and this continues. The real pathy can only be the one which heals the very energies we are made of, as in simple terms, they are the ones that get affected, instead of dealing with the substances like toxins.

Come on Cease again and see how just five day course is given for it and you become a fashionable doc to cure autism, or rather a sophisticated doc to fool the parents of kids on autism, because its cure is so difficult to find. Someone saw an opportunity to mint money, gave a fashionable name CEASE, and began an isopathy to fool parents. Soon began its courses to make more money and get homeopaths in net, because many parents are ready to get fooled, and many homeopaths are not worth prescribing even otherwise. So why not they too make money, along with the course provider, as without them how will the course run! Thus, all in all a big game and big net for money minting.

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Vaccine & Miasm Clears

This real fashion statement is used commonly by various homeopaths in providing a timeline, time frame, or otherwise, to cure autism. Each homeopath has his own special list of remedies, to be used in some specific order, as soon as a case of autism comes to them. The remedies even are varied a bit from one case to another, just to appear different. A good amount of time frame, as timeline, or even without any such words, is said to be carried out in this process of vaccine and/or miasm clears. Parents carry out this process blindly, to get nothing, than only plain words in the end in a large percentage of cases. Of course one may get a bit of palliations, to feel some good, or many even may get quite bad actions or suppressions.

Some even carry out these clears with designer names or phrases, both for Tagline and Medicines, saying for their list of miasm clear remedies, with either the same isopathically prepared vaccine clears (Cease), or with some specific homeopathic remedies. For eg in specific homeopathic remedies, the homeopathic nosode remedies occupy a quite high priority with many, which actually are chosen by some or the other notion, but of course are shown or presented as some serious work done in selecting remedies. At times a few kids get better in some or the other symptom (results), though never get out of the social stigma of autism. Or at times it’s the change of diagnosis from autism to adhd, spd, aspergers, etc. These so-called results are even presented with much fervour in testimonials, mostly short testimonials (one short feedback turned into a short testimonial), which then hits parents’ heart or psychology in a great way!

Just because by so many remedies some or other palliation or suppression causes one or the other symptom to get better, the parents feel quite elated. They feel quite thankful to the homeopath, to at least do that much. For them it’s like as if the case had no hope. Some cases have been reported where say the speech came, but the mind is still autistic, with no or almost no improvement from this state later too! Is it cure or palliation cum suppression? Ask yourself! More so, how a few remedies can cause irreversible suppression, this again is not known to many. This in analogy means, autism stigma with the kids for their lifetimes. The cases run for years, without cure of course, with medicines added-subtracted almost every month using this or that terminologies.

The parents while going through such Processes/Protocols of remedies, that too in quite high potencies many a times, which then is in a way barbaric, either forget, or are not aware or taught, that every remedy in homeopathy has an equal potential to remove the vaccine damages, and there are no specific medicines or their special courses needed for it. What is just required is the right homeopathic medicines as per the case, than those stupid set of medicines given in the name of vaccine and/or miasm clears. Though, as majority of homeopaths are not even competent enough to find the right remedies, plus parents too generally are looking for quick fixes, the homeopaths have developed their silly methods in the name of vaccine and miasm clears, quite nicely.

And surprisingly, as already mentioned, every homeopath has his or her own list of remedies, to be given in a specific order, to carry out this stupidity. Some even choose to vary the remedies from case to case, to appear different, unique, and a good and thoughtful homeopath. However, all this happens without even trying to understand which medicines are needed in real, and the focus is mainly on some small set of remedies, like nosodes, vaccine remedies, and some thought of clear remedies. To tell more, nosodes actually occupy a very high and chic picture in the minds of many, much more to the common man actually, though of course even to homeopaths. Thus, these high sounding words too act as a right tool and net to fool many, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

A right awareness of the real homeopathy, vs even the wrong one, thus occupies a quite high priority and need in such cases.

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