Varun is a practitioner and researcher in homeopathy..

Before moving to homeopathy, he has done master’s in management, in marketing and finance, and prior to that his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.

His academic life has been quite rich in providing him diverse experiences. In school he showed all inquisitiveness to reach to deeper things, by studying books himself, than run for more marks by mugging. Getting to the base of the things always remained his forte. All this helped him to have first position among all the streams in engineering, than just in mechanical. Management studies helped him further, and rightly widened his understanding. Then he moved to homeopathy, his true calling..

Varun Gupta

He’s author of the book, “Material Energies“, laying solid scientific foundation to homeopathy for the very first time. The book also has many new discoveries in it, certainly related to homeopathy..

He had great interest in homeopathy right from childhood, and many a time his mind would keep on asking him questions on various aspects of homeopathy. All this inspired by various homeopathic books already in home, and he reading on to them from time to time. As many aspects of homeopathy before his work had only more questions, than answers, his curiosity in homeopathy never ended.

{Who knew when continuous atrocities upon him by his own oppressive family, would take him to deepest abyss of depression, he’ll turn to homeopathy to save himself. He began, and it was really a journey full of extremes. He never knew that it will hand him such great discoveries, along with saving himself from the brink of death.}

This was also the real time when he started going through numerous homeopathic works, both from books and net, and all his major study, as people do in classrooms, came from his own devotion to homeopathy..