Know Homeopathy

This question though answered already by many, let’s try to understand it via his pen..



Homeopathy is the method of healing in which we administer the corresponding energies to our deteriorated energies, by preparing them from the sources of nature, to let the system of forces in our body, restore the deteriorated energies to a healthy state.

The homeopathic medicines were being considered energy medicines from long, though the situation makes a complete sense only if we understand that we too are made from the same energies, as in homeopathic medicines. Earlier it was not known that we are made of the same energies, and that’s the simple reason why homeopathic medicines work on us. The medicines thus produce exactly the same force as is produced by our deteriorated energies, when of course, they’re right!

Varun also has given the term layers to these energies in us. The term layer has been in homeopathic vocabulary from long, with even many of its wrong overtones, as well as practical uses. Like, someone calls the next step as next layer, someone calls an event or problem happening to a person as a layer, for eg a kid being given vaccines can be termed as a layer, or a severe personal loss can be termed as layer, and even other things. This is the way layers have been seen earlier, though the real meaning gets clear for the very first time.

One just needs to select the right homeopathic medicines/energies/layers to heal, and a good homeopath generally does it by his skill and art. It’s not such an easy process and that’s why we don’t see many good homeopaths in general, but once we are in the hands of a right homeopath, the rest all then gets easier by itself.


How does it work?

Many have tried to explain how homeopathy works, though as the basic concept was not clear, it turned out with no credible explanation. Scientists even have tried to find possible electromagnetic energies, electrostatic potential, etc, in homeopathic medicines, though again no success there. As all these directions itself were wrong, nothing came out, and earlier there has been no credible explanation to homeopathy. The disbeliefs and attacks on homeopathy have been immense for this reason too. Have a reread of the things, before reading ahead, and there’s even a simple diagram below, to make understand the mechanism of homeopathy.

If this looks difficult to understand, it’s not. The top part of the diagram shows how our material energies are deteriorated by the outside stresses, conditions and stimuli we face on regular basis. The corresponding vital forces are produced as a natural process. In the lower part it gets clear, that to heal we simply have to administer those energies in a little higher order, than the actual level of deterioration, which then produces the corresponding vital force, as it’s again like an outside stimulus! Its equal and opposite reaction force sets our deteriorated energies back in a nice shape. As all symptoms/diseases/health issues also are because of the deteriorated energies, once those are healed, the diseases and health issues get healed automatically!

Action and reaction are discussed in explaining homeopathy right from its inception, though how it makes a complete sense, only if our minds as well as homeopathic medicines have the same energies in them, must not be neglected in any manner.


Which Energy?

What these energies are, and can now we trace them in homeopathic medicines, is of course the biggest question. The answer however is a big no, at least as of now, as in universe 74% are energies are not traceable. These energies are not even accounted by Einstein’s mass energy equation. The understanding on how we are made of these energies, and the explanations for real healing only possible as even homeopathic medicines have these, can provide many clues to scientists on further research into these energies, to whom a single term/name Dark Energy is given as of now.

We can’t even see our minds, though can see our brains. Doesn’t it seem a very ponderable thought to think, that it would again be Dark Energy which our mind is made of? And that actually answers many things..