Cease vs A gentle nudge

We all know how homeopathic medicines made from vaccines, i.e. vaccine nosodes, are used for vaccine clears in isopathic way; with a long list of vaccine nosodes, that too in ascending high potencies. This way or ‘protocol’ rather, is called ‘Cease’, and the ones juggling with autism, would know it already. It’s not the right way of course, as stated already, and doesn’t do any good, rather only harms. At times though, some palliations of course are seen, but things don’t go ahead of it. Similarly, any other clears done in the same way, gives the same results, and we must be aware of it. I even have explained its reasons and details, in the article, Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception.

An important thing however I want to discuss here is, that there are some cases, wherein we need to slightly shake up an energy, by a normal potency, 30C mostly, which had affected one earlier. It can be due to a vaccine, or some other issue that one faced in a particular time of one’s life, or even can be something that has been carried forward from previous generations. Like one vaccine troubling much more than the others, and it can be a good indication for it. Here thus, it’s not a list of many remedies, and neither in any high potency, more so, nor the energy of say every vaccine the kid was vaccinated with. Rather, a few or rare cases, and not all of course, sometimes need a shake-up in one energy, which in a way is acting as a roadblock, and is not letting the healing happen in the way it should, by one’s proper major constitutional remedies.

Here then, this particular energy which is acting as a roadblock, is visible in its symptoms and/or themes, and we then gently shake up this energy, by a normal potency, which is 30C mostly, or lower as per one’s age or need. We don’t even repeat it often, and mostly one dose in around a month, that too for max two-three times mostly, if needed. During this, we keep giving one’s major constitutional layers, in the way it’s needed, and slowly and gradually we see how that roadblock goes away, and takes the case or situation towards proper healing.

Initially for a week or even two, after giving the first dose of the energy, which is causing a roadblock, not much maybe seen with respect to changes or symptoms, but slowly we see a gradual improvement in the case. This gentle nudge thus, is the right way for any clear, if we’ve to call it a clear, and the selection of the remedy is also done when there are proper visible symptoms and/or themes for it, and not by giving a long list of homeopathic vaccine medicines. Or of course it can be the medicine for any other issue, which troubled the person in a particular difficult way, earlier in his life.

This is the right way for any clears, that too if we’ve to call it a clear, and it really should be made aware to all in general, so that they stop the abuse of a long list of remedies to their kids, that too in horrific high potencies..

To add one more thing, a few persons, in rare cases, may need somewhat more doses of this energy, or in more frequency, or in even more potency, and it then is again visible properly, in symptoms and/or themes of the energy.

Another thing to bring in notice is, that any such medicines or energy, which are needed in this way, even show aggravations, when given more than needed. This despite the fact that they are given in a normal potency, mostly 30C, that too in quite less doses. Even if the doses get more by just one dose, we can see strong aggravations, that too mostly in some or the other skin symptoms, and this certainly has a quite less chance to be seen by any other medicine! This is a sign to stop using them, for at least a good time, even if needed more later, and concentrate on one’s major constitutional remedies itself..

A very different way and world of clears thus, than the one which is generally propounded by unnecessary long list of remedies and nosodes, that too in ascending high potencies.

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