Energy Medicines and one’s Constitutional Medicine

We’re made of the same energy, as is there in homeopathic medicines, and that’s why homeopathic medicines act on us.. Something really big, if we try to understand, as though we read at times, that homeopathic medicines are energy medicines, but we won’t see this mentioned anywhere, that we too are made of the same energies.. Same energies, but of course, some specific ones, among many..

When we say the term Constitutional Medicine, as one would be aware of, in homeopathy, it means that we are made of that very same energy! Something really big, yet so simple, and just needs a proper understanding..

And of course, though most of the individuals have just One Constitutional Medicine, some have more than one too, and then the term to use, as I’ve explained, is Major Constitutional Layers, or simply one’s Constitutional Layers..

I thought to put this simple, and yet so important thing in proper words, here, so that more understanding grows for it..

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