Energy Medicines and one’s Constitutional Medicine

We’re made of the same energy, as is there in homeopathic medicines, and that’s why homeopathic medicines act on us.. Something really big, if we try to understand, as though we read at times, that homeopathic medicines are energy medicines, but we won’t see this mentioned anywhere, that we too are made of the same energies.. Same energies, but of course, some specific ones, among many..

When we say the term Constitutional Medicine, as one would be aware of, in homeopathy, it means that we are made of that very same energy! Something really big, yet so simple, and just needs a proper understanding..

And of course, though most of the individuals have just One Constitutional Medicine, some have more than one too, and then the term to use, as I’ve explained, is Major Constitutional Layers, or simply one’s Constitutional Layers..

I thought to put this simple, and yet so important thing in proper words, here, so that more understanding grows for it..

Endless negative thoughts and fear – Fear of losing control and hurting his kid

In October 2019, a person, aged 39, shared about his excessive anxiety, due to his endless negative thoughts and fears.. “I am going through excessive anxiety now, which is affecting my day-to-day life. When I say excessive anxiety, it means endless negative thoughts and fear, fear of losing control, what if you lose control and do something terrible – always feel fear. What if I hurt my kid, especially son. If I see any bad news on TV, or social media, like someone committing suicide after hurting his/her family, what if this happens to me, which I know I will not do, but feel very fearful. Even in my own house, sometime I fear to go in other rooms. I stopped going in gym too, due to fear.”

The fear of losing control and hurting his kid was the recent development, which he described as worst, after other negative thoughts and fears, and even shared the fear that will he be back to normal life..

A year earlier, in March 2018, he had some ear problem, and the ENT specialist told him that he has some hear loss in his right ear, and told him to perform MRI. Nurse said it might be tumour, which landed him in excessive anxiety – “What if I got cancer”. MRI result said for minor sinus infection, though his ear bothered him for whole year, and during this whole year, he was going through lot of negative thoughts, like, “What is happening with me; what if I got cancer, tumour, deadly diseases; what my family will do if I die”? In December 2018, he was changing his job, and again was going through a lot of stress, should he change his job? He also was worried for his visa, as he was in US from around four years, though originally from India, and here the thought was, what if his visa gets rejected? What will happen to his house, and many more related thoughts and worries..

Similar negative thoughts and worries in almost every area of his life, like he was working in night shift, and there was a lot of worry for his wife, what if something happens to her in night, as she’s alone in apartment. He even got a panic attack in January 2019, and it landed him in emergency. In emergency, he was feeling as he would have a heart attack, and when he measured his blood pressure, it was very high. Though, doctor told him, he’s healthy, and it’s just an anxiety. The next day he visited his family physician, who put him on Calexa 20mg, and since then he has been on and off it, and get his worries back, when he leaves it, along with withdrawal symptoms initially..

There of course can be a thought of some remedies, with this information, but no pointers towards the right medicine, and the need surely was to understand his life history and personality..


He lost his mother in childhood, and since then, his general struggle in life started. His father married again, though he never got mother’s love, and his step-mother never really took care of him. He had to struggle with every small-small thing, like for fresh food, clothes, etc, and when things would trouble more, he even would cry in night. His father was an alcoholic, and would invite his friends in their home, daily, for drinking, and this even had weakened further, the already weak financial situation in home, adding to his troubles.

With all this going in life, he couldn’t really concentrate in academics, and even thus failed in 10th standard. Though, then luckily a good teacher picked him, and he passed 10th in the second attempt, securing good marks. After 12th, he moved in his uncle’s house, in another city, and joined a diploma course in IT, Information Technology, there. Uncle was paying his fee for the course/college, as his father being an alcoholic, was not in a position for it. It again was not a good situation for him there, as his uncle would keep on complaining about paying his fee, and that why his father can’t stop drinking and pay for him.

Somehow things passed, and he completed the course. Started working then, beginning with a meagre salary in the beginning, in his uncle’s city itself, while staying in his house, and started giving him almost all his salary, as a payback for helping him. He joined a distant education course too in IT, Information Technology, alongside, and slowly-slowly got better jobs in the same field. Again, he was paying back his uncle, and even started sending money to his father, at the right time. A hard-working person, who was not willing to bow down, in pressure, despite the struggle since childhood, in day-to-day needs, and of course, not to miss the struggle, emotionally as well as financially.

His father was in some land agreement with his uncle, and was paying his uncle rend for using his land for farming. His uncle would send him to collect the rent money, and would also keep complaining to him that his father isn’t paying it rightly. So, emotional pressure here too, apart from in other areas of life.

Despite all this, he slowly made his way to better jobs, and then started his shift to US, in 2009. Got back and forth a few times, between India and US, due to general and visa issues, though finally shifted to US rightly in February 2014. He got married too in 2011, and was blessed with a baby boy, in December 2013.
As he was describing some of his issues, mixed with his personality, he said he’s a perfectionist, and takes every small-small thing very seriously, along with taking a lot of stress for it.

“I get upset very soon if my kids get sick, and get over-worried. Even in a small conversation, I get very angry with wife/kids, but that temperament does not stay long, and we patch-up the same day, when I realize I was wrong. I used to get angry with almost everyone in my family, father, brothers, rather also with office colleagues due to work, and even while driving in traffic.”


As I was thinking to look for the medicine, it was getting clear that I need to focus on his personality, instead of anxiety of fear of diseases and hurting his kid, and then look for the match with this aspect too. Despite being not treated well, or in a way abused, by his step-mother, and even the same kind of treatment by his father, he never shared any anger due to them, or a victim-aggressor situation, which is indicative of a medicine in animal kingdom. The same state of being abused was there from his uncle too, instead of a proper help in a good way, be it would have been by asking for payback later, politely. Despite all this, the emotional and mental pressure that he faced always, didn’t let him share his story with anger. Instead, he always managed in all these tough situations, somehow, walking a tight rope, and worked hard slowly and gradually, to make his life. This either indicated for a remedy in mineral kingdom, or a family of plants, Rutaceae, was an immediate thought in my mind.

The family Rutaceae has the theme of doing things perfectly, working hard, despite situations of abuse, without letting oneself complain or lament. This family was my first priority to look into, though I even checked some mineral remedies, before looking properly into it. As I was not led to anything right in the mineral kingdom, in my initial look, I read the remedies in the Stages between 8 to 13, properly, in Rutaceae (Jan Scholten). This is my way generally, even if I’ve a proper inclination to any particular stage. I make sure by checking more remedies, if any other one has a proper match.
He’s a hard-working person, and even perfectionist, as he states (possibly Stage 8, 9 or 10), managing (Stage 11) or fighting or struggling through (Stage 12) his tough state, of family relations and related abuse and pressures, and despite all this, making his way to success.

As I read into Ruta graveolens, which is a remedy known otherwise for healing injuries, bruises, fractures, injuries to muscles, tendons, etc, I saw a parallel here, in his fears of hurting, or in a way injuring his kid! We generally think of Ruta for healing injuries, and use it in either quite lower potencies or mother tincture for that. Though, we never look into its mind symptoms, and what would they reflect, particularly if a person would be made of this energy, or in other words, would then have it as his constitutional medicine!

As I looked into its mind symptoms carefully, I got these words, from Robin Murphy’s MM, “Frequent anxiety, with despondent thoughts and fear; Fear of death, during fever; Anxious restlessness; Anxious all day, as though he had done something wrong”. What strong matches, with anxiety, and his fears! “Fear of death with just fever” – indicating very rightly for his overthinking of fear of diseases, like tumour and cancer, when actually nothing of such sort would be there. “Anxiety all day, as though he had something wrong” – indicating in a way of his wrong thinking, of what if he hurts his kid, and then remaining in a worried state because of that.

Putting his words again too, where he stated his strongest fears, “I am going through excessive anxiety now, which is affecting my day-to-day life. When I say excessive anxiety, it means endless negative thoughts and fear, fear of losing control, what if you lose control and do something terrible – always feel fear. What if I hurt my kid, especially son. If I see any bad news on TV, or social media, like someone committing suicide after hurting his/her family, what if this happens to me, which I know I will not do, but feel very fearful. Even in my own house, sometime I fear to go in other rooms. I stopped going in gym too, due to fear.”

He even had shared another of his aspect to me, and I put it here now, as earlier to me too, it didn’t seem to offer much, to help in finding the right medicine. “I am fitness freak too – I wanted to be fit person and used to go to gym, I used to run a lot, I ran half marathon, plenty of 10,000 meters and 5000 ones. I injured my knee, so stopped running, but I still would go to gym, kick-boxing and jiu-jitsu. Though, nowadays I’ve stopped going in gym too, due to fear.”

It easily reflects the opposite polarity of Ruta graveolens, wherein, instead of injuries to one’s muscles, tendons, bones, etc, a person is rather into such things, which may cause that! Kick boxing and jiu-jitsu, very proper examples for that, and of course even running a lot, especially marathons. And not to miss, that he stopped running after actually injuring his knee, and then slowly even other things, due to fear! A very different way of energy expression in him, of Ruta graveolens of course, than what we see generally, and all these matches, didn’t leave any confusion in my mind, to go for the medicine.


Thus, Ruta graveolens 1M, in pellets/pills, dry dose, is given at right times, as per the need, beginning on November 14, 2019..

Initially there wasn’t much improvement, and there were some good days at times, but then the negative thoughts and anxiety of hurting his kid, would again hit back. Sometimes it would feel that the dose prescribed is less, and sometimes it would feel that it’s more. Though, after initial adjustments, and these normal ups and downs itself, the things started getting a little better by February end, in 2020.

February 27, 2020: “The situation is improved, compared to earlier state, though sometime I feel low, like once in a week or so, but that is not high, as it was earlier.”

March 25, 2020: “Things are good, and I am feeling much better, compared to earlier state.”

April 22, 2020: “I felt some stress on April 20. I was observing it and it seems like today it came to normal.”

The feedback and improvements may seem in one liners, but that is how he generally wrote, and the only real time of confusion was in finding the right medicine first, and then the initial time after beginning with the medicine, struggling to find the right dosage, that he really needed. After that, it was comparatively easier task, though still, a proper care was always needed to reduce the doses rightly, as the doses reduce in general, with improvements. So, that was always needed, and even taken care for, very rightly..

July 30, 2020: “Things are better compared to last month. Please let me know about the next doses.”

September 1, 2020: “Things went fine this month also, with a little bit stress.”

November 1, 2020: “My health is good compared to last month, with very little negative thoughts.”

December 1, 2020: “With God’s grace, things went very well this month.”

As I shared, doses were decreased too at right times, as in general, the doses decrease with time, with improvements. And at times, an increase in the stress for some days, would indicate for that, like in the next feedback.

February 14, 2021: “Compared to last few months, this month the stress went up.”

And the situation improved again, with decrease in the dose rightly..

March 20, 2021: “This time went very well compared to last time and I am doing good.”

July 12, 2021: “Things went well during this period.”

October 21, 2021: “Last two months went pretty well.”

January 5, 2022: “Things went pretty well, and I took the last dose today! I was traveling, so forgot to take it on Jan 3!”

June 30, 2022: “Things are going fine here. No major concern from my end.”


And he has been doing well after that, with doses needed at right times, just to keep him healthy, as per his constitution or need..

Waking up from Invasive Ventilator Support

The sister of a person aged 60, who was under Invasive Ventilator Support at that time, due to Covid, asked for help for her brother. The Covid had gone by then, but his lungs weren’t responding thereafter. Precovid he had been in good muscular shape, 40 pounds overweight, though was exhausted at that time, due to working 55-70 hours a week.

We began with Aconitum napellus 200C, for post-Covid, on October 24, 2021, as per the details shared in this article, and gave its small doses at right times. It started improving his health stats, and even started reducing the need of Oxygen support, that too from 90% to 45%, which wasn’t happening earlier, and there got a little hope. Though, despite improving health stats, and reducing the need of Oxygen by a fair amount, some or the other complication would come in a few days, which were taking things down. So, the hopes surely were going down..

His kidneys had stopped functioning around a month ago, possibly due to heavy dose of allopathic medicines, for Covid, and after it. Even his stomach and intestines were gradually giving up, from a few days. So, the situation surely was saying that we couldn’t limit the treatment to just Aconitum napellus for post-Covid, and even needed his right constitutional medicine.

It was a difficult decision of course, to look for the constitutional medicine at this stage, as we couldn’t afford to go wrong. We knew of course, that if the medicine would go wrong, he won’t survive. As there was no option, his sister gave proper description of his personality, health aspects and related symptoms, before Covid, to arrive at his right constitutional medicine.

The medicine was given then, first in 200C, on December 5, 2021, and his intestines responded again, right after the first dose, that too in a few hours itself, and even his lowering BP got stabilized. He passed stool all day, first a plug, then stools often. The doctors even turned him often, which earlier wasn’t so easy, as his BP would drop even on touch at times. A very positive and hopeful action thus, and there came hope that a miracle would indeed happen..

The potency of his constitutional medicine was increased to 1M soon, and 200C was the potency to begin with, to ensure initial calmer action. As it got sure that 200C is a lesser potency, by its action, 1M was began. And with its doses at right times, along with Aconite 200C for post-Covid, as and when needed, his condition slowly started getting better..

The role of Aconitum napellus, in holding him earlier too, in improving health stats, and even reducing the need of Oxygen support, was quite commendable, and it’s important to understand this, and there is a lot of confusion for the right medicine for Covid, as well as post Covid. So, it was important to write it here..

And here’s how the improvements happened slowly for him, despite so tough situations. Just see how difficult the situation becomes, with Invasive Ventilator Support, and equally, how much effort, along with very right medicines, and their precise doses, is required to recover from it.. It may not get clear how precisely the doses were given, as per the symptoms, but they really were needed very precisely, that too by assessing his state, symptoms, and health parameters daily.. Proper number of pellets for the dose, was also an important consideration every time..

And I’m trying to put the updates by a particular date, as if updating then, as it would give a better picture..


December 12, 2021,
Tracheotomy done on this person, a surgery to put the ventilator through the upper part of chest, instead of mouth, as they could see that he’ll wake up from his sedative state in some time.. A tough surgery, in an already weak state, and his BP got low again after it.. Though, it has been stabilized again with his right Constitutional Medicine, along with stabilization in his weak state, which of course wouldn’t have been possible through allopathy..

Oxygen support level too increased (got bad) after surgery, with ups and downs, though now has come back to 50%..

The person is waking up from his sedative state, that he has been in since Invasive Ventilator support, during Covid, i.e. after around two months.. He recognized his sister on the first day, and then his daughter went to see him.. Is talking some words, mouthing rather, and is even responding..

Stomach and intestines working fine, though kidneys still to respond, along with proper improvements needed in lungs.. Hope the miracle does happen, and we’re able to save him..


December 21, 2021,
Kidneys have responded, and on the first day it was around 200 ml of urine, in 24 hours. A little less thereafter, followed by around 430 ml on a day. Dialysis being done side by side of course, since kidneys weren’t responding..

Breathing trials are also being done now, and slowly it’s getting better (Ventilator Weaning and Spontaneous Breathing Trials).. Though, still, Oxygen support between 40 to 50% itself..

Food pipe inserted through stomach, by local anesthesia, in these days (though earlier was through nose), and since then he got in a depressed state, and started thinking he won’t survive..

A strange thing too happened after it, possibly due to the effect of sedatives he was given earlier. He lost some part of his memory for a while, after sleep, and asked for his wife to visit him. Though, she had died earlier, and his daughter had to explain him about it.. He then lost the zeal to live, and even denied the doses of homeopathic medicine for two days. High amount of anxiety and difficult time in these two days, but then he agreed for the medicine, and asked when can he get back home.. So, possibly the loss of memory came back, though will know in the coming days..

Wasn’t moving much yesterday, and it was slow response of nerves, for a day, possibly again due to sedatives given earlier; and is expected to get better in the coming days..


January 2, 2022,
Memory loss was only for a day, and very possibly due to sedatives given earlier.. Things moving ahead, and sometimes he’s in a low or tough mood, and sometimes right..

The need of allopathic medicines is reducing, despite he being weak. The weakness factor can be judged by the fact that around five days back, he could lift his right arm 6-7 inches from lap. And he was amazed and surprised..

The surgeries were done in such a weak state, and it was his proper Constitutional medicine (his right homeopathic energy), apart from Aconite, that saved him..

Kidneys still weak, and urine output is less still, around 135 ml a day.. And let’s hope that as he improves in his energy, kidneys too improve along with..

Breathing trials have being increased, rather they are pushing him a bit.. Physiotherapy too being done now, to improve his mobility..

Oxygen support remained at 40% for most of the time.. At 45% though from the last two days, maybe due to some push in the things..


January 10, 2022,
Kidneys slowly responded better in these days, and the urine output increased from 250 ml in 24 hours earlier, to 120-146 ml every 8 hours, and then it was 800 ml yesterday morning. The need of dialysis lessened in these days, and hadn’t been needed in the last two days. It may or may not be needed in the coming days, as per the situation..

So, kidneys reviving successfully, and even physiotherapy, breathing trials, etc, have been increasing slowly..

Oxygen support between 40-45%, as per how tired he feels due to dialysis, physiotherapy, and breathing trails, and as per the need of medicine..

Weakness also improving slowly, from the state of getting dizzy, when moved in bed, to sitting upright in bed at times, and despite pain and soreness, allowing range of motions with limbs..

Mind state also improving, from anxiety and confusion on some days, to lesser anxiety..


January 20, 2022,
Kidneys improved slowly, and dialysis was not needed again! Though, urinary and lungs infection didn’t allow dialysis once, when there felt its need, and it even was worrisome situation, with urinary and lungs infection threatening to derail overall things. However, it resolved soon, with the right doses..

Bladder catheter too removed two days back, though he’s still quite weak.. Trying to sit up in bed at times, but still needs help..

Oxygen support at 45% most of the time, and physiotherapy and breathing trials are being carried out at right times..

Apart from Aconite and his Constitutional Medicine, something that I wrote in the third chapter of my book, the complete chapter rather, on the use of Cinchona officinalis and Carbo vegetabilis together, also has been needed as a must, in the face of surgeries, blood loss, and Oxygen issues..

China and Carbo Veg thus, together, are also being given at right times, and in potency 30C..

Hope we really are able to make him well, and give him a healthy life..


February 3, 2022,
Things are improving slowly,
and they switched him to trach mask around a week ago.. Is going very rightly on it, and the time on trach mask too is increasing, from 5 hours to begin with, to even 28 hours day before yesterday..

Oxygen support largely at 40%, from 45% earlier, and is even getting towards 35% at times..

Some ups and downs too at times, like in infection first, and then in Oxygen issues day before yesterday, wherein he couldn’t breathe for around two minutes! It sorted soon, though he remained confused then, and even puked, and thus needed China and Carbo Veg very rightly..

Still weak physically, though wants to improve soon, and even goes through ups and downs in emotions over it..


March 3, 2022,
He got out of ICU on the next day after the last update, and to the Rehab section of the hospital.. Though, he was still weak to handle it, and even his anxiety was going up from a while..

Anxiety due to minimal attention of physiotherapist in ICU from around two weeks, and for seemingly unending wait to get out of hospital, along with his weakness improving quite slowly..

Anxiety increased in Rehab section, and he again couldn’t breathe once. Was shifted back to ICU, and we here realized that he needed Arsenic album, in 200C, for the theme of neglect in his health from hospital authorities..

Arsenic album, the remedy which some homeopaths thought wrongly for Covid, without getting to its real theme..

It helped nicely, and he’s back in Rehab section again since two days.. Somewhat better now, and even without any anxiety.. Sat on chair for One hour yesterday.. May still need Arsenic album at right times, for anxiety..

Still on Oxygen support, through trach mask mostly..


March 25, 2022,
Further improvements, and
Swallow test was done on him, to check if food can be given now by mouth. He passed the test, and began to eat lighter foods via mouth, along with the remaining still through food pipe.. And now since two days, he’s eating entirely by himself, means without the need of any through food pipe..

Some improvement in physical strength too, and from sitting for around half an hour, it has gone to two hours today.. He actually went out of the room by himself today, to the therapy room, and did some exercises while sitting on chair.. Otherwise, physiotherapy is being done in his room.. So, a jump in improvements, and it’s expected to be better in the coming days too..

Still on Oxygen support, but it’s reducing, and is just 3 Litres/min now.. And now it’s through a cannula in the nose, instead of trach, which was capped (temporarily closed) three days ago..


April 27, 2002,
Further improvements, though somewhat slowly still..
He bathed around a week after the last feedback, means after around six months, and felt tired after it.. But yes, bathing has begun..

Around two weeks after it, he was helped to stand, with a machine, twice, for five minutes. His legs were quite shaky, and he was sweating profusely.. And the next day it was for ten minutes, twice, with less shaky legs, and less sweat..

Then he did cycling, on a stationary cycle, a week after it, and felt thrilled that he could do it.. Tried it with a little more resistance, but got tired soon.. And now doing it more too, on the days he can (at right intervals), and even standing.. Though, standing is a little slowly still..

Times of frustration and sadness too in-between, as hospital staff is not regular with the care. And when things don’t move, it feels as if nothing is going right, especially with Oxygen support still, 1.5 to 3 Litres/min, and body opening up slowly..

Weak parts of the body, like subluxation in shoulder joints, while unconscious on ventilator, are also getting healed..


May 12, 2022,
He stood up with the help of parallel bars, instead with the help of machine, and even has been better and somewhat relaxed in his mood in general. Tough state still, like still on Oxygen support, and trying to regain his physical strength, but despite all this, being good in mood, can only be achieved when medicines are right, and even healing is going in the right direction..


To tell about his constitutional medicine now, then it turned out to be a rare one, and it’s Jade Nephrite Immersion! A gem remedy, which was chosen because his description, that his sister gave, had proper themes and symptoms of Iron and Calcium. The themes and symptoms were so clear, that I searched for a gemstone containing Iron and Calcium, and was led to Jade Nephrite Immersion! Gemstone, because the description was saying to search within the minerals realm, than look in the plant, animal, or any other category.. And how his description had some proper themes and symptoms of even Silica and Oxygen, for chemical formula of Jade Nephrite to be Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2, made it quite clear to go for the medicine..

Not to forget here, that this medicine was given to him when he was still unconscious, due to heavy sedation, while under Invasive Ventilator Support, and when his kidneys were already not responding from around a month. His digestive system too was getting to a standstill, if you would remember, with stomach and intestines giving up then. So, there was no option, but to find the right constitutional remedy then.

Had Jade Nephrite Immersion been wrong, he wouldn’t have survived. But his intestines responded within twelve hours itself, after the first dose, and then slowly his kidneys too improved, and got to normal! So, getting to Jade Nephrite Immersion was not to give any unnecessary rare medicine, rather simply his right constitutional medicine. How then slowly it has been improving him, along with the precise doses of Aconite 200C, China 30C and Carbo Veg 30C, and Arsenic album 200C, when needed, is quite clear in every way..

And now his case will be taken care by his sister herself, who is herself a homeopath. She trusted me when things were so tough, trusted me for Aconite for Covid and post-Covid, Jade Nephrite Immersion for his constitutional, others too, and even in the dosage of remedies. And now she feels she should take things ahead herself..

I may or may not post more updates, as she may not share them. If she will share, I surely will write.. And of course, the case has been shared, after she and her brother agreed for it..

Also, just to tell, the medicines were given in pellets/pills, dry doses, and even when he was unconscious, the pills were put in his mouth, which he would consume in some time..

Heart too weak to qualify for surgery

A relative of a simple lady of age 66, asked me for helping her aunt, in October 2019, at the time when she was in hospital, and possibly on the verge of being advised another heart surgery. She had a heart surgery in 2002, when she was forty years of age, in which they replaced her aortic valve, and since then she has been living a passive life, to avoid fatigue, wherein she couldn’t even do the domestic work. Before this too she was living a passive life, again to avoid fatigue, though not to this extent. Still, her weight, which had got reduced to just 75 pounds at the time of surgery, did improve after that, and at that time, was 95 lbs.

Apart from her heart situation, she also had anemia as one of her major problems, along with some others, like fluid retention or edema in legs. Hair loss and some skin issues were some other of her ailments. Particularly for anemia, once she also had to have blood transfusion, in 2017, and since her heart surgery, she of course had also been on some allopathic medicines.

Her relatives didn’t want the heart surgery again, as they believed that she may not survive it, and soon she was said the same, that her heart condition was too weak, to qualify for surgery. It even was said that she probably would die soon, as it was a case without hope, for she could not even get out of bed, to avoid increased cardiac output. She was discharged from hospital soon, with the prescription of some medicines for help. To tell about her heart situation, then at this stage, her heart valves are damaged, calcified, with walls thickened, and her heart was almost twice the size of a normal one! And the force with which it was pumping blood, was very small, along with high pressure inside lungs, or pulmonary hypertension, as another of the concerns.


I’m asked to take up case at this stage, and I take it up with utter caution. As I analysed her quite nicely written case, her simple nature, and simple way of life, along with firm temperament, which actually was described quite elaborately, in she looking for just basic things in life, along with strict childhood; her simple life in a semi-urban or semi-rural environment; her quite low interest in aesthetics, and even in having any boyfriend or marriage, as she remained unmarried too, led me towards the First stage in the Ferrum Series, i.e. towards Potassium or Kali salts, and then to Kali Carbonicum, for heart issues very rightly covered there, along with other matches..

Kali Carbonicum 1M was begun with on November 13, 2019, in pellets/pills, dry dose, and slowly and gradually it started to show improvements. Here are some of the words of her niece, at particular times, telling on the path of improvements..

November 29, 2019: My aunt says she feels better, her mood is very good, the cough has stopped, she does not get tired while walking, and wants (just desire here) to do her usual housework.

February 13, 2020: Her mood is better, and she sleeps well, not as before; so, we are full of hope about this experience.

August 20: She says that she is in good mood and spirits, and without respiratory distress. On some days she has edema on her feet, and on other days not. She keeps her feet elevated to avoid edema. The appetite has returned to her normal state, and the colour of the skin has lost the yellowish tinge; in general, she feels better.

December 9: She is no longer taking vitamins (like for her anemia), and says she’s in good spirits. Sometimes her feet and legs swell a little, at other times they don’t.

The vitamins were advised to be reduced slowly, earlier itself, as per the situation and improvements. Though, there also was a time inbetween, wherein she needed them a bit more, including the injectable ones.

February 9, 2021: She feels better, her skin has a good colour, the paleness is gone, and she has better spirits and mood. She’s even doing some housework that she didn’t do before (means since her heart surgery at 40), such as cooking and cleaning the house. Had hair loss on some days, but it disappeared, and also had some skin lesions, but they too disappeared spontaneously.

March 30: Her skin keeps a good colour, a colour that she had maybe 10 years ago, and she continues doing more housework. Is eating better, good sleep and doesn’t have fluid retention, so she doesn’t have swelling on feet or legs. She keeps good spirits and mood, and is going very well.

May 17: She certainly looks good, and her skin has a good colour. She is no longer pale or yellowish as before, and her feet are not swollen as before. She is not losing hair, and has new hair growing. Does not have the small lesions that she had on the skin on her back, and is very cheerful and in good spirits.

August 30: She continues feeling fine. The yellowish colour of her skin has not returned, and her appetite continues well, although with the selectivity that she has always characterized. The edema of her legs has never returned, and in general she feels good. I asked about her skin, sleep, hair or any discomfort, and she says all is going in a good manner..


Some ups and downs have not been shared, as they of course can always be there, to keep the brevity of the case. The doses were given at right times, as per the need, and the frequency of doses in general, also kept on getting less with the improvements..

Not just Feather-picking or Feather-plucking

A parrot was giving up to eat and drink slowly, from some days, along with the behaviour of plucking his own feathers, to a degree to take off all of them soon, in a short time span. He wasn’t kept in cage by the pet parent and pet family, and thus could freely roam in the house, unlike what we see generally. He even has always been a loved member in the family, along with he himself sharing love with all in the right way. So, it wasn’t the issue of being caged, boredom, etc, behind this situation, as is generally thought of, for this behaviour of feather-picking, in birds plucking their own feathers..

He had given up having any water from around a week, and the food intake too was slowly reducing, along with he sleeping for most of the time. He would get up to have food, and then again sleep for most of the time. Apart from it, his body was getting infested with some worms or mites, along with possible worms even inside the body, means in his digestive system. His skin too was getting red, gradually, and soon it was red all over, including the redness on his limbs. It even was getting itchy..

A right number of allopathic interventions were tried, along with things like a spray etc, to deworm the body. Worms and mites also were thought the reason behind his behaviour of feather-picking, so the allopathic treatments and spray, even aimed at stopping this behaviour, by addressing the issue of worms or mites..
None of the things helped, and the case then came to me..

Here are two pics too, of a little earlier stage, wherein we can see feather-picking, giving way to even the center bone getting visible.

Redness too is visible in the second pic..

Prior to this, he started chewing more than usual, and chewed clothes and furniture. It was probably coz he had been getting irritated by mites sucking his blood. He also stopped playing, and bald spots started appearing, slowly, with feather loss and feather-picking, and thus it wasn’t due to the usual moulting.. These certainly were the initial signs of he getting unwell..


I tried two medicines, one after the other, and first one helped a bit, for three days, but then the situation again started deteriorating. Second medicine too didn’t help, and by this time, his intake of food reduced by a great amount, leading to imminent danger to his life. The pet parent and pet family too were feeling, that he may not survive, and certainly, were even getting quite worried.. I though knew it from initially itself, that it was the question of saving his life, and not any other thing or case..


At this point, Aurum metallicum 200C was chosen, and given, first dose in night time, when he would ask for food, and of course, just a little food that he was taking at this time. Suicidal tendency in he plucking his own feathers, to the point of taking off all of them, was one of the strong points, that led to its selection, along with other matches. Despite nothing mentioned in the medicine for worms or mites, it seemed the right selection, which would even take care of it..

In the morning, some shedding of worms or mites was noticed around him, all by itself, without he really shaking them off his body. He was almost without any feathers at this stage, so this shedding of worms or mites, wasn’t from fluttering of feathers, and all by itself, by the right action of the medicine. And these were shed in some yellow or yellow-white crust, just mentioning, for more information and clarity.

Here is its pic too, and the size of these particles was roughly around 1mm.. A lot of them were shed off from his skin, and claws, in the coming days..

Some beetles too were found near him, right in the next morning itself, and even sharing a pic of one of them. As these and even any other mites and parasites got shed off from his skin, even in the coming days, it would leave a small hole on his skin. A layer of coating too was there above these mites and parasites, on skin, which again got shed off in the right way..


He continued to rest and sleep more still, and intake of food improved gradually, day by day, and even his acceptance towards medicine improved. Earlier, with bad-tasting allopathic medicines being given, more so as they weren’t even helping him, and possibly even giving wrong action inside, he was getting scared to even come close to the pet parent, for being given any more medicines. Despite he actually liking the sugar pills we use for giving homeopathic medicines, for he liking sugar even otherwise, and as seen while giving earlier two homeopathic medicines that were tried, he was getting vary of even homeopathic medicine. And this changed soon, as he realized, that this time the medicine being given is actually helping him!

Desire for water came again, on the third day, since the beginning of Aurum.. Soon it also was realized that we need to just give him One pellet for a dose, than two or three, which were given in the beginning, since it was the question of saving his life.. More than One pellet for a dose was making him restless soon, signalling clearly to reduce the doses rightly. And to one’s surprise, the need of doses dropped rapidly, and just five doses in the span of fifteen days, with initial doses paced earlier than the latter ones, picked the situation thereafter by itself, saying to wait for any further doses..


Here’s his pic, after twenty-four days of beginning with the medicine, with he getting better, and with even some feathers coming again,


Deworming medicines too were given again, both allopathic and ayurvedic, at right times by the pet parent, and this time, they too would have helped..


On thirty-sixth day, I was told that he has started speaking again, though I didn’t know that he had stopped speaking too in his low state. So, he regained the desire to speak too, apart from if he wasn’t feeling enough energetic inside for it, along with healing of any other issue too, that was behind it..

Here’s his pic while he was operating phone, by his beak, for his favourite youtube videos, along with interacting with the pet parent, over it.. And as we can see, his feathers too have been growing gradually..


Any further doses of Aurum would be as per the need, as the need of the medicine has been less, as already shared, and certainly, each after a good time span..

Throwing and Breaking Things, with Planning

L is to turn 14 years in age, in around two months, and is a tall child, even at 13, with the height of over 6 feet. He appears to even have proper strength in him, in concomitant with his height, as is seen in his shared videos. His parents are absent from his life, by decision, and he lives with his paternal aunt, since the age of one and a half years. During pregnancy, his mother had conflicts with his father, and had the thoughts of rejection towards the child. As a child, when once he cried a lot, the mother sent him to sleep at the house of another lady. He wasn’t even pampered in all probability, at any time.

The child comes with moderate to severe autism, as per diagnosis, and it began at eighteen months of age. He got all his vaccines till then, though with MMR, there came the initial downturn, and by 2 years and 2 months of age, it turned to proper situation of autism. He lost his speech too, though it got recovered at the age of 4, and at present he can structure sentences up to twelve words, and can express feelings, needs, and sometimes can also tell what he has done. He doesn’t engage in a fluent conversation and even his tone is linear or monotone, despite expressing feelings.

He’s a happy child otherwise, though has some OCDs, like washing hands continuously for around fifteen minutes; bathing for around one hour, during which he applies soap again and again to bathe; closing the doors of the home himself, and making sure that they are closed properly.

Coming to physical complaints, then he had recurrent respiratory infections till 8 years of age, constipation with abdominal distention till 9 years of age, wherein he would pass stool once in 2-3 days, till that time. He also would develop rashes and reddened skin on various parts of the body, till 8 years of age, and had one seizure at the age of 3.

Among the earlier interventions, they had tried Biomedical treatment, Casein free Gluten free diet, along with other dietary changes, and Cease therapy.


May 2018,

As the case analysis was done, no clear remedy seemed to come up, and the obvious thought of Lac Maternum, for he not getting his mother’s love, were on the fore. The same was begun too, and Lac maternum 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry dose), was given at right times.

Nothing much happened initially, apart from some allergies appearing just for a day or two, on skin as well as respiratory. Some improvements started happening in July 2018, with improvements in mental agility, processing things better, and understanding what is being said, faster. New words and better communicative intention also appeared, along with trying to structure a little longer sentences.

Some skin rashes appeared and disappeared in July and August, and a good amount of sweat too would appear on his hands, at times. The improvements in mental sphere are summed up below, as in September 2018,

“The language continues to flow little by little. There is more spontaneity and new words. Spontaneous communication is still less, as per his age, but we have seen some improvements too.

There is better processing speed and more agility in the academic learning processes.”

More improvements followed after it, until January, 2019, and then some new symptoms started appearing. The child started throwing and breaking certain things, intentionally, and it would happen unexpectedly. Like throwing his books, several times, picture frames, glass, and once he even broke a guitar, at a place he would go to learn certain things. He ran out of a room, to the room where guitar was, and threw it repeatedly on the floor. He did it intentionally, and even laughed after doing it.

It seemed either like another layer showing up, to be needed along with Lac maternum, at the constitutional level, or maybe alone, without Lac maternum. It seemed like the kid asserting his identity, which was denied to him, coz of the rejection since childhood. So, it seemed like a Carbon remedy, and the symptom of respiratory allergies too, along with some other ones, hinted for going with Diamond Immersion.


Diamond Immersion 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry dose), began in February, 2019, and the chances of Lac maternum showing up again, at the constitutional level, along with Diamond Immersion, weren’t sure at that time.

Another incident of breaking things happened soon, which then felt like not enough action of the medicine yet. He broke a loudspeaker and a screen in a get-together, and even wanted to touch other persons there, in their private parts. At home on the same day, he threw a perfume bottle out of the window, and even cut some leaves and flowers. Some new OCDs were also being seen from some time, like compulsively giving the towel to the ones going for bath, himself, and placing things at their places in a perfect symmetry, to the shelf etc, like in a perfect square.

As shared, the incidence of breaking things felt like not enough action of Diamond Immersion yet. As more time went with its doses, then though the number of incidents happened on and off, means a little more, the intensity in them got less. Like it was smaller things thrown mostly, that too without breaking any. He though would have a mischievous smile on his face, while doing such incidents.

The Ocds too were decreasing, and that too was saying for a good action of Diamond Immersion.

Then in May 2019, he broke CPU of a computer, which certainly was an incident of higher intensity again. Another thing that got noticed in this time was, that he wasn’t angry while doing that, and rather it appeared like a deliberate act, possibly done in some revenge to certain things that were not done the way he wanted.

The doses were increased a bit, and good action started following soon with them. The negative incidents started reducing, along with the reduction in Ocd as well. His language too started to get further better, little by little, with new words, sentence construction, spontaneity, etc. Here’s a feedback too, in September 2019,

“Apparently, we already have overcome all those incidents of destructive behaviours, anxiety, Ocds, and the language continues to flow. The truth, in all this time we have seen progress.”

Still very little negative incidents of throwing things appeared at times, like when dosage would go wrong, when the need would be less or more, as per the state then.

Here’s another positive feedback, in December 2019,

“L is still well. Very good mood, humour. We notice more fluency in language and also in its speed of processing. Mental agility has been evident in the day today, and also in mathematics, that now flows better.”

Things continued to improve, and here’s one more feedback, in April, 2020,

“I have seen that even in this confinement that we have (Covid time), it has been about 18 days without leaving home, he has been very calm, and has understood why we cannot go out.

From our balcony, he initiates interaction with our neighbours, greets them, asks them how they are, and also asks for the newspaper.”

It was going well till now, and it seemed that Diamond Immersion is the right remedy of course, but then incidents of throwing and breaking things, started appearing again!

“.. he immediately went to his room and with the palms of his hands he hit the TV so hard, that it destroyed the screen. After a while, he tossed the table lamp from his room.

I notice that he laughs, the expression in his gaze changes, as if his pupils are dilated.”

It felt like overdose of the medicine, and the doses were reduced appropriately. Though still, such incidents continued, like breaking a cell phone, and tv screen again. “I observe that they are not impulses.. he does it as if with premeditation, and even as in revenge, when things are not done as and when he wants. He does it, but he does not manifest anger. It’s as if it is his way of “taking the bill”.” It would feel like he would plan or scheme for the negative things he did, and they seemed to happen after some days of he was contradicted or not agreed for something. Some Ocds too returned.

As the negative behaviour continued, the symptoms were analysed again, with a proper look on any new symptoms too, if they had appeared. Sweat on hands had been coming again, which even came before Diamond Immersion was given, and this time it was quite more, and rather even in a room with air conditioner. Biting of lips, at times, as if in a tic, was also observed.

The case was analysed again, and all the symptoms converged to Anacardium orientale, as it has the theme of controversy between two wills of a person, between two impulses, wherein he is persuaded by his evil will to do acts of violence and injustice, but it’s withheld and restrained by a good will. And at times his evil will would win, and make him do acts of throwing and breaking things.

The recent symptom of sweat on hands, matches too, in his physical symptoms. Not to miss the match when once he wanted to touch others in their private parts, as such negative thoughts at times, are also mentioned in it. The symptom of tough constipation, which he would have till the age of 9, wherein he would pass stool once in 2-3 days, also matched. Apart from it, Anacardium also covered the symptom of biting his lips at times, as per repertory.

So, for the first time it felt the right medicine too, as in previous two times, there were matches in mental themes, but physical symptoms didn’t match with them so rightly. Thus, for the first time with the kid, it felt that the right medicine for him should really be Anacardium orientale.


The medicine began in July, 2020, Anacardium orientale 1M, (in pellets/pills, dry doses).

The increased intensity of incidences of throwing and breaking things, before the dose, showed improvement right after the doses of Anacardium orientale, and he rather showed other positives too, in the same month.

“There haven’t been any destructive outbursts, and in fact I notice him with better humour. Today in the face of funny situations in daily life, or that we see on TV, his laughter is more spontaneous and authentic.”

But then, considering a good action, the doses were reduced a bit more, than they should have been, and he then again had a high intensity incidence of throwing and breaking things, wherein he broke a tv and an air-conditioner, throwing air-conditioner repeatedly on the floor, till it damaged! Such high intensity incidences can rattle any parent or caregiver, to the point of even stopping the medicine! But really thanks to his aunt and her family, who showed proper faith, and continued with the medicine, and not to miss the same commitment and faith, that had been shown earlier too.

The doses were corrected, and positives followed again.

His Ocds, which were showing up again, as symptoms were converging to Anacardium orientale, got better again in September, 2020, with very minimal ones remaining then. Here’s a feedback in November, 2020,

“L is doing very well, and the language continues to flow little by little, and he even has more understanding. The crises or throwing and breaking things has not returned.”

And then in December, 2020,

“No more crisis, and the remaining minimal traits of Ocd-type behaviours have completely disappeared.”

A low intensity incidence of throwing and breaking things happened in the latter part of December, and this time it was due to a bit overdose rather. Constipation too showed up again, and due to overdose again. So, the good action of medicine demanded lesser doses now, and it was taken care of.

And then, in December itself, the situation gets positive again,

“.. L was very happy and integrated into the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, only with the family, as we continue with restrictions due to Covid. Laughter with meaning and in context; dance; etc.”

Here’s a feedback in May, 2021, telling on good improvements and changes,

“On behavioural and emotional level, L is doing very well. In language, he is more expressive, new words and tries to build increasingly longer sentences, that is, better structure. I also observed better learning, captures and understands the contents with more agility. This year English was incorporated as a subject, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy it is for him.”


Here’s a feedback in February, 2022, saying for the things on a very right path,

“He is calm, and a collaborator in everything at home. On his own initiative he looks for educational (academic) activities to carry out. I have noticed that communication continues to improve, with new words and longer sentences.”

A feedback in July 2022, expressing the good state by itself,

“L has continued very well, behaviourally, communicationally, and assuming roles at home on his own initiative (more autonomy).”

His pics too were shared, the ones of his 18th birthday, and he really has grown to a totally changed boy..

And here’s his first step into work life, by September 2022,

“Every day he’s with more initiative and independence in daily life. He has integrated very well as an assistant, in some training workshops for families, that we have been teaching.”

And a feedback in November 2022, that certainly says a lot..

“He continues to be very well, without any type of issues. He is very well behaviourally, and is always in a good mood.”


One must have noticed here, that the real issues of the kid revealed later, whereas generally the real tough issues are seen right from the beginning, in almost all the cases of autism, adhd, and related ones.. So, the focus equally always is on finding the right constitution of the kid, in the beginning itself.. And it thus easily can be the first medicine itself, that goes as the final right medicine..

Another important thing to see is, that here’s a deliberate attempt by the kid, at times, to throw and destroy things. And it’s not an act done in hyperactivity, as many kids having autism, adhd, and related things, do. So, Anacardium orientale shouldn’t be thought unnecessarily for such cases, and should only be used when right. Proper physical matches too can play the right guiding part, as it happened for this case.

Also, the needed potency can easily be 200C, or even 30C, when right as per one’s age, and other factors of the case. Though, for this case, the potency 1M felt very right, right from the beginning.

Not to miss the commitment and faith shown by his aunt and her family, especially when there were no such negative behaviours initially, and they rather came as the things progressed! Any parent can drop out fearing this situation, but the faith shown here is quite exemplary, in every way. His aunt would of course feel shattered with the negative incidents, as is shared in her words too, “.. but the truth is that these incidents collapse me, and I wonder if this will ever end”, though still, the faith shown by them has really been exemplary..

One would also notice, that both Lac maternum and Diamond Immersion gave good improvements, while the time they were acting well. This kind of palliation isn’t seen in every case of course, and varies from one case to another. Even the things healed slowly, and it took around two years and two months to get to Anacardium orientale, the final right medicine! Still, how the initial picture got handled and healed properly by first Lac maternum, slowly, and then Diamond Immersion, again slowly, paving the way to proper constitution, is so good to see..

Bach and Other Essence remedies

Some cases, some rare ones, can need Bach remedies and/or other Essence remedies as well, along with homeopathic remedies. If it’s the need of Bach remedies, then generally, we may need just its occasional doses; as what is being seen is that the set of 38 Bach remedies, which is being thought of to cover every situation, rather turns out to be a set of 38 palliative remedies then, if one or two among them are not really needed more, as a part of one’s major constitutional remedies itself, along with the homeopathic ones. Giving this in as simple words as possible, so that it brings a clear understanding.

We cannot expect any combination of just 38 remedies, as Bach remedies are, to cure every situation, or every ailment, but, when the situation is tough, in some cases, these can easily prove to be a saviour, to get one out of the tough situation at least, till with time, one finds his better remedies. If with time, one realizes that one or two of the Bach essences are needed as a part of his major constitutional layers, along with homeopathic remedies, then even that situation holds. Though, generally, with time, it gets clear that they were acting as a right palliative, and gave person a right time to move to his better remedies. So, their work in such tough situation, when their need is called for, shouldn’t be undermined.

Sometimes a case may need his other Essence remedies, other than the Bach ones, along with the homeopathic ones, and their need again is in rare cases. Generally, when any other Essence remedy proves right, it’s a part of one’s major constitutional layers itself, along with the homeopathic ones. Though still, their dosage may keep varying, in proportion to the homeopathic remedies, and it’s like their need as per one’s emotional ups and downs, and the doses to be taken, when needed, and not necessarily along with the dose of homeopathic remedies. It’s not something awkward, in case it feels so, and when a case needs it, their usage too gets clear properly..


Another very important thing that I want to discuss about the essence remedies in general, both Bach and other ones, is that when more than one essence is needed, then their need can also be in some ratio with respect to each other, and not necessarily in equal ratio or equal proportion for each. Generally, we see their usage in equal proportion, and when say two essences are needed, we generally put two drops of each, from the Stock bottles, in around 30 ml of water, in the Dosage bottle, and then use it. Though, at times we need the remedies in a ratio to each other, and it should be considered properly, when needed. Like we may need One drop to be put for one, from the Stock bottle, though Two of the other; or we may need to put three drops of one, and two of the other, and of course in any such similar fashion, even for more than two essences. So, if any such proportion of essences, or ratio is needed, in a rare case again, we should consider it with an open mind..

And as brought out in the above paragraph, we should use these essences by diluting them in the Dosage bottle, and not directly from Stock bottles, as if used erroneously from the Stock bottles, they certainly would give quite strong aggravations, so, it’s a must that we should use them rightly.


As one would know, that we have sources of description of Bach remedies and even of Other essences, both online and from books, but still apart from it, a general thing which is seen in the selection of essences, when needed, is that their mind symptoms correlate with their homeopathic description, though not fully, but the physical symptoms are not seen much. We thus, can take the help of homeopathic descriptions too, though still be careful, certainly because of its abstract nature. At times, it even can prove misleading, upon application, but still, it serves a good guide, and should be taken as right helping words, despite their abstract nature.

Essence remedies, both Bach and other ones, thus are an extended part of homeopathy itself, and if any case demands, we must have our hearts and minds open for it. A rare case may need just its essences, whether Bach and other ones, or any one among them, as one’s major constitutional layers, without the homeopathic remedies, and it would again get clear, when we on the first hand are open for a right use of essences..

Cease vs A gentle nudge

We all know how homeopathic medicines made from vaccines, i.e. vaccine nosodes, are used for vaccine clears in isopathic way; with a long list of vaccine nosodes, that too in ascending high potencies. This way or ‘protocol’ rather, is called ‘Cease’, and the ones juggling with autism, would know it already. It’s not the right way of course, as stated already, and doesn’t do any good, rather only harms. At times though, some palliations of course are seen, but things don’t go ahead of it. Similarly, any other clears done in the same way, gives the same results, and we must be aware of it. I even have explained its reasons and details, in the article, Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception.

An important thing however I want to discuss here is, that there are some cases, wherein we need to slightly shake up an energy, by a normal potency, 30C mostly, which had affected one earlier. It can be due to a vaccine, or some other issue that one faced in a particular time of one’s life, or even can be something that has been carried forward from previous generations. Like one vaccine troubling much more than the others, and it can be a good indication for it. Here thus, it’s not a list of many remedies, and neither in any high potency, more so, nor the energy of say every vaccine the kid was vaccinated with. Rather, a few or rare cases, and not all of course, sometimes need a shake-up in one energy, which in a way is acting as a roadblock, and is not letting the healing happen in the way it should, by one’s proper major constitutional remedies.

Here then, this particular energy which is acting as a roadblock, is visible in its symptoms and/or themes, and we then gently shake up this energy, by a normal potency, which is 30C mostly, or lower as per one’s age or need. We don’t even repeat it often, and mostly one dose in around a month, that too for max two-three times mostly, if needed. During this, we keep giving one’s major constitutional layers, in the way it’s needed, and slowly and gradually we see how that roadblock goes away, and takes the case or situation towards proper healing.

Initially for a week or even two, after giving the first dose of the energy, which is causing a roadblock, not much maybe seen with respect to changes or symptoms, but slowly we see a gradual improvement in the case. This gentle nudge thus, is the right way for any clear, if we’ve to call it a clear, and the selection of the remedy is also done when there are proper visible symptoms and/or themes for it, and not by giving a long list of homeopathic vaccine medicines. Or of course it can be the medicine for any other issue, which troubled the person in a particular difficult way, earlier in his life.

This is the right way for any clears, that too if we’ve to call it a clear, and it really should be made aware to all in general, so that they stop the abuse of a long list of remedies to their kids, that too in horrific high potencies..

To add one more thing, a few persons, in rare cases, may need somewhat more doses of this energy, or in more frequency, or in even more potency, and it then is again visible properly, in symptoms and/or themes of the energy.

Another thing to bring in notice is, that any such medicines or energy, which are needed in this way, even show aggravations, when given more than needed. This despite the fact that they are given in a normal potency, mostly 30C, that too in quite less doses. Even if the doses get more by just one dose, we can see strong aggravations, that too mostly in some or the other skin symptoms, and this certainly has a quite less chance to be seen by any other medicine! This is a sign to stop using them, for at least a good time, even if needed more later, and concentrate on one’s major constitutional remedies itself..

A very different way and world of clears thus, than the one which is generally propounded by unnecessary long list of remedies and nosodes, that too in ascending high potencies.

Aconitum napellus for Coronavirus

I came up with the possible right medicine for Covid-19 in my article, Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus, though in heart I knew that this is the right medicine. And it then got the right proof too, when it cured a tough case of Covid, which could easily need a ventilator too, had the action of right medicine didn’t begin on time. Curing a tough case was a big test, and it then cleared any small doubts too, which would have unnecessarily appeared over time, had such a case not come my way at the right time.

This is that one single medicine in homeopathy for Covid, which can cure almost every case, provided being trusted rightly, and given in the right manner. Apart from two-three homeopaths suggesting their single medicine for Covid, others are trying to give different homeopathic medicines for it, on case-by-case basis. Though, this way of giving a different medicine on case-by-case basis, won’t be able to help everyone, and the need is of one right medicine, that if found for a pandemic in homeopathy, can cure almost everyone.

Hahnemann said to get to one medicine, that one right medicine, in the case of any pandemic, and not treat it on the basis of singular symptoms, in his aphorisms of Homeoprophylaxis or Genus Epidemicus. Though, we erred here, while using various homeopathic medicines for Covid. As shared, some even tried to get to one medicine, though on the contrary, some even thought that various variants of Coronavirus may mean various medicines. However, the medicine needs to be one certainly, that one right medicine, and that is when it can rightly help..


¶[Case 2]

A case came with sore throat, good amount of phlegm, fever, and loss of sense of smell; though for sense of taste, it was quite a bad taste in mouth. As the medicine began, fever got in control, and it was no fever on the third day.

Sore throat improved, though phlegm kept coming out. Sense of smell began to come back from fourth day onwards, when she could just smell sanitizer, though nothing else. Even on seventh day, sense of smell was not properly back, but better.. Phlegm issues too still, though a little..

I suspected it a little tougher case, as sore throat and phlegm issues fell in her comorbid symptoms, with she prone to it earlier too.

The sense of smell got to 50-60% on the ninth day, though she could smell things properly if brought close to nose. Doses were then reduced to 4 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, and it was also felt that the improvements would be faster with the reduced dose rather. The same happened too, with sense of smell coming back properly on the eleventh day..

Doses were then reduced again, from the twelfth day, to 3 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, which she took for three days, for proper and sure recovery from Covid..


¶[Case 3]

A case came with fever and pain in legs, along with legs giving up. Blood test was being referred by the earlier allopathic doctor, in which blood platelets came less, and were around 100,000/uL. With no other issue, like dengue, Covid was suspected, though no such case has been reported yet, in which blood platelets got affected straightway, without any other major issues.

Aconitum napellus 200C was given, with the word that if it’s Covid, then blood platelets would improve, otherwise it would be something else. And fortunately, the blood platelets got normal in three-four days itself, with fever gone too. The doses were then reduced to twice a day for two days, and then just once a day, for a few days, for proper cure and to cover up the remaining weakness..


¶[Case 4]

A case came with fever, loss of sense of smell and taste, body pains, some cough, and chest pain; along with a feeling of oppression in breath, while deep breathing. Body pains had increased from a day, with difficulty to get up in morning, along with no desire to eat anything. She was feeling a lot sleepy too, almost all the time.

It started with some chest pain and fever, from around five days, along with a feeling of oppression in breath, while deep breathing.

Many confirmatory symptoms for Covid of course, and thus the medicine was begun. I knew her constitution well, for she already taking medicine from me, and knew that she mostly needs medicines at lower potency, than what we generally need. Thus, the need was of Aconitum napellus 30C here, and not 200C, which thus was not because of age. I even expected its better action, than what has been seen in other cases, despite the lower potency.

Fever was gone by the morning of second day itself, though returned back in evening again, for a while, along with a good amount of stomach pain, on eating.

~ I recently had seen another case, wherein it was the inability to digest anything, along with stomach pains, and fever; and Covid test was referred for her, by her allopathic doctor, which came positive. She though had no other confirmatory symptoms, like loss of sense of smell or taste, or any other. The lady went to hospital of course, where soon the situation worsened, leading to her being on Oxygen support, and then soon her sad demise. So, allopathic medicine didn’t do anything for her, ~ and for that reason too, I got to know how difficult was this case, the one I was curing. Still though, as I knew that she can get better by Aconitum napellus 30C itself, I was quite sure of her proper recovery soon, than late.

Sense of taste started returning back on the third day, and by night, even the sense of smell had begun to come back. She even was feeling better in energy on the third day, along with no chest pain, though some oppression in breath, while deep breathing, was still there. Sense of taste and smell, both were properly better on the fifth day, with a little oppression in breath though, while deep breathing, still there. Everything got properly better on the sixth day, saying for a proper recovery from Covid, in every way..

The doses that were given, despite a lower potency, were just 3 pellets for a dose, thrice a day, to begin with, which then were moved to 2 pellets, thrice a day, on the third day, and then 2 pellets twice a day, on the fifth day. The doses were further reduced to just One pellet, twice a day, from sixth day onwards, and were given till the seventh day.

~ It may seem a simple case, if we look at the dosage, though, it was her constitution, which acted fast, and even needed lesser doses, along with lower potency. Otherwise, the case was quite tough, which we even can understand with the comparison of two cases being brought out.. ~ Other such cases would easily need 200C potency, along with possibly, a little more dosage..


¶[Case 5]

Stomach pain on eating anything, and related problems, like diarrhea, or nausea, or nausea and vomiting etc, are other major symptoms of Covid these days, I mean even if just these. The last case I shared, had it, and even the one who didn’t take homeopathy, and succumbed to Covid.

It can also give sleepy symptoms, as if a slow poison, though not always, so pls be careful. And if not checked properly, thinking it as a simple issue, and doses taken intermittently, as one person did, then though some relief comes, but soon the Covid comes strongly in other symptoms too, like in even oppression in chest and breathing.

Before it got to oppression in chest and breathing, there even came a phase wherein stomach issues gave the feeling of swelling in stomach, i.e. inside. At that time, she even went for Covid test, which came positive! She stayed with homeopathy itself, instead choose allopathy, and the doses improved her stomach soon.. but then again, the doses were reduced, and then stopped for some reasons. Finally, when it also troubled in oppression in chest and breathing, proper doses were taken, which then even gave proper cure, very rightly..

The dosage required for such cases is usually less, One to Three pellets for a dose, Once to Thrice a day, for a few days, as per the situation, if given in earlier to intermediate stages. Though, if the problem gets to oppression in chest and breathing, or other tough symptoms, the dosage too increases.


¶[Case 6]

Aconite given to a person aged 76, in hospital, under Oxygen support.. His fever got in control by allopathy itself, earlier, though for many it doesn’t happen. Among other symptoms, his cough was choked inside, and wouldn’t come, whenever he would try or feel the need for..

In a day after Aconite, his cough would come properly, when Oxygen support would be removed. Otherwise though, he won’t feel the need to cough. Despite under Oxygen support still, seeing the speedy recovery, the doctors even got confident to discharge him a day or two! And he even was discharged on Day 4 itself, after beginning with Aconite..

Not to mention that he got hospitalized for Covid, and his Covid rather got clear in CT scan (but not in other test), showing 15% infection in lungs (Covid pneumonia), in the left side..

Oxygen level on Day 2 itself, after Aconite, got to 97, though earlier it varied between 80-90! On Day 3, it was 97 with Oxygen support, and 94 without it.. Oxygen support was 9 L/min on Day 1, 5 L/min on Day 2, and 2 L/min on Day 3.. Such a fast improvement in Oxygen level, requiring lesser and lesser Oxygen support, gradually..

Aconite of course was given for the next days too, as per the need, till surety, that Covid has been fully kicked out of the body..


¶[Case 7]

Cured a case with loss of sense of smell and taste, with right doses of Aconite, along with complete recovery from Covid, in thirteen days. Though, a good thing to notice in this case was the infection in lungs, as got noticed in CT scan, which the person chose to do, when she noticed some pain and pressure in chest for two days, on Day 6 and 7, with Aconite. As the medicine would be clearing her lungs too, for infection or Covid pneumonia, some pain felt there, and that gave the opportunity to see again (in CT scan), the right work of Aconite in it too. No pain or pressure on chest after that, and in just thirteen days itself, it even was quite sure, that the Covid is gone..

And sense of smell and taste began returning back on Day 6, and were properly back on Day 9. Further, the Oxygen level was around 89 in the beginning, and 94 on Day 5, and then got to normalcy soon after it. Oxygen level too of course, was a right hint in the beginning itself, for infection in lungs already, and then how it too solved very rightly, with Aconite..


¶[Case 8]

In a case of long-Covid nature, it took more days for sense of smell and taste to gradually recover from Day 4 onwards. Both came gradually, even with sense of smell coming first, beginning from Day 4 onwards, and sense of taste noticeably from Day 12 onwards, when sense of smell was almost fully there. Both were totally back on Day 15, and the medicine in total was needed for seventeen days.

In another peculiar, as sense of taste started to come back, for around two days, she felt the taste of water as horrible, including bitter taste in general. And the bitter taste lasted for nine days more, as a post-covid symptom too (note it pls)..

As per the nature of the case to be of long-Covid, even the doses were automatically guided towards a little lower side, from Day 7 onwards, for calm and easy cure, as it caused some cold on Day 5 and 6.. So, taking it as faster ouster of symptoms, calmer doses, with again of course, gradually reducing doses, with lesser number of pellets for a dose, worked better, and healed everything, even for long-Covid..

More so, a dose of Aconite was needed as a post-covid dose too, which then finally dispelled the bitter taste in a couple of days itself, than letting it last for too long, as is generally reported otherwise for such cases..



Still, there can come many roadblocks in the path, as first homeopathy in general is not believed by everyone, and many feel that there is no action of any homeopathic medicine. Second, there are sharp divides within the homeopathic community itself, and not all homeopaths may agree for it to be the right medicine. Particularly, when the medicine has been used commonly in a way, wrongly though, and without any thought on it yet for it being the right medicine for Covid. So, there’s a big gap that the medicine may need to bridge, to get to where it should rightly be, as the proper medicine for Coronavirus.


Further, even in general we know, that it would be allopathy which would be preferred, and some countries even look at homeopathy as a non-scientific way of medicine, like USA.


¶[Homeopathy in Spanish Flu Pandemic]

This despite the fact that while Spanish Flu pandemic, allopathic medicines weren’t helping, and Aspirin rather was raising the mortality rate from around 15%, to a whopping one of 25-30%! Homeopaths in America noticed this, and got in a rightful mode of action. With their right help, the mortality rate was reduced from 15%, to around 1-3%, across various camps. This despite the fact that the final one medicine in homeopathy, for the Spanish Flu pandemic, wasn’t found then, and a very possible one was rather suggested as long as ninety years after it. Please see here. The homeopaths gave the medicines on case-by-case basis, mostly from among the five selected ones.

America still trusted homeopathy then, though it was already on the decline. At the present time, vaccines and their lobby seems to have clouded their thinking against homeopathy in a big way, and the country here, really needs a proper resurrection.

Imagine if allopathy weren’t helping for Covid, as it didn’t help in Spanish Flu. Then we would have no option but to look for a solution in homeopathy, which we are neglecting now. So, we need to be more careful, as there is a kind of similar atmosphere almost everywhere, in neglecting homeopathy for Covid, and hope we make a rightful correction here. One should also be aware that there is a big lobby that works against homeopathy in general, and for that too, an extra layer of caution is required..

Actually, the mortality rate due to Covid is high enough in many countries, to think about homeopathy, but the neglect still, is certainly disturbing..


Coming on to the medicine Aconitum napellus again here, then rare cases may even need its 1M or 30C potency rather, and one must keep this in mind. Though, most of the cases will need 200C potency, as already shared in the article, along with other details on the dosing..


¶[Post-Covid Symptoms]

Another very important thing that has been seen is, that the same medicine also cures the post-Covid symptoms, quite beautifully! And for that, we just need its occasional doses, like one or two doses of One to Three pellets, just once or twice a week, as per the need.. Though, a few may need doses in a little more frequency, which can again be managed very easily..


¶[Covid Vaccine Troubles]

It’s not again a surprise, that Aconite would sort out the troubles caused by Covid vaccines! I knew it should, inside, from always, though got a case for it late, to see it properly. The medicine in 200C or 30C potency, with doses as per the situation and need, sorts out the troubles caused by Covid vaccine, easily. Generally, around 1-2 pellets for a dose, taken less or more, as per the situation, sorts out the issues quite nicely. Best dosage can of course be understood as per the case, even when any different one required, than state on general basis..

It even can avert a blood clot, that can happen by vaccines! If one starts feeling pricks/pins/needles anywhere in body, less or more, after vaccines, it’s a precursor to possible formation of clot. And as per the intensity of the pricks/pins/needles, the dosage can be decided, to avert the formation of blood clot, easily. If the intensity of pricks/pins/needles is more, the clot and hemorrhage is just half to one hour away then, leading to instant death! So, in such a situation, the decision on right dosage, should be taken immediately..



The feeling of pricks on skin, on a particular area, got felt on and off for one, after the Covid vaccine. First of course she ignored it, though as it kept on coming on and off till night, I was informed. I knew it to be a precursor to blood clot, and the pricks being not quite strong, was a relief of course. The right dose of Aconite was given, to avert the possible formation of blood clot..

After the possible blood clot was averted, she got intense body pains and joint pains, right the next day. And these were so intense, that she had to be in bed for almost the whole day, which she almost never did otherwise..

So, Aconite changed the course of action of vaccine, from something quite more dangerous as blood clot, to comparatively something less intense!

She even got pressure in her heart later, in the next four days, as body pains were being sorted, and slowly that too went away, along with body and joint pains, in the next week..

So, a tough situation sorted out, due to the bad/wrong effects of Covid vaccine, again with the right doses of Aconite..


¶[A Right Will]

At least the governments of the respective nations can take it as a good suggestion, and think to test this medicine in the right manner, keeping their reservations in general for homeopathy, if any, aside! We just need the right will and understanding to get to this medicine for Covid, and the rest then will certainly align in favour of it. Some hiccups, issues and problems will of course come, which we know too, but they shouldn’t stray us from our path, and shouldn’t unnecessarily sway our mind..



Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus

Today when the world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus, I’m trying to put my thoughts on the right homeopathic medicine for it, and after much deliberation over the past days, than in any hurry. Homeopaths are trying to find the medicine for it, and there even are possible thoughts or remedies, like by Manish Bhatia, in this article.

I think that the medicine that should be right finally, to combat the deadly Coronavirus, would be Aconitum napellus..

(As a postscript, it’s also the neglected remedy for Covid, for various reasons, despite it really curing even difficult cases.. And one of the reasons for it is, that we are looking for a magic pill in homeopathy, that makes us better in two days, though are willing to have allopathic medicines for days, even if the situation finally leads it to hospitalization, and other tough states.. Another reason is that this medicine is generally thought to help only in the beginning of an issue, and one thus doesn’t even want to see, or have a look, that its tougher and chronic pictures, again exist.. Other reasons too behind it, though not good to state..)

The explanations, dosage details, and the cases shared properly tell, that what it needs to tackle Covid, with Aconitum napellus..

So, have a read with proper interest and care..


¶[Initial Explanation]

This medicine, if you would ask to homeopaths in general, is used for common cold, general influenza and even pneumonia, etc, which have a sudden onset (sudden attack). Though, very possibly, it won’t be thought to be the possible remedy for Coronavirus. I however have seen that in majority of cases, where we feel that the onset of common cold, influenza, etc, is sudden, and try this remedy, are not sudden, and rather are brewing in the body from some time. Like in winters, our body and mind are fighting the cold weather daily, and we do even feel bad in nose, or in body, or see some other symptoms at times. Though, when it doesn’t get bad, we feel we got over it. Then soon, in a span of a few days, we get properly down with common cold, which then is certainly not sudden onset.

If we give Aconitum napellus in this situation, I have seen it not working so well, as it should be doing, though of course, we do see some palliation, and then we think to get to some other medicine, thinking that Aconitum did the initial work, and now it’s the time and work of another medicine. The reality however is that Aconitum napellus was never the right medicine, for most of these cases, and it’s the other medicine itself, which gets right. As I saw it more and more, a big question mark got printed in my mind, over the really right cases for this remedy, the ones who would really need it! And this is a big factor, which even has played its very rightful role, in me thinking of this medicine now for Coronavirus.

One may say that even this virus can stay in the body, but not produce any symptoms, and then after some days, the symptoms appear. So, even here, the onset is not sudden. However, the fact that it doesn’t produce any symptom in its dormant time, is equivalent to the person healthy till then, and then getting hit suddenly, to be a full-blown victim. Other symptoms that match with the symptoms of Coronavirus, can easily be seen in this description of the remedy, and even more links/articles are available freely over internet, to confirm on this. Certainly, good books can also be referred to.

This link of the medicine that is shared above, is shared for a purpose, and if one needs more information, it’s important to check other descriptions as well as good books, so that we get proper confirmation of the medicine.

Some variation in symptoms too always can be there, from case to case, and if someone would feel that Aconitum napellus may not be the right medicine, then that small variation would also apply for Coronavirus in general. However, that doesn’t mean that there is too much of a variation in symptoms, as it’s really not, and that can easily be confirmed from various descriptions of the remedy.

We even find this written in the information of Aconitum napellus, easily, that it’s the remedy only to be given in the beginning of an issue, acutely, and acts only then, giving way to another better or deeper remedy. We now can easily see, from the above discussion on sudden onset or sudden attack, that how this misinformation crept slowly, for Aconite..

In general, Aconitum napellus (Aconite) should be the right remedy for even other viruses that produce sudden influenza, cold, etc, i.e. the onset is sudden, and when of course, other symptoms too are matching. So, this remedy should really be earmarked for this, than for other common colds, where the onset is brewing inside from some days or time, with some or the other symptom showing up at times.


¶[Further Explanation]

Another important symptom that got me towards this remedy finally, is the fear part, and the symptoms related to fear in it. As a check, one can even think, that are we really afraid when we get common cold! Certainly not, and not at all to the extreme degree as it’s mentioned in this remedy. So, this is a big confirmation, that this remedy is not for most of the cases of common cold, but is for some very selective cases. And Coronavirus meets all the requirements of what this energy is all about. The fear factor that is gripping the world today, is very aptly covered in this remedy. Some even feel that it’s the end of the world, and that now all will die! And even this extreme fear is covered in the remedy, as one sentence in the description says, “He is sure he will die and even predicts the time of death!”

Fear of public places, as mentioned in the description, again explains the situation aptly, when there is always a fear of catching the virus..

So, we must use this remedy for the ones fighting with the deadly virus, and for that, the governments of the respective nations need to be serious to give this remedy. They can do it under the guidance of homeopaths in their country, and most importantly, it should be done with the right will, and not to prove that this remedy possibly isn’t right. Very importantly, one should keep giving the other allopathic medicines too alongside (though they won’t be needed, as got clear with the cases), and I’m not saying to not use them, or stop them, while giving this remedy. Both should be given together, and if some cases show recovery earlier than expected, and we can see it clearly, then there should be no doubt that this remedy really can help in combating this deadly disease.


¶[Theoretical Dosage]

Now coming on the doses, potency, etc, and how to use this remedy. Then there are three potencies that can work, and it’s not clear on just theoretical basis, that which potency would work the best. If may also depend upon the situation and condition of the person, as to how bad or in tough situation he is. So, we should be open to check the possible potencies, and take this quite seriously. The first potency to try should be 200C, Aconitum napellus 200C, and we can give six pellets for a dose, three to four times, in a span of twenty four hours, given daily. We should see which dosage is producing faster improvements, and here too, the number of doses can easily depend upon the condition of the person. More severe cases can easily need more doses, which is quite obvious of course. As an important care, we shouldn’t be using the original liquid medicine, and it should only be used in pellets/pills, of size around 3-3.5 mm diameter. Just mentioning it, so that we don’t err in this.

The potency 30C should also be checked, in case that is more effective than 200C. Generally, in pandemics, the potency of the right homeopathic medicine that is chosen is 200C or 1000C, but there are some reasons that can make 30C to be more effective. It won’t be easy to state them as of now, but we should be open to try this potency, if we see that 200C is rather seeming to be a stronger potency. In that case, the number of doses that we would need, can vary from three to six doses, over a span of twenty four hours, with of course daily doses, and again with six pellets for a dose.

The other potency used in pandemics is 1000C, or 1M, as it’s generally called in homeopathy. And if this is seen to be more effective, then the number of doses needed would be just one dose of 3-6 pellets in a day, and the frequency of doses would vary from daily dose to doses in every two to four days.

I hope this remedy really works, and take us out of the grip of this deadly pandemic..

¶[Case 1]

I sent the article to a few, and one lady, who is taking the medicine for her kids from me, was herself down with Coronavirus. She is from another country than mine, and she didn’t go to hospital, rather was trying one or the other homeopathic medicine herself. She was already in the crucial stage of difficult breathing and suffocation, and took Aconitum napellus 200C as soon as she read the article.

She wrote me then, and here are her replies, telling on the original stage, and recovery. Fast recovery, inline with the sudden onset of symptoms for Aconitum. And the date and time shown is as per the time zone I’m in, i.e. the Indian time.

April 12, 2020, 11:58 pm: I’ve been fighting Coronavirus for six weeks now, and last night I had a sudden suffocation attack. I feel like I do not have enough vital force in me to recover from this nasty virus. I am running out of ideas how to conquer this terrible virus. I just can not seem to get over it! Right now I am at the final stage, I have been in this stage for three weeks now. Coughing, tightness in chest, out of breath, and suffocation attacks in night.

April 13, 2:54 am: No, I am not chilly. The viral stage has passed, long time ago. I am in the bacterial/pneumonia stage. I am coughing once in a while, dry cough. And I have a tightness in my chest, right in the middle, above the stomach. Not a typical pneumonia, it’s different, Corona type damage to the lungs.

April 13, 8:03 am: I think I am feeling better, I can breath better tonight than I could yesterday. I did not realize I had difficulty in breathing even before I went to bed yesterday, but it got bad soon, and by midnight I was suffocating.
I hope this remedy will finally cure me. I do not want to get my hopes up because with this virus you feel better, then you feel worse again after a couple of days. I need at least three days of feeling good, to be sure that I am over it.

April 15, 11:09 am: Other remedies only helped for a short while, I felt better for one day, but worse the next day. This time I feel like I am improving every day.
It’s hard for me to judge my breathing, the suffocation attacks usually sneak up on me out of nowhere. But I’ve stopped coughing, and my cough was getting worse and worse for the last three weeks. It’s rather miraculous how fast I stopped coughing with Aconitum. I never thought of it as a cough remedy. Other symptoms are gone too. Thank you and Thank God for this remedy! Without it I’d be dead by now.

April 16, 9:22 am: Last night I had a slight tightness in my chest at midnight, but not nearly as bad as before. I maybe coughed two-three times today during the day, which is also a big improvement. Never before, in the last six weeks, I had a three days in a row of feeling good, so I am hopeful this is the end of Corona for me.


Here she chose to not check emails for a while, to remain away from stress, because of the exhaustion that is caused in a tough case of Covid, so as to recover calmly, and then replied after a few days. She even wrote more details, to give a better idea on how the things started, and then got worse, before the recovery began.

April 24, 2:41 am: I wanted to thank you again, for pointing out to Aconite, because without Aconite I would have never recovered. My symptoms were only getting worse and there was no progress in the disease. After taking Aconite I started recovering with no fall-backs. Right now I can say for sure that I am fully recovered and I have no symptoms.
Thank you!


So, the remedy is really right, and it should be used rightly to help others too..


¶[Practical Dosage]

[For cure]

Also to tell, the doses she took were three-four times a day, mostly three rather, of Aconitum napellus 200C, with six pellets for a dose. This is the potency that should generally be used, though for kids, it of course would be lesser potency as per their age. Even some variation in dosage can certainly be there, as per the case and its difficultly level, though with variations mostly on the lesser side of the dosage, i.e. lesser pellets per dose, two to four pellets per dose. Gradually decreasing dosage should again be brought in, as and when needed for a case. Further, if someone is more comfortable in taking the medicine four times a day, instead of three, though then of course with lesser pellets per dose, that should also be considered rightly..

In case any dosage is not making things better, then the decision to increase the dose should be taken soon, so that the medicine starts combating the virus in the right way. Like the cases already at the stage of low Oxygen level, may need the doses five (or more) times a day.. One even shouldn’t panic unnecessarily, and rather simply should see for the right dosage. Overdose too should equally be avoided, as even overdose can give such symptoms, the ones we see otherwise, in Covid’s tough situations.. So, the dosage should be managed with proper care, as per the need of the situation..

Second wave of Covid in India, is mostly needing four doses a day, initially for some days, with right number of pellets, as per the case.. And then pellets per dose reduce, as per the situation, and even when needed, the frequency of the dose..

As an important care, we shouldn’t be using the original liquid medicine, and it should only be used in pellets/pills, of size around 3-3.5 mm diameter. Just mentioning it, so that we don’t err in this.

Further, getting the original liquid medicine, to make pellets by ourselves, should be the preferred option, in countries where liquid medicine is available as the standard medicine, like in India.

I would even be happy to help one get to the right doses, as there of course is always something unique with every case.. And it would be the best option, for the serious persons, who really are willing to get cured by homeopathy, and get saved, without any hassles of hospitalization and allopathy..

[For prevention]

We of course can even use it as a prophylactic, i.e. for prevention, and the dosage can vary from one to two pellets, once in three-five days (carefully, not three-five times a day), depending upon the risk zone we are in. If one takes it for more time, like over a month, then the doses should be on the lesser side, preferably with just one pellet for a dose, once in four-five days. And again, for kids, it would be a lesser potency, as per their age, Aconitum napellus 30C or 12C for kids, as per their age, and Aconitum napellus 6C or 3C for infants.

It’s also very important to not take more doses for the fear of Covid, than specified, both for prevention and cure, to avoid overdose, and thus the proving of the medicine, the situation wherein a homeopathic medicine rather gives its own energetic symptoms, which then can cause symptoms like false cold, etc. So, we must be very careful in this.

More so, if one is taking any homeopathic medicine already, for some health issues, then one shouldn’t take the preventive doses of Aconitum, and rather concentrate upon remaining healthy. Any other medicine then will interfere in the action of one’s medicine, and it thus won’t be right to take the preventive doses. Even in general, it’s best to use Aconite for cure, when one is sure of Covid, than be in fear, and keep taking the preventive doses.

Also, the size of the pellets/pills, as mentioned above in Theoretical Dosage, has been around 3-3.5 mm in diameter, i.e. for proper spherical pellets. Other pellet sizes and types are also available, and there generally is a little variation in the sizes, as per the country. So, it’s very important to note this, to avoid taking any wrong dosage, and make requisite adjustments as per the need.


¶[Comorbid Symptoms]

Getting back on the case, she has had some heart trouble too, a minor one, and Coronavirus then troubled specifically there too. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, they were the same symptoms, the ones of more trouble, as it’s written in the energy that can fight with it, i.e. in Aconitum napellus! Similarly, if someone would have another area of concern for their health issues, more problems in it can easily be expected by this virus, and these issues or symptoms then can easily be listed in Aconite!


¶[Genus Epidemicus/Homeoprophylaxis]

Do know, that for any other issue otherwise, we need to take whole case history, but during pandemic, it’s that “One energy”, which is troubling the whole world.. And thus, the medicine is also one, and we need to get to it properly, than still thinking on varied medicines..

Hahnemann himself said it, and explained it under the concept/aphorism of Genus Epidemicus, or Homeoprophylaxis, “that we need One right medicine then”, “as per the symptom picture in totality”.. But we are busy treating it as per isolated symptoms, and suggesting hundreds of medicines..

Also, if you think to give any medicine, kindly give that one alone, and not a mix of medicines, as then none will act rightly.. This situation needs a right faith on one medicine, including its right dosage..


¶[Covid Vaccine Troubles]

It’s not again a surprise, that Aconite would sort out the troubles caused by Covid vaccines! I knew it should, inside, from always, though got a case for it late, to see it properly. The medicine in 200C or 30C potency, with doses as per the situation and need, sorts out the troubles caused by Covid vaccine, easily. Generally, around 1-2 pellets for a dose, taken less or more, as per the situation, sorts out the issues quite nicely. Best dosage can of course be understood as per the case, even when any different one required, than state on general basis..

It even can avert a blood clot, that can happen by vaccines! If one starts feeling pricks/pins/needles anywhere in body, less or more, after vaccines, it’s a precursor to possible formation of clot. And as per the intensity of the pricks/pins/needles, the dosage can be decided, to avert the formation of blood clot, easily. If the intensity of pricks/pins/needles is more, the clot and hemorrhage is just half to one hour away then, leading to instant death! So, in such a situation, the decision on right dosage, should be taken immediately..



Very possibly, Aconite again is the remedy for mucormycosis or black fungus, though, I still am to check it on any case. If right, then how would the potency and doses vary, that too remains to be seen..


(Please also read the second part of article here, for more information, like on post-Covid symptoms.. There are more cases too, which are updated from time to time..)


A right recognition for Aconite for Covid.. Pls see here..


If after getting well, you would like to help me, then you can do from here,