Waking up from Invasive Ventilator Support

The sister of a person aged 60, who was under Invasive Ventilator Support at that time, due to Covid, asked for help for her brother. The Covid had gone by then, but his lungs weren’t responding thereafter. Precovid he had been in good muscular shape, 40 pounds overweight, though was exhausted at that time, due to working 55-70 hours a week.

We began with Aconitum napellus 200C, for post-Covid, on October 24, 2021, as per the details shared in this article, and gave its small doses at right times. It started improving his health stats, and even started reducing the need of Oxygen support, that too from 90% to 45%, which wasn’t happening earlier, and there got a little hope. Though, despite improving health stats, and reducing the need of Oxygen by a fair amount, some or the other complication would come in a few days, which were taking things down. So, the hopes surely were going down..

His kidneys had stopped functioning around a month ago, possibly due to heavy dose of allopathic medicines, for Covid, and after it. Even his stomach and intestines were gradually giving up, from a few days. So, the situation surely was saying that we couldn’t limit the treatment to just Aconitum napellus for post-Covid, and even needed his right constitutional medicine.

It was a difficult decision of course, to look for the constitutional medicine at this stage, as we couldn’t afford to go wrong. We knew of course, that if the medicine would go wrong, he won’t survive. As there was no option, his sister gave proper description of his personality, health aspects and related symptoms, before Covid, to arrive at his right constitutional medicine.

The medicine was given then, first in 200C, on December 5, 2021, and his intestines responded again, right after the first dose, that too in a few hours itself, and even his lowering BP got stabilized. He passed stool all day, first a plug, then stools often. The doctors even turned him often, which earlier wasn’t so easy, as his BP would drop even on touch at times. A very positive and hopeful action thus, and there came hope that a miracle would indeed happen..

The potency of his constitutional medicine was increased to 1M soon, and 200C was the potency to begin with, to ensure initial calmer action. As it got sure that 200C is a lesser potency, by its action, 1M was began. And with its doses at right times, along with Aconite 200C for post-Covid, as and when needed, his condition slowly started getting better..

The role of Aconitum napellus, in holding him earlier too, in improving health stats, and even reducing the need of Oxygen support, was quite commendable, and it’s important to understand this, and there is a lot of confusion for the right medicine for Covid, as well as post Covid. So, it was important to write it here..

And here’s how the improvements happened slowly for him, despite so tough situations. Just see how difficult the situation becomes, with Invasive Ventilator Support, and equally, how much effort, along with very right medicines, and their precise doses, is required to recover from it.. It may not get clear how precisely the doses were given, as per the symptoms, but they really were needed very precisely, that too by assessing his state, symptoms, and health parameters daily.. Proper number of pellets for the dose, was also an important consideration every time..

And I’m trying to put the updates by a particular date, as if updating then, as it would give a better picture..


December 12, 2021,
Tracheotomy done on this person, a surgery to put the ventilator through the upper part of chest, instead of mouth, as they could see that he’ll wake up from his sedative state in some time.. A tough surgery, in an already weak state, and his BP got low again after it.. Though, it has been stabilized again with his right Constitutional Medicine, along with stabilization in his weak state, which of course wouldn’t have been possible through allopathy..

Oxygen support level too increased (got bad) after surgery, with ups and downs, though now has come back to 50%..

The person is waking up from his sedative state, that he has been in since Invasive Ventilator support, during Covid, i.e. after around two months.. He recognized his sister on the first day, and then his daughter went to see him.. Is talking some words, mouthing rather, and is even responding..

Stomach and intestines working fine, though kidneys still to respond, along with proper improvements needed in lungs.. Hope the miracle does happen, and we’re able to save him..


December 21, 2021,
Kidneys have responded, and on the first day it was around 200 ml of urine, in 24 hours. A little less thereafter, followed by around 430 ml on a day. Dialysis being done side by side of course, since kidneys weren’t responding..

Breathing trials are also being done now, and slowly it’s getting better (Ventilator Weaning and Spontaneous Breathing Trials).. Though, still, Oxygen support between 40 to 50% itself..

Food pipe inserted through stomach, by local anesthesia, in these days (though earlier was through nose), and since then he got in a depressed state, and started thinking he won’t survive..

A strange thing too happened after it, possibly due to the effect of sedatives he was given earlier. He lost some part of his memory for a while, after sleep, and asked for his wife to visit him. Though, she had died earlier, and his daughter had to explain him about it.. He then lost the zeal to live, and even denied the doses of homeopathic medicine for two days. High amount of anxiety and difficult time in these two days, but then he agreed for the medicine, and asked when can he get back home.. So, possibly the loss of memory came back, though will know in the coming days..

Wasn’t moving much yesterday, and it was slow response of nerves, for a day, possibly again due to sedatives given earlier; and is expected to get better in the coming days..


January 2, 2022,
Memory loss was only for a day, and very possibly due to sedatives given earlier.. Things moving ahead, and sometimes he’s in a low or tough mood, and sometimes right..

The need of allopathic medicines is reducing, despite he being weak. The weakness factor can be judged by the fact that around five days back, he could lift his right arm 6-7 inches from lap. And he was amazed and surprised..

The surgeries were done in such a weak state, and it was his proper Constitutional medicine (his right homeopathic energy), apart from Aconite, that saved him..

Kidneys still weak, and urine output is less still, around 135 ml a day.. And let’s hope that as he improves in his energy, kidneys too improve along with..

Breathing trials have being increased, rather they are pushing him a bit.. Physiotherapy too being done now, to improve his mobility..

Oxygen support remained at 40% for most of the time.. At 45% though from the last two days, maybe due to some push in the things..


January 10, 2022,
Kidneys slowly responded better in these days, and the urine output increased from 250 ml in 24 hours earlier, to 120-146 ml every 8 hours, and then it was 800 ml yesterday morning. The need of dialysis lessened in these days, and hadn’t been needed in the last two days. It may or may not be needed in the coming days, as per the situation..

So, kidneys reviving successfully, and even physiotherapy, breathing trials, etc, have been increasing slowly..

Oxygen support between 40-45%, as per how tired he feels due to dialysis, physiotherapy, and breathing trails, and as per the need of medicine..

Weakness also improving slowly, from the state of getting dizzy, when moved in bed, to sitting upright in bed at times, and despite pain and soreness, allowing range of motions with limbs..

Mind state also improving, from anxiety and confusion on some days, to lesser anxiety..


January 20, 2022,
Kidneys improved slowly, and dialysis was not needed again! Though, urinary and lungs infection didn’t allow dialysis once, when there felt its need, and it even was worrisome situation, with urinary and lungs infection threatening to derail overall things. However, it resolved soon, with the right doses..

Bladder catheter too removed two days back, though he’s still quite weak.. Trying to sit up in bed at times, but still needs help..

Oxygen support at 45% most of the time, and physiotherapy and breathing trials are being carried out at right times..

Apart from Aconite and his Constitutional Medicine, something that I wrote in the third chapter of my book, the complete chapter rather, on the use of Cinchona officinalis and Carbo vegetabilis together, also has been needed as a must, in the face of surgeries, blood loss, and Oxygen issues..

China and Carbo Veg thus, together, are also being given at right times, and in potency 30C..

Hope we really are able to make him well, and give him a healthy life..


February 3, 2022,
Things are improving slowly,
and they switched him to trach mask around a week ago.. Is going very rightly on it, and the time on trach mask too is increasing, from 5 hours to begin with, to even 28 hours day before yesterday..

Oxygen support largely at 40%, from 45% earlier, and is even getting towards 35% at times..

Some ups and downs too at times, like in infection first, and then in Oxygen issues day before yesterday, wherein he couldn’t breathe for around two minutes! It sorted soon, though he remained confused then, and even puked, and thus needed China and Carbo Veg very rightly..

Still weak physically, though wants to improve soon, and even goes through ups and downs in emotions over it..


March 3, 2022,
He got out of ICU on the next day after the last update, and to the Rehab section of the hospital.. Though, he was still weak to handle it, and even his anxiety was going up from a while..

Anxiety due to minimal attention of physiotherapist in ICU from around two weeks, and for seemingly unending wait to get out of hospital, along with his weakness improving quite slowly..

Anxiety increased in Rehab section, and he again couldn’t breathe once. Was shifted back to ICU, and we here realized that he needed Arsenic album, in 200C, for the theme of neglect in his health from hospital authorities..

Arsenic album, the remedy which some homeopaths thought wrongly for Covid, without getting to its real theme..

It helped nicely, and he’s back in Rehab section again since two days.. Somewhat better now, and even without any anxiety.. Sat on chair for One hour yesterday.. May still need Arsenic album at right times, for anxiety..

Still on Oxygen support, through trach mask mostly..


March 25, 2022,
Further improvements, and
Swallow test was done on him, to check if food can be given now by mouth. He passed the test, and began to eat lighter foods via mouth, along with the remaining still through food pipe.. And now since two days, he’s eating entirely by himself, means without the need of any through food pipe..

Some improvement in physical strength too, and from sitting for around half an hour, it has gone to two hours today.. He actually went out of the room by himself today, to the therapy room, and did some exercises while sitting on chair.. Otherwise, physiotherapy is being done in his room.. So, a jump in improvements, and it’s expected to be better in the coming days too..

Still on Oxygen support, but it’s reducing, and is just 3 Litres/min now.. And now it’s through a cannula in the nose, instead of trach, which was capped (temporarily closed) three days ago..


April 27, 2002,
Further improvements, though somewhat slowly still..
He bathed around a week after the last feedback, means after around six months, and felt tired after it.. But yes, bathing has begun..

Around two weeks after it, he was helped to stand, with a machine, twice, for five minutes. His legs were quite shaky, and he was sweating profusely.. And the next day it was for ten minutes, twice, with less shaky legs, and less sweat..

Then he did cycling, on a stationary cycle, a week after it, and felt thrilled that he could do it.. Tried it with a little more resistance, but got tired soon.. And now doing it more too, on the days he can (at right intervals), and even standing.. Though, standing is a little slowly still..

Times of frustration and sadness too in-between, as hospital staff is not regular with the care. And when things don’t move, it feels as if nothing is going right, especially with Oxygen support still, 1.5 to 3 Litres/min, and body opening up slowly..

Weak parts of the body, like subluxation in shoulder joints, while unconscious on ventilator, are also getting healed..


May 12, 2022,
He stood up with the help of parallel bars, instead with the help of machine, and even has been better and somewhat relaxed in his mood in general. Tough state still, like still on Oxygen support, and trying to regain his physical strength, but despite all this, being good in mood, can only be achieved when medicines are right, and even healing is going in the right direction..


To tell about his constitutional medicine now, then it turned out to be a rare one, and it’s Jade Nephrite Immersion! A gem remedy, which was chosen because his description, that his sister gave, had proper themes and symptoms of Iron and Calcium. The themes and symptoms were so clear, that I searched for a gemstone containing Iron and Calcium, and was led to Jade Nephrite Immersion! Gemstone, because the description was saying to search within the minerals realm, than look in the plant, animal, or any other category.. And how his description had some proper themes and symptoms of even Silica and Oxygen, for chemical formula of Jade Nephrite to be Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2, made it quite clear to go for the medicine..

Not to forget here, that this medicine was given to him when he was still unconscious, due to heavy sedation, while under Invasive Ventilator Support, and when his kidneys were already not responding from around a month. His digestive system too was getting to a standstill, if you would remember, with stomach and intestines giving up then. So, there was no option, but to find the right constitutional remedy then.

Had Jade Nephrite Immersion been wrong, he wouldn’t have survived. But his intestines responded within twelve hours itself, after the first dose, and then slowly his kidneys too improved, and got to normal! So, getting to Jade Nephrite Immersion was not to give any unnecessary rare medicine, rather simply his right constitutional medicine. How then slowly it has been improving him, along with the precise doses of Aconite 200C, China 30C and Carbo Veg 30C, and Arsenic album 200C, when needed, is quite clear in every way..

And now his case will be taken care by his sister herself, who is herself a homeopath. She trusted me when things were so tough, trusted me for Aconite for Covid and post-Covid, Jade Nephrite Immersion for his constitutional, others too, and even in the dosage of remedies. And now she feels she should take things ahead herself..

I may or may not post more updates, as she may not share them. If she will share, I surely will write.. And of course, the case has been shared, after she and her brother agreed for it..

Also, just to tell, the medicines were given in pellets/pills, dry doses, and even when he was unconscious, the pills were put in his mouth, which he would consume in some time..

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