Energy Medicines and one’s Constitutional Medicine

We’re made of the same energy, as is there in homeopathic medicines, and that’s why homeopathic medicines act on us.. Something really big, if we try to understand, as though we read at times, that homeopathic medicines are energy medicines, but we won’t see this mentioned anywhere, that we too are made of the sameContinue reading “Energy Medicines and one’s Constitutional Medicine”

Endless negative thoughts and fear – Fear of losing control and hurting his kid

In October 2019, a person, aged 39, shared about his excessive anxiety, due to his endless negative thoughts and fears.. “I am going through excessive anxiety now, which is affecting my day-to-day life. When I say excessive anxiety, it means endless negative thoughts and fear, fear of losing control, what if you lose control andContinue reading “Endless negative thoughts and fear – Fear of losing control and hurting his kid”

Waking up from Invasive Ventilator Support

The sister of a person aged 60, who was under Invasive Ventilator Support at that time, due to Covid, asked for help for her brother. The Covid had gone by then, but his lungs weren’t responding thereafter. Precovid he had been in good muscular shape, 40 pounds overweight, though was exhausted at that time, dueContinue reading “Waking up from Invasive Ventilator Support”

Heart too weak to qualify for surgery

A relative of a simple lady of age 66, asked me for helping her aunt, in October 2019, at the time when she was in hospital, and possibly on the verge of being advised another heart surgery. She had a heart surgery in 2002, when she was forty years of age, in which they replacedContinue reading “Heart too weak to qualify for surgery”

Not just Feather-picking or Feather-plucking

A parrot was giving up to eat and drink slowly, from some days, along with the behaviour of plucking his own feathers, to a degree to take off all of them soon, in a short time span. He wasn’t kept in cage by the pet parent and pet family, and thus could freely roam inContinue reading “Not just Feather-picking or Feather-plucking”

Throwing and Breaking Things, with Planning

L is to turn 14 years in age, in around two months, and is a tall child, even at 13, with the height of over 6 feet. He appears to even have proper strength in him, in concomitant with his height, as is seen in his shared videos. His parents are absent from his life,Continue reading “Throwing and Breaking Things, with Planning”

Bach and Other Essence remedies

Some cases, some rare ones, can need Bach remedies and/or other Essence remedies as well, along with homeopathic remedies. If it’s the need of Bach remedies, then generally, we may need just its occasional doses; as what is being seen is that the set of 38 Bach remedies, which is being thought of to coverContinue reading “Bach and Other Essence remedies”

Cease vs A gentle nudge

We all know how homeopathic medicines made from vaccines, i.e. vaccine nosodes, are used for vaccine clears in isopathic way; with a long list of vaccine nosodes, that too in ascending high potencies. This way or ‘protocol’ rather, is called ‘Cease’, and the ones juggling with autism, would know it already. It’s not the rightContinue reading “Cease vs A gentle nudge”

Aconitum napellus for Coronavirus

I came up with the possible right medicine for Covid-19 in my article, Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus, though in heart I knew that this is the right medicine. And it then got the right proof too, when it cured a tough case of Covid, which could easily need a ventilator too, had the action ofContinue reading “Aconitum napellus for Coronavirus”

Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus

Today when the world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus, I’m trying to put my thoughts on the right homeopathic medicine for it, and after much deliberation over the past days, than in any hurry. Homeopaths are trying to find the medicine for it, and there even are possible thoughts or remedies, like by ManishContinue reading “Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus”