Vaccine Damage, Autism

✦ I am feeling very delighted to write a testimonial regarding our experience with Varun, in recovering our child. This testimonial is solely based upon my views and experience, and not influenced by any other person.

I am mom and a homeopath, whose kids got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and one of our kids is completely recovered now. I know how difficult it is, and therefore I don’t even want to create any false aura. Please, listen to your inner instinct and follow what is good for your kid.

I know lengthy testimonials are boring to read, but I am sure if it’s a story of recovery, then it’s surely is an inspirational and interesting one, and everybody wants to know it in detail.


My journey started six years back when my kid was two and half years old. She was developing normal till 12 months, but after her MMR shot she started getting frequent ear infections, and was always sick. Subsequent vaccines made her normal developing pace come to a standstill. She was not saying new words, was obsessed with certain things, like cameras and flashy toys, and wanted to watch some videos repetitively. Then I knew that something was wrong. We got her evaluated and got diagnosed with Pdd Nos. I didn’t know what to do, and felt that was the end of my world. I regained myself and started looking for help.

I found one Indian homeopath and started homeopathy for my daughter. She did make progress, but it was like very slow, and took a lot of time. We did the treatment for almost 3 years, and gained only a little. She was kind of okay but still was very much delayed in many areas, and had the need for speech and occupational therapy, as she was not like any other normal kid.

That was the time when I found Varun, through another mom. I always say thanks to her in my heart. When we started with Varun, I had many doubts, but Varun always gave a genuine and fair explanation, and I felt how right it was. From then on we never looked back. After starting with Varun, I saw a complete change in her. First thing was socialization – She went to kids and spoke, and made friends with them all by herself. Then she improved in eye contact and cognition, and her verbal skills shot up like anything. She started having conversations with us, and fine motor skills also improved, like zipping her jacket, tying shoe laces, etc. After 4 months on her layer remedies, we re-evaluated her and it was a joyous occasion, as not only she didn’t had the need for any other therapies, but also was tested average or above average on all levels! The school and medical center both took off her diagnosis.

At present she’s in grade 2 and just like any other normal kid and doing amazing. Nobody can make any difference between her and a normal kid and that’s when we call it recovery. The best part after Varun’s remedies was that she started falling sick very less, and her repetitive behaviour and obsessions have all vanished.


My younger daughter also had similar issues, except that her condition swayed to and fro in an extreme way than her sister’s. She was very bright kid and was hitting all her milestones, rather earlier, right from the beginning. We thus were relaxed that she would be fine. She knew all nursery rhymes, talking in sentences, etc. MMR and other vaccines led my younger daughter also into autism, and in a never ending anxiety.

Luckily we started with Varun, but I thought that I must do other biomedical interventions to make recovery faster, as her case was healing slowly. So I took a break, and did many things, like diet, chelation, Hbot, MB12 shots, CEASE etc. Trust me, none of them gave me any results, some gave positive gains but they never stayed back. We came back to Varun, and started the treatment again. He was always so welcoming and ready to help.

I always think that I wasted my time with all those things. Now after starting with Varun, we are able to fix my child’s anxiety issues, which were almost impossible, as allopathic anxiety remedies also couldn’t fix the problem, and she became worse on them. We still have long way to go but I am hopeful.

Varun, is very kind by heart. He has immense knowledge about Homeopathy. His love and passion for Homeopathy reflects in his work. It’s so fortunate to have an awesome holistic healer.

— A mom and Indian homeopath, settled in US

[March 22, 2016]