Not just Feather-picking or Feather-plucking

A parrot was giving up to eat and drink slowly, from some days, along with the behaviour of plucking his own feathers, to a degree to take off all of them soon, in a short time span. He wasn’t kept in cage by the pet parent and pet family, and thus could freely roam in the house, unlike what we see generally. He even has always been a loved member in the family, along with he himself sharing love with all in the right way. So, it wasn’t the issue of being caged, boredom, etc, behind this situation, as is generally thought of, for this behaviour of feather-picking, in birds plucking their own feathers..

He had given up having any water from around a week, and the food intake too was slowly reducing, along with he sleeping for most of the time. He would get up to have food, and then again sleep for most of the time. Apart from it, his body was getting infested with some worms or mites, along with possible worms even inside the body, means in his digestive system. His skin too was getting red, gradually, and soon it was red all over, including the redness on his limbs. It even was getting itchy..

A right number of allopathic interventions were tried, along with things like a spray etc, to deworm the body. Worms and mites also were thought the reason behind his behaviour of feather-picking, so the allopathic treatments and spray, even aimed at stopping this behaviour, by addressing the issue of worms or mites..
None of the things helped, and the case then came to me..

Here are two pics too, of a little earlier stage, wherein we can see feather-picking, giving way to even the center bone getting visible.

Redness too is visible in the second pic..

Prior to this, he started chewing more than usual, and chewed clothes and furniture. It was probably coz he had been getting irritated by mites sucking his blood. He also stopped playing, and bald spots started appearing, slowly, with feather loss and feather-picking, and thus it wasn’t due to the usual moulting.. These certainly were the initial signs of he getting unwell..


I tried two medicines, one after the other, and first one helped a bit, for three days, but then the situation again started deteriorating. Second medicine too didn’t help, and by this time, his intake of food reduced by a great amount, leading to imminent danger to his life. The pet parent and pet family too were feeling, that he may not survive, and certainly, were even getting quite worried.. I though knew it from initially itself, that it was the question of saving his life, and not any other thing or case..


At this point, Aurum metallicum 200C was chosen, and given, first dose in night time, when he would ask for food, and of course, just a little food that he was taking at this time. Suicidal tendency in he plucking his own feathers, to the point of taking off all of them, was one of the strong points, that led to its selection, along with other matches. Despite nothing mentioned in the medicine for worms or mites, it seemed the right selection, which would even take care of it..

In the morning, some shedding of worms or mites was noticed around him, all by itself, without he really shaking them off his body. He was almost without any feathers at this stage, so this shedding of worms or mites, wasn’t from fluttering of feathers, and all by itself, by the right action of the medicine. And these were shed in some yellow or yellow-white crust, just mentioning, for more information and clarity.

Here is its pic too, and the size of these particles was roughly around 1mm.. A lot of them were shed off from his skin, and claws, in the coming days..

Some beetles too were found near him, right in the next morning itself, and even sharing a pic of one of them. As these and even any other mites and parasites got shed off from his skin, even in the coming days, it would leave a small hole on his skin. A layer of coating too was there above these mites and parasites, on skin, which again got shed off in the right way..


He continued to rest and sleep more still, and intake of food improved gradually, day by day, and even his acceptance towards medicine improved. Earlier, with bad-tasting allopathic medicines being given, more so as they weren’t even helping him, and possibly even giving wrong action inside, he was getting scared to even come close to the pet parent, for being given any more medicines. Despite he actually liking the sugar pills we use for giving homeopathic medicines, for he liking sugar even otherwise, and as seen while giving earlier two homeopathic medicines that were tried, he was getting vary of even homeopathic medicine. And this changed soon, as he realized, that this time the medicine being given is actually helping him!

Desire for water came again, on the third day, since the beginning of Aurum.. Soon it also was realized that we need to just give him One pellet for a dose, than two or three, which were given in the beginning, since it was the question of saving his life.. More than One pellet for a dose was making him restless soon, signalling clearly to reduce the doses rightly. And to one’s surprise, the need of doses dropped rapidly, and just five doses in the span of fifteen days, with initial doses paced earlier than the latter ones, picked the situation thereafter by itself, saying to wait for any further doses..


Here’s his pic, after twenty-four days of beginning with the medicine, with he getting better, and with even some feathers coming again,


Deworming medicines too were given again, both allopathic and ayurvedic, at right times by the pet parent, and this time, they too would have helped..


On thirty-sixth day, I was told that he has started speaking again, though I didn’t know that he had stopped speaking too in his low state. So, he regained the desire to speak too, apart from if he wasn’t feeling enough energetic inside for it, along with healing of any other issue too, that was behind it..

Here’s his pic while he was operating phone, by his beak, for his favourite youtube videos, along with interacting with the pet parent, over it.. And as we can see, his feathers too have been growing gradually..


Any further doses of Aurum would be as per the need, as the need of the medicine has been less, as already shared, and certainly, each after a good time span..

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