Mother and Daughter can’t stay in a Room

✦ I have been working with Varun since 2013, to help me and my daughter, and I’ve overcome many digestive, physical and mood issues. Through his guidance we have seen a steady rate of improvement in both of us. Before he began helping us, my daughter and I were completely off-balance. As an example, my husband would have to put us in separate rooms, when he got home from work because we had fed off of each other so badly. My daughter and I had numerous food sensitivities and many problems as a result, but with Varun’s help, we are able to tolerate so much more now. I suffered with eczema that progressively got worse over my entire life, but it has completely resolved itself. My daughter is able to tolerate more foods now, and overall our bodies are coming back into balance as we move forward.

Since we’ve had such amazing results working with Varun directly, I bought his book to learn more about his theory of layers. The book is well-written and I enjoyed reading and gaining insight about his background. Homeopathic remedies working in layers makes perfect sense to me, as I have seen it firsthand in my own daughter. As one layer was being worked upon, another would present itself, and Varun was knowledgeable each time and pointed us in the correct direction. Fortunately, I needed just one remedy for me, which I didn’t get from anyone else before I had sought help from! Because of the results I’ve seen, I recommend him to my family and friends who need to bring their bodies back into harmony, along with anyone reading this as well!

— Ashley Krout

[March 4, 2016]