✦ Often people bring new ideas in the world. It is very easy to put them down as fake and imaginary. Socially it will cost you nothing to criticize newcomers. But when you are really truth loving, then you have to examine those ideas with an open mind. That is what Varun Gupta deserves.

— Jan Scholten
The man behind the second revolution of Homeopathy

His works

[August 12, 2013]

“My deepest thanks to the great man, especially for saying such words
in the initial phase itself, when others would shy off generally.”

                                                                                    — Varun

✦ When I was in college, I had lots of doubts regarding the principles of homeopathy, but I swear Varun, I found no one who satisfied me with their answers. Our great professors used to compromise us by saying ‘it’s just like that, and you will understand once you start practising’. I got answers to most of them when I started believing your concepts.

I know your concepts are so right but I am believing you because I am taking treatment for my kids and seeing the results, but why should all those homeopaths (classical) believe you. Let me tell you, some might be practising based upon your principles too, but why are they gonna support you.

I many a times thought, thank god you are not like us, who have so called degree but don’t have the guts to explain their patients everything. I never met a homeopath who had the courage to say why he choose the medicine, and explain every time all the questions raised by me.

— The views of a homeopath

[May 11, 2013]