Autism is one of those health issues today which is dealt with all the fashion statements and myriad wrong ways by various homeopaths. The homeopaths who even are incapable of solving other seemingly quite less complicated cases, have developed many false methods to fool patients and public in general. A lot of wrong is being done in the name of this or that homeopathy they carry out.

In desperation to have their kids back, parents get fooled by terminologies, and the kid is treated as a machine, which has various damages and corrosions in it. Yeast, parasite, fungus, bacteria, various heavy metals in body, or deficiency of some, are the most common in vogue corrosions. Not to forget the corrosion or suppression by vaccines, which actually happens, but then comes the flashy ways developed to get rid of it.

Further, the generally accepted principle is that healing for such cases has to be painful, and that there is no other way to deal with their so many/strong issues. The way the kids are put under so many remedies whose list too makes one fear, is really gruesome. Parents too are not aware of, that which way to go, and mostly the luring way which seems to provide some magic wand, or faster relief, to do away with the corrosions, traps them often. Actually, they too receive the same knowledge from all sides, the one of yeast, parasites, fungus, heavy metals, etc, apart from the one of removal of vaccines, or their effects, that they feel this as very true. It’s actually the same state in a way, that homeopathy is not understood as it should be, but allopathy and its ways seem true.

It’s thus very important to have an understanding into some of these utter wrong practices in homeopathy (Misguiding Practices), carried out rampantly by various homeopaths. And of course, not to talk about some other wrong methods in this autism industry, other than in homeopathy itself.


The Way Here

Have a look how Varun is solving such cases in his featured Cases. In autism, mostly it’s one to three layers affected, with preponderance towards lesser ones, and thus the need simply is to track those rightly, to affect cure. The history on such cases, however, shows how only the one layer deteriorated cases, like that of the very famous case of Amy Lansky’s son, find cure, that too when their good homeopath could find the right remedy. For the rest though, it generally turns out to be jugglings, to find a right homeopath, a right method, and so on. Actually, even the cases needing one medicine don’t get to their needed (right) medicines. Even the same homeopaths who did miracle in one case, are unable to produce it in others, including the ones needing one medicine.

See the detailed outline of the Process of Cure with Varun in this document.

A note for parents, aimed at right help.


Cured Cases

Apart from the cases shared online, Varun has cured and helped proper tougher to intermediate, and even mild cases of autism. Adhd cases bordering on autism have also been properly solved or cured by him. These cases though aren’t shared here, due to parents not agreeing for them to be shared online.

Some cases are on the path of cure of course, which may come in the cases shared or in testimonials, if the respective families agree for it. Varun doesn’t make one sentence or a little feedback shared by parents into one full story or a testimonial. More so, with other homeopaths or any other docs, generally the authority and license to share any feedback, by telling it a success story, lies in the hands of that person. He or she can present it in any way, by including his own explanations, words, sentences, and so on. This though isn’t done here, and the authority and license, whether to have one’s case on site, lies in the hands of the parents/patients themselves! That’s a big difference, and it even takes out the misuse of the information shared, in putting false success stories or testimonials. So, understand this factor more, to understand on the good and calm work done here. Otherwise one can easily tend to be in suspicion.

Instead of having a free flow of testimonials online, with parents agreement, what Varun has found is that not all parents are willing to have their kid’s case online. The social environment and pressures many a times, including of/in one’s family (and extended family), makes one quite hesitant to share their cases openly, despite their names, including that of the kid, not coming in it. There are many families who don’t like to come in open, and in general more of those ones have come here, the reasons for which are not so difficult to understand too..

To tell a bit on the case of Adhd, then it presented a special symptom or rather a special interest, but to the point of an oddity. The girl would swing from trees, climb hills, and ride kids scooters like a daredevil, though would rarely to never fall. These stunts, as one can say, and as one takes such symptoms as one’s special interests, presented the clue for one of the major remedies. And it was Lac Rhesus, the medicine from the milk of Rhesus Monkey. With this symptom, and even other oddities, one can understand, than a family can be quite vary to share the full case online. The worries of social and family pressures, especially the worry of marriage of girl later, comes as the prime one here. Thus, we should respect such decisions. And, on the issue of cured cases here, probably one can understand the difference between fabrications and reality, as there are many factors, like of the detailed feedback shown in shared cases, which can make one realize on this..