Throwing and Breaking Things, with Planning

L is to turn 14 years in age, in around two months, and is a tall child, even at 13, with the height of over 6 feet. He appears to even have proper strength in him, in concomitant with his height, as is seen in his shared videos. His parents are absent from his life, by decision, and he lives with his paternal aunt, since the age of one and a half years. During pregnancy, his mother had conflicts with his father, and had the thoughts of rejection towards the child. As a child, when once he cried a lot, the mother sent him to sleep at the house of another lady. He wasn’t even pampered in all probability, at any time.

The child comes with moderate to severe autism, as per diagnosis, and it began at eighteen months of age. He got all his vaccines till then, though with MMR, there came the initial downturn, and by 2 years and 2 months of age, it turned to proper situation of autism. He lost his speech too, though it got recovered at the age of 4, and at present he can structure sentences up to twelve words, and can express feelings, needs, and sometimes can also tell what he has done. He doesn’t engage in a fluent conversation and even his tone is linear or monotone, despite expressing feelings.

He’s a happy child otherwise, though has some OCDs, like washing hands continuously for around fifteen minutes; bathing for around one hour, during which he applies soap again and again to bathe; closing the doors of the home himself, and making sure that they are closed properly.

Coming to physical complaints, then he had recurrent respiratory infections till 8 years of age, constipation with abdominal distention till 9 years of age, wherein he would pass stool once in 2-3 days, till that time. He also would develop rashes and reddened skin on various parts of the body, till 8 years of age, and had one seizure at the age of 3.

Among the earlier interventions, they had tried Biomedical treatment, Casein free Gluten free diet, along with other dietary changes, and Cease therapy.


May 2018,

As the case analysis was done, no clear remedy seemed to come up, and the obvious thought of Lac Maternum, for he not getting his mother’s love, were on the fore. The same was begun too, and Lac maternum 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry dose), was given at right times.

Nothing much happened initially, apart from some allergies appearing just for a day or two, on skin as well as respiratory. Some improvements started happening in July 2018, with improvements in mental agility, processing things better, and understanding what is being said, faster. New words and better communicative intention also appeared, along with trying to structure a little longer sentences.

Some skin rashes appeared and disappeared in July and August, and a good amount of sweat too would appear on his hands, at times. The improvements in mental sphere are summed up below, as in September 2018,

“The language continues to flow little by little. There is more spontaneity and new words. Spontaneous communication is still less, as per his age, but we have seen some improvements too.

There is better processing speed and more agility in the academic learning processes.”

More improvements followed after it, until January, 2019, and then some new symptoms started appearing. The child started throwing and breaking certain things, intentionally, and it would happen unexpectedly. Like throwing his books, several times, picture frames, glass, and once he even broke a guitar, at a place he would go to learn certain things. He ran out of a room, to the room where guitar was, and threw it repeatedly on the floor. He did it intentionally, and even laughed after doing it.

It seemed either like another layer showing up, to be needed along with Lac maternum, at the constitutional level, or maybe alone, without Lac maternum. It seemed like the kid asserting his identity, which was denied to him, coz of the rejection since childhood. So, it seemed like a Carbon remedy, and the symptom of respiratory allergies too, along with some other ones, hinted for going with Diamond Immersion.


Diamond Immersion 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry dose), began in February, 2019, and the chances of Lac maternum showing up again, at the constitutional level, along with Diamond Immersion, weren’t sure at that time.

Another incident of breaking things happened soon, which then felt like not enough action of the medicine yet. He broke a loudspeaker and a screen in a get-together, and even wanted to touch other persons there, in their private parts. At home on the same day, he threw a perfume bottle out of the window, and even cut some leaves and flowers. Some new OCDs were also being seen from some time, like compulsively giving the towel to the ones going for bath, himself, and placing things at their places in a perfect symmetry, to the shelf etc, like in a perfect square.

As shared, the incidence of breaking things felt like not enough action of Diamond Immersion yet. As more time went with its doses, then though the number of incidents happened on and off, means a little more, the intensity in them got less. Like it was smaller things thrown mostly, that too without breaking any. He though would have a mischievous smile on his face, while doing such incidents.

The Ocds too were decreasing, and that too was saying for a good action of Diamond Immersion.

Then in May 2019, he broke CPU of a computer, which certainly was an incident of higher intensity again. Another thing that got noticed in this time was, that he wasn’t angry while doing that, and rather it appeared like a deliberate act, possibly done in some revenge to certain things that were not done the way he wanted.

The doses were increased a bit, and good action started following soon with them. The negative incidents started reducing, along with the reduction in Ocd as well. His language too started to get further better, little by little, with new words, sentence construction, spontaneity, etc. Here’s a feedback too, in September 2019,

“Apparently, we already have overcome all those incidents of destructive behaviours, anxiety, Ocds, and the language continues to flow. The truth, in all this time we have seen progress.”

Still very little negative incidents of throwing things appeared at times, like when dosage would go wrong, when the need would be less or more, as per the state then.

Here’s another positive feedback, in December 2019,

“L is still well. Very good mood, humour. We notice more fluency in language and also in its speed of processing. Mental agility has been evident in the day today, and also in mathematics, that now flows better.”

Things continued to improve, and here’s one more feedback, in April, 2020,

“I have seen that even in this confinement that we have (Covid time), it has been about 18 days without leaving home, he has been very calm, and has understood why we cannot go out.

From our balcony, he initiates interaction with our neighbours, greets them, asks them how they are, and also asks for the newspaper.”

It was going well till now, and it seemed that Diamond Immersion is the right remedy of course, but then incidents of throwing and breaking things, started appearing again!

“.. he immediately went to his room and with the palms of his hands he hit the TV so hard, that it destroyed the screen. After a while, he tossed the table lamp from his room.

I notice that he laughs, the expression in his gaze changes, as if his pupils are dilated.”

It felt like overdose of the medicine, and the doses were reduced appropriately. Though still, such incidents continued, like breaking a cell phone, and tv screen again. “I observe that they are not impulses.. he does it as if with premeditation, and even as in revenge, when things are not done as and when he wants. He does it, but he does not manifest anger. It’s as if it is his way of “taking the bill”.” It would feel like he would plan or scheme for the negative things he did, and they seemed to happen after some days of he was contradicted or not agreed for something. Some Ocds too returned.

As the negative behaviour continued, the symptoms were analysed again, with a proper look on any new symptoms too, if they had appeared. Sweat on hands had been coming again, which even came before Diamond Immersion was given, and this time it was quite more, and rather even in a room with air conditioner. Biting of lips, at times, as if in a tic, was also observed.

The case was analysed again, and all the symptoms converged to Anacardium orientale, as it has the theme of controversy between two wills of a person, between two impulses, wherein he is persuaded by his evil will to do acts of violence and injustice, but it’s withheld and restrained by a good will. And at times his evil will would win, and make him do acts of throwing and breaking things.

The recent symptom of sweat on hands, matches too, in his physical symptoms. Not to miss the match when once he wanted to touch others in their private parts, as such negative thoughts at times, are also mentioned in it. The symptom of tough constipation, which he would have till the age of 9, wherein he would pass stool once in 2-3 days, also matched. Apart from it, Anacardium also covered the symptom of biting his lips at times, as per repertory.

So, for the first time it felt the right medicine too, as in previous two times, there were matches in mental themes, but physical symptoms didn’t match with them so rightly. Thus, for the first time with the kid, it felt that the right medicine for him should really be Anacardium orientale.


The medicine began in July, 2020, Anacardium orientale 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry doses).

The increased intensity of incidences of throwing and breaking things, before the dose, showed improvement right after the doses of Anacardium orientale, and he rather showed other positives too, in the same month.

“There haven’t been any destructive outbursts, and in fact I notice him with better humour. Today in the face of funny situations in daily life, or that we see on TV, his laughter is more spontaneous and authentic.”

But then, considering a good action, the doses were reduced a bit more, than they should have been, and he then again had a high intensity incidence of throwing and breaking things, wherein he broke a tv and an air-conditioner, throwing air-conditioner repeatedly on the floor, till it damaged! Such high intensity incidences can rattle any parent or caregiver, to the point of even stopping the medicine! But really thanks to his aunt and her family, who showed proper faith, and continued with the medicine, and not to miss the same commitment and faith, that had been shown earlier too.

The doses were corrected, and positives followed again.

His Ocds, which were showing up again, as symptoms were converging to Anacardium orientale, got better again in September, 2020, with very minimal ones remaining then. Here’s a feedback in November, 2020,

“L is doing very well, and the language continues to flow little by little, and he even has more understanding. The crises or throwing and breaking things has not returned.”

And then in December, 2020,

“No more crisis, and the remaining minimal traits of Ocd-type behaviours have completely disappeared.”

A low intensity incidence of throwing and breaking things happened in the latter part of December, and this time it was due to a bit overdose rather. Constipation too showed up again, and due to overdose again. So, the good action of medicine demanded lesser doses now, and it was taken care of.

And then, in December itself, the situation gets positive again,

“.. L was very happy and integrated into the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, only with the family, as we continue with restrictions due to Covid. Laughter with meaning and in context; dance; etc.”

Here’s a feedback in May, 2021, telling on good improvements and changes,

“On behavioural and emotional level, L is doing very well. In language, he is more expressive, new words and tries to build increasingly longer sentences, that is, better structure. I also observed better learning, captures and understands the contents with more agility. This year English was incorporated as a subject, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy it is for him.”


Here’s a feedback in February, 2022, saying for the things on a very right path,

“He is calm, and a collaborator in everything at home. On his own initiative he looks for educational (academic) activities to carry out. I have noticed that communication continues to improve, with new words and longer sentences.”

A feedback in July 2022, expressing the good state by itself,

“L has continued very well, behaviourally, communicationally, and assuming roles at home on his own initiative (more autonomy).”

His pics too were shared, the ones of his 18th birthday, and he really has grown to a totally changed boy..

And here’s his first step into work life, by September 2022,

“Every day he’s with more initiative and independence in daily life. He has integrated very well as an assistant, in some training workshops for families, that we have been teaching.”

And a feedback in November 2022, that certainly says a lot..

“He continues to be very well, without any type of issues. He is very well behaviourally, and is always in a good mood.”


One must have noticed here, that the real issues of the kid revealed later, whereas generally the real tough issues are seen right from the beginning, in almost all the cases of autism, adhd, and related ones.. So, the focus equally always is on finding the right constitution of the kid, in the beginning itself.. And it thus easily can be the first medicine itself, that goes as the final right medicine..

Another important thing to see is, that here’s a deliberate attempt by the kid, at times, to throw and destroy things. And it’s not an act done in hyperactivity, as many kids having autism, adhd, and related things, do. So, Anacardium orientale shouldn’t be thought unnecessarily for such cases, and should only be used when right. Proper physical matches too can play the right guiding part, as it happened for this case.

Also, the needed potency can easily be 200C, or even 30C, when right as per one’s age, and other factors of the case. Though, for this case, the potency 1M felt very right, right from the beginning.

Not to miss the commitment and faith shown by his aunt and her family, especially when there were no such negative behaviours initially, and they rather came as the things progressed! Any parent can drop out fearing this situation, but the faith shown here is quite exemplary, in every way. His aunt would of course feel shattered with the negative incidents, as is shared in her words too, “.. but the truth is that these incidents collapse me, and I wonder if this will ever end”, though still, the faith shown by them has really been exemplary..

One would also notice, that both Lac maternum and Diamond Immersion gave good improvements, while the time they were acting well. This kind of palliation isn’t seen in every case of course, and varies from one case to another. Even the things healed slowly, and it took around two years and two months to get to Anacardium orientale, the final right medicine! Still, how the initial picture got handled and healed properly by first Lac maternum, slowly, and then Diamond Immersion, again slowly, paving the way to proper constitution, is so good to see..

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