Bach and Other Essence remedies

Some cases, some rare ones, can need Bach remedies and/or other Essence remedies as well, along with homeopathic remedies. If it’s the need of Bach remedies, then generally, we may need just its occasional doses; as what is being seen is that the set of 38 Bach remedies, which is being thought of to cover every situation, rather turns out to be a set of 38 palliative remedies then, if one or two among them are not really needed more, as a part of one’s major constitutional remedies itself, along with the homeopathic ones. Giving this in as simple words as possible, so that it brings a clear understanding.

We cannot expect any combination of just 38 remedies, as Bach remedies are, to cure every situation, or every ailment, but, when the situation is tough, in some cases, these can easily prove to be a saviour, to get one out of the tough situation at least, till with time, one finds his better remedies. If with time, one realizes that one or two of the Bach essences are needed as a part of his major constitutional layers, along with homeopathic remedies, then even that situation holds. Though, generally, with time, it gets clear that they were acting as a right palliative, and gave person a right time to move to his better remedies. So, their work in such tough situation, when their need is called for, shouldn’t be undermined.

Sometimes a case may need his other Essence remedies, other than the Bach ones, along with the homeopathic ones, and their need again is in rare cases. Generally, when any other Essence remedy proves right, it’s a part of one’s major constitutional layers itself, along with the homeopathic ones. Though still, their dosage may keep varying, in proportion to the homeopathic remedies, and it’s like their need as per one’s emotional ups and downs, and the doses to be taken, when needed, and not necessarily along with the dose of homeopathic remedies. It’s not something awkward, in case it feels so, and when a case needs it, their usage too gets clear properly..


Another very important thing that I want to discuss about the essence remedies in general, both Bach and other ones, is that when more than one essence is needed, then their need can also be in some ratio with respect to each other, and not necessarily in equal ratio or equal proportion for each. Generally, we see their usage in equal proportion, and when say two essences are needed, we generally put two drops of each, from the Stock bottles, in around 30 ml of water, in the Dosage bottle, and then use it. Though, at times we need the remedies in a ratio to each other, and it should be considered properly, when needed. Like we may need One drop to be put for one, from the Stock bottle, though Two of the other; or we may need to put three drops of one, and two of the other, and of course in any such similar fashion, even for more than two essences. So, if any such proportion of essences, or ratio is needed, in a rare case again, we should consider it with an open mind..

And as brought out in the above paragraph, we should use these essences by diluting them in the Dosage bottle, and not directly from Stock bottles, as if used erroneously from the Stock bottles, they certainly would give quite strong aggravations, so, it’s a must that we should use them rightly.


As one would know, that we have sources of description of Bach remedies and even of Other essences, both online and from books, but still apart from it, a general thing which is seen in the selection of essences, when needed, is that their mind symptoms correlate with their homeopathic description, though not fully, but the physical symptoms are not seen much. We thus, can take the help of homeopathic descriptions too, though still be careful, certainly because of its abstract nature. At times, it even can prove misleading, upon application, but still, it serves a good guide, and should be taken as right helping words, despite their abstract nature.

Essence remedies, both Bach and other ones, thus are an extended part of homeopathy itself, and if any case demands, we must have our hearts and minds open for it. A rare case may need just its essences, whether Bach and other ones, or any one among them, as one’s major constitutional layers, without the homeopathic remedies, and it would again get clear, when we on the first hand are open for a right use of essences..

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