Cause of a Disease or Health Issue – Morbific Agent

What is the cause of a disease or health issue? Is it defined differently in homeopathy and allopathy? If so, then how?

We might have heard in homeopathy, that the cause of a disease is within, in derangement of vital force, and not outside? Does that mean the cause was within, or just our vital force deranged due to a cause (present) outside?

There is a lot of difference in the two things, as the way we’ll understand the cause, in the similar way or on the same lines we’ll look for a solution. So, let’s see first, what the cause of a disease or health issue is, and how that disease or health issue then can be cured via homeopathy..

(An excerpt..)

Something else that needs attention is the meaning of morbific agent. This is where we actually erred, as we didn’t understand the meaning of this term. I went through a few dictionaries, both on paper and internet, but couldn’t find the word morbific anywhere. I went through J T Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy to see what he writes about it. In the ninth lecture wherein he explains aphorisms 10 and 11, he has written, “morbific agents that Hahnemann refers to are simply the extremely fine forms of simple substance”. He also says just before describing a morbific agent, that the cause of a disease or any health issue is million times more subtle than the very finest form of animal or vegetable life, bacteria, for instance, and cannot be seen by the human eye, even by the employment of instruments of precision. These words certainly seem very good to read, but don’t solve any purpose. Further, I must categorically say, this definition given by Kent for a morbific agent is wrong, that too if we may actually take it as a definition, despite these words rather used before describing it. So, to be precise, in the first place, there is not even any definition given for morbific agent, and he has just beaten about bush while talking about it.

By morbific agent, Hahnemann actually refers to various stimuli that cause disease in us, be it stress, mental, physical or emotional, be it any attack of virus, a bacteria, etc, on our body, or for that matter even any other outside stimuli. It might seem the same as in any conventional system of medicine, say allopathy, and might even seem to equate homeopathy to allopathy, as this is precisely what we have been proudly denying since the very inception of homeopathy! It however in no way equates homeopathy to allopathy.

Why are we forgetting, that in homeopathic philosophy, it’s the dynamic influence of outside stimuli that’s the cause of a disease or health issue, and not the actual material or coarse stimuli itself. This has very much been clarified by the master in the very same aphorism, as it says, “When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life;…

Apart from not giving a proper definition of a morbific agent, nowhere did J T Kent mention the cause of a disease or health issue to be a morbific agent, or for that matter, dynamic influence of a morbific agent on vital force. Kent rather describes the cause of a disease to be a million times more subtle than the very finest form of animal or vegetable life, bacteria, for instance, which can’t be seen by the human eye. However, we can actually see at least some morbific agents, which of course are the causes of diseases or health issues. We very well can see, of course with a microscope, a bacteria, a virus etc, but cannot see their dynamic action that deteriorates our layers. We can very much understand various stresses and emotions, or at least try to, whether we actually go through them or not, but we cannot see their dynamic action that deteriorates the layers. We very well can see physical stresses, but again can never see their dynamic action that deteriorates our layers.

We have been waxing lyrical from always on how the cause of a disease in homeopathy actually comes from within us. Just believe and imagine that if there’s no role of an outside stimuli or for that matter a morbific agent, this would mean that with whatever deterioration of layers we are born with, there cannot be any deterioration further by any means, as there would be no influence on them of any outside stresses, stimuli, and conditions. Further, after administering the correct homeopathic medicines, as per the already deteriorated layers, we would never fall sick again. More so, for a particular disease or health issue, there would have no meaning of its peculiar ameliorations and aggravations by the outside stimuli, simply for not even responding to them. Even further, if we would leave any disease uncured at any time, it won’t get worsened in some years, as the layers won’t deteriorate any further.  Not to miss, if we were really immune to various outside stimuli, there would have been no mention of the things like Staphysagria might be required for mortification, Ignatia for bereavement, and so on!

So, when it comes to the conscious mind, in the proud and boast of the feeling of being a homeopath, and to separate ourselves from other systems of medicine, we fabricate, believe and propagate such statements, which never even were preached by Hahnemann. The incorrect explanations too followed for them always, like by J T Kent and others. Probably as this is passed to us right from the beginning, we don’t even realize that we are wrong on this front. Still however, the blame on our own shoulders is no less.

Homeopathy for sure is different from any other system of medicine, but we should present it in the right spirit, and not with incorrect statements. We rather should advise and propagate on the cause of a disease being the dynamic influence of outside stimuli, and how homeopathy dynamically removes its dynamic action in the cure process. The wrong propagations not only confuse someone alien to homeopathy, rather even creates the room for an air of extreme ego from various homeopaths themselves. It also is a big factor for wrong homeopathy.

How it’s the dynamic effect of a morbific agent, is again emphasized by Hahnemann in Aphorism 16 of the sixth edition of Organon. “Our vital force, as a spirit-like dynamise, cannot be attacked and affected by injurious influences on the healthy organism caused by the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life, otherwise than in a spirit-like (dynamic) way, and in like manner, all such morbid derangements (diseases) cannot be removed from it by the physician in any other way than by the spirit-like (dynamic, virtual) alterative powers of the serviceable medicines acting upon our spirit-like vital force, which perceives them through the medium of the sentient faculty of the nerves everywhere present in the organism, so that it is only by their dynamic action on the vital force that remedies are able to re-establish and do actually re-establish health and vital harmony, after the changes in the health of the patient cognisable by our senses (the totality of the symptoms) have revealed the disease to the carefully observing and investigating physician as fully as was requisite in order to enable him to cure it. Most severe disease may be produced by sufficient disturbance of the vital force through the imagination and also cured by the same means.”

It clearly states, that only the dynamic action of outside stimuli causes a disease. Moreover, he also defines morbific agent in this aphorism, though without mentioning the word itself. His words, ‘the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life”, giving their “injurious influences on the healthy organism’, quite clearly tell what he means. Further he says, the only way we can remove these influences on our vital force, is by the dynamic action of medicines. In the light of truth, it surely translates to the fact the only way we can remove these influences on our material energies, is by the dynamic action of medicines. This is what homeopathy is all about!

Three Successive ‘Standard’ Potencies

What is the logic of using three potencies of a particular medicine on a person?

Three successive potencies, the three successive ‘standard’ potencies!

We would have seen it done on ourselves, any family person, or a friend, or would have heard of it. Why three potencies?

Let’s ask some crude questions to ourselves, based on simple logic, that why three potencies, and see if we can arrive at any answer

  1. Do three successive ‘standard’ potencies act better? And give better solution of our health issues?
  2. If so, then how?
  3. Or is it that the homeopath is unaware of which potency to use?Using Successive 'Standard' Potencies
  4. Or is it just a tradition that got started, and we don’t even know who started it, who propagated it, on which logic, but we still follow it, without being aware whether it’s right or not!
  5. Have we seen this rule written by Hahnemann, or by any other homeopath as per some new findings anywhere?
  6. No… then why we follow it? And why it’s used really a lot, and rather so blindly?
  7. Imagine a small kid given 200, 1M, and 10M potencies of medicines as clears, which actually is being done in autism cases, or other tough cases, with the so-called vaccine clears or other clear remedies being given in such high potencies. Although, generally just one dose of each potency is given, even that is too much for a kid.
  8. Other than that it’s done in wrong use of Homeoprophylaxis in/as Homeopathic Vaccination. That is first a wrong concept of Homeopathic Vaccination, and then in addition an overload of another wrong concept of three successive potencies.
  9. Some don’t follow the rule of three successive potencies in C scale remedies, but get to it while using LM potencies?
  10. Why with LM potencies? Is it that a homeopath is unaware of which LM potency he should use to cure a person.
  11. The problem in LM scale is rather grave, and some homeopaths keep on increasing the potency of LMs blindly, like beginning with LM8 and going till LM 15, 20, 25, etc.
  12. Why this so crude or rough way of using LM potencies, which though may also appear calm and smooth, if one is not aware how deep acting and how high the power of LM potencies is.
  13. The problem or a bit of dilemma to use which potency should be at the most between two potencies, be it C scale or LM scale. And one can try both one by one, if any confusion to finalize on one potency. Or can begin with the best one that seems, with the backup of second one on the sidelines.
  14. That’s how it should go with potencies.
  15. Then from where came the concept of three successive standard potencies?

The problem or a bit of dilemma to use which potency should be at the most between two potencies, be it C scale or LM scale. And one can try both one by one, if any confusion to finalize on one potency. Or can begin with the best one that seems, with the backup of second one on the sidelines.

Homeopathy is a science as well as an art, let’s not make it a compilation of fictions and fantasies.


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Giving Medicines Together – The role of Capsicum Annuum

To cure a tough case by homeopathy, we need all the affected layers to work together, i.e. the medicines of all the affected layers together, and that’s when the case solves. Though, when we think on this, we feel that more remedies won’t act together, and that’s the information we read often too.


To this, first think of the same interferal energies already working in one, as they are the affected ones. These are the energies we are made of, and the affected ones, if interferal to each other, are already posing that scenario in our mind and body! So, they need the corresponding right working by remedies, together. It’s not a small point, if we think on it.

Second, the various energies are binded together by Capsicum Annuum energy, and this is a major thing then, which shows itself in general layers; though even this is not needed for major constitutional layers, and when more than one medicine is there at the constitutional level, they bind themselves together with each other naturally, means without the Capsicum Annuum energy. It may seem not to be true or palatable in initial reading, but once we deal with the things, and find deeply, we really would understand it.

We of course would love to work with major constitutional layers, whether one or more, and not let ourselves entangled with general layers, and thus avoid the inclusion of Capsicum Annuum too. Though, if the case is showing the need to bind medicines together, which isn’t happening otherwise, we then need the Capsicum Annuum energy. In this we also would get clear, that we haven’t yet got to the major constitutional layers, at least partly, and would finetune our findings. A lot of help would be offered thus, telling on the situation we are in, and we can use it in the way it seems best at that time.

For general layers, Capsicum Annuum too is needed, in a right needed potency, when we give unrelated layers, i.e. other than the complementary ones, together, but it’s not needed for major constitutional layers. That’s how the same state, as is disturbing the body, due to affected energies of course, is matched properly with the remedies.

Giving Complementary Remedies Together

Many of the issues in health need a simple administration of some of the common complementary remedies together.

Though, due to the prevailing way of giving either one medicine at one time, or combination ones without any proper laws, there doesn’t get due attention towards this very simple and easy way, as well as concept.

Where Arnica is used in say post-partum issues, if it’s deployed Natrum Mur-Arnica-Apis trio, as these are trio of complementary remedies, the recovery is much faster! Where it’s Rhus Tox or Bryonia given individually, if both are said to help together, the health gets back to normal quite early. Where it’s Pulsatilla given, and Silica thought as possible one later, the proper trio of Pulsatilla-Silica- Fluoricum Acidum works in the way it’s rather needed, then be the need is a common one or some dire need.

More examples too are there, though there generally one needs to be sure first, or get sure, if the respective complementary medicines are also one’s layers or not, as it’s not a fixed rule for all complementary layers of any medicine to be present in one for sure. It’s however the situation of their presence seen to a much greater extent for some of the oft used energies, and that too at both the Major Constitutional level, or at the level of general layers. For other energies, it’s by and large the selective presence of complementary medicines or layers.

It’s not that the simple relations like Natrum Mur-Arnica-Apis are just needed for general acute troubles, or are just found as one’s general layers, rather we can even find them behind quite tough troubles at the Constitutional level. Though, the negligence for using them together, rather not even one after the other, makes a person to suffer unnecessarily more and more. I’ve dealt with such cases too, where the problem would seem so tough, though the solution would be a simple one among these commonly used medicines, and would just need the services of a relation of complementary medicines together.

For some of these, the homeopathic books so far don’t really list them as complementary remedies, particularly the ones in a trio of complementary remedies. It’s rather some other words used for them, like rotating group of remedies, and other similar ones, though not as complementary remedies.

We need to get out of the burying thoughts of using just one remedy at a time, and equally of more medicines together by wrong principles, like in clear remedies, be it miasm clears, vaccine clears, or others. We need to understand how these energies are present in us, the ones we use as homeopathic remedies. Each individual has a unique set of energies given, some general layers, and above these general ones exist some quite less, one or more, Major Constitutional Layers. And it’s among these layers of one in totality, the respective medicines are needed, as per which ones need recovery! A simple concept, which needs proper attention and understanding.


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Star of Bethlehem, Chestnut Bud – Autism

The Bach Flower remedy Star of Bethlehem can be helpful in taking off the effect of Suppression of Energies caused by vaccines! Yes, it can be used for this purpose, and rather even for reversing the Suppressions caused by vaccines that are being carried in one from earlier generations, as suppressions in energies. This wonderful remedy then can help in tough cases, particularly the Autism Spectrum Disorder cases, including the related ones too of course, ADHD and others.

It’s the theme of shock factor of vaccines here, to one’s energies, that goes with the crux of this Bach remedy.

The situation to work though also demands another parameter to be correct, to work in the way it’s needed, and that parameter is simultaneous use of correct homeopathic medicines. You can say it’s a limiting factor for the Bach remedy, then in a way it of course is.

The method in general just demands a lesser use of this Bach medicine actually, in doses that are scheduled a few to some proper number of days apart, than daily. Initially though it can be given somewhat faster, but still not daily. So, for the Treatment Level dilution, or Dosage bottle, that is used in Bach Remedies, its doses, that too mostly just one to two drops for a dose, than more, are to be placed a few to some proper number of days apart, as per the case. Even the gap between doses may be increased, with subsequent doses. A careful application of this Bach medicine plus correct homeopathy can solve quite tough cases.

Actually, it’s not just limited to Autism and related cases, rather can even solve other tough cases, as suppression of energies caused by vaccines is in many, but of course the intensity is less in others, as compared to autism and related cases. So, the remedy helps in other tough cases too. And of course, it rather can be the need of any other Bach remedies for them, and not necessarily Star of Bethlehem.

Writing a bit more, Chestnut Bud (a Bach remedy again) is thought of generally, in autism and related cases, but it’s not that all cases need it, and we rather need to figure out which remedies, one or two generally (be they any), are needed for a case, by deeper analysis. That’s when it works, and its right application with right homeopathy, solves the case very nicely. Similar is the situation with other cases too, naturally.

Sometimes, with time, Bach remedies take one to the right needed other flower or gem essence remedies, and in such cases, mostly that essence then is needed instead of the Bach remedies. Here then, Bach remedies slowly take the case forward, along with their palliative healing, till better symptoms reveal the right needed other flower or gem essence remedies. And they then take the place of the till seeming right Bach remedies, again to be used along with right homeopathic medicines.

Instead of using clear remedies, whether as vaccine clears, miasm clears, or trying to clear detox pathways, heavy metals, yeast, or using any other form of clears, which actually are wrong, the use of right Bach Flower Remedies, or other right flower and gem essences, if and when needed, should come more into practice, gradually.

(Pls check this article too, on Bach and Other Essence remedies, for a better understanding..)

Get rid of Lyme or Borrelia burgdorferi

It’s a common knowledge all around that Lyme is incurable. Though, it actually is curable. Yes.. and just one remedy is needed to completely finish off Lyme in one, really, just one. It will go in, and kill Lyme, or the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. However, on another side, or note, that the remedy won’t heal the damage already done to one’s constitution, by Lyme. That’s the sad part of course, but it would get one rid of Lyme, and thus even those many issues and symptoms one is facing directly because of it.

Nowadays Lyme is even taken as a refuge to some other complaints or issues, if anyone can’t cure that particular problem. Like in autism cases, it’s a huge fashion statement by many to say that the kid also has Lyme. So, those cases won’t be cured by it, and certainly, but only the real cases of Lyme.


Whether the damage done by Lyme is less or more, and one is sure that he or she has Lyme, then one certainly can get rid of it by the remedy. Many of one’s abnormal complaints will go then, and only the damage already done to one’s constitution, whether less or more, would remain. One then can look for cure for the remaining ailments by any further needed medication.

Coming on to the remedy now, that is needed to cure or kill Lyme, then it’s Terebinthina Laricina (not Terebinthina Oleum), and it’s not even needed for a long time. Rather, in a very short time actually, around a month or less, one can get rid of Lyme! More so, we need a lesser potency of this medicine, than anything big or tedious with it. A lesser potency of the medicine, to be taken in the needed frequency, for a few days. One can read on the way and how to go about the frequency of repetitions, from my book, Material Energies (Kindle book too available, and section 6.11 writes on the way of taking it. It’s very simple and easy, and the explanations on why this remedy, and what it can do, would not leave any confusion in one’s mind.. Had the explanations been easy to put here, I would have done that too. Though, it’s not, and one would have to read it from the book itself, for proper understanding..

Still, to share a little here, so that one realizes a bit more, then Lyme is a Resider energy, and it thus can’t be tackled by one’s constitutional medicine.. It needs a Permeable energy, the one which is specifically the one to counter it, and only it then can kill or finish Lyme inside.. Thereafter, one can get to one’s constitutional remedy, for any remaining ailments..

One certainly can even contact me, for guidance for the right doses..

Homeopathic Vaccination – A False Concept

Homeoprophylaxis is the administration of a suitable homeopathic remedy, in the face of some imminent danger of a disease, to create right forces in the body at that time, that can help the disease to stay away.

It seems great then to take it to Homeopathic Vaccination too. And there one goes wrong!

Reason being, any medicine which is not needed, which can’t cure our energies or layers, is soon taken out of body, but with the work done by our energies or layers, i.e. our constitutional layers. So, we use our energies or layers to put off that not needed medicine. In wrong prescriptions too, this is what our body does again and again! Though, in both cases, the medicines create both its action and reaction forces, which thus can cause some troubles too, and this again is seen with them.

The troubles are more when medicine is used for long time, or in high potencies. Or some Palliations are seen, particularly with a wrong medicine at lower potencies, but again at the expense of our body doing work to put off the medicine, than getting cured.

So, if we are putting any remedy in our body, thinking that it will stay in our body for always, or its possible memory, to ward off a particular disease homeoprophylactically, for always, we certainly are wrong there.

Either then we’ll take it again and again, and cause our energies to deteriorate more and more, as they’ll push it out again and again. Or we’ll take it in higher potencies too, in the name of homeopathic vaccines. Generally three or four potencies are used for each medicine, from lower to quite higher ones, like from 30C to 10M. In all the potencies, we are doing undue damage to our energies, i.e. we are making ourselves bad, particularly of course with medicines at higher potencies.

It’s very sad actually, that today many homeopaths are propagating the use of homeopathic vaccines! The same stupidity we did with allopathy, is now running in homeopathy. And in the same way, the unaware parents, unaware of the actual principles, are taken away by a homeopath’s cajoling. The way the situation and principles of homeoprophylaxis are presented unto them, looks them too good and true.

Even if anyone feels the method as wrong, they generally decide to go through it, thinking homeopathy being safe, and doing no harm. They thus shell off some money, for keeping their kids good, as per their thoughts of course. No one however realizes that they damaged their kid, to some or the other extent, which will trouble him sooner or later.

What else would you expect from a really long list of medicines, delivered in three or four potencies, from lower to higher ones! Thus, the way the parents were unaware earlier, with conventional vaccines, the same story repeats.

It would take some time before parents get properly aware of the wrong use of so-called homeopathic vaccines, though by then, many kids would have been gone through the damage.

The way to avoid vaccines is no vaccines, and not another sophistication of homeopathic vaccines.

Letting our mind influenced by a name, Isaac Golden, who did something in Homeoprophylaxis (like someone did in Cease), and thus taking it to Homeopathic Vaccination, is one of the wrongs many can easily do. That too, despite the factor that it’s again the promotion of fear of disease, and then a false way of prevention from it as usual, but this time by using homeopathic medicines!

Homeoprophylaxis is for using at times, when we feel some imminent danger of a disease, to possibly ward it off. This at times, can’t be made permanent, in something like homeopathic vaccines. So, the best seeming prophylactic medicines should always be used at times, and never taken to the extreme ways as homeopathic vaccines.

The understanding of forces created by any medicine, and how it helps in cure, or homeoprophylaxis, or even palliation, helps to understand this in the best manner.


It’s the action force in homeoprophylaxis, as in the diagram above, that helps to possibly ward off the disease, and not the reaction force, which actually cures a deteriorated energy, and thus the issue or disease.

In Palliation, when any medicine is not right, and does some palliations, it’s somewhat matching force, i.e. to some extent, which thus helps somewhat in reaction force. Though, as it’s not a right medicine, and not the exact force needed, cure isn’t established, but just some palliation. This is what also happens in smaller issues many a times, like in normal cough and cold, wherein any medicine, whether given by a homeopath or taken by ourselves, gives relief in a while. It may not be the exact medicine needed, but smaller ailments get good soon, and thus by palliation, which even otherwise had to settle soon. The problem however is faced in bigger issues.

For Homeopathic Vaccinations again, then apart from a wrong medicine unduly deteriorating our energies, which of course is more by high potencies, the other issue is of Suppression of Energies, which is primarily even caused by conventional vaccines. The same here thus is done by the so-called homeopathic vaccines, or simply the wrong medicines, and this again of course is more by high potencies. The need thus is to stop this menace now itself, before it creates the same big havoc, on a larger scale, as has already been done by conventional vaccines.

The parents must be aware, before this extension of Homeoprophylaxis as Homeopathic Vaccines, by twisting the data of Homeoprophylaxis, becomes as dangerous as vaccines are today.

Try to understand where you are misled, in extensive details provided, when Homeoprophylaxis is misused and projected as a way to take it to Homeopathic Vaccines.


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What I didn’t want…

Once in my Management College, during the lecture of a human resource related subject, a teacher began her very first session of the semester, on a little different note.

She asked each student on their aims, to land up in which dream sector, and prefer what kind of job.

The students began unfolding their imaginations, opinions, even confusions if any, and the teacher guided them as per their concerns. She helped wherever needed, as per an individual’s worries, and gave directions to pinpoint their efforts, including the right needed advices.

As students answered one by one, and my turn came, I said,

I don’t know what kind of job or in which sector I should or need to go, but know about which sector I shouldn’t go for.

The teacher nods, and asks to share them. I began and in two-three minutes covered almost every sector, where I felt not interested in. All this said in a lost state, of real confusion, and in a very hopeless state I was in at that time, though without revealing it, than in any ego. I was still looking to save my life, and neither really felt an appeal for any sector in management jobs.

As I finished, the teacher had a small mocking laugh, and said,

Beta to fir bacha kya?
Kid (son), then which sector or what is left?

The class too laughed, apart from the smile they were getting while I replied. And I certainly felt low, rather further low, over and above what I already was in. I kind of knew too, that what I’m replying might not go right, but still hoped, if I may somehow get a guidance towards something that I really want.

Neither I felt to say or express false things, that I am say looking for banking sector, or any similar answer, just to give an answer.


What I would ponder within myself many a time, that what kind of work I would like to do in my future, what I would really like, what I really want… and for what I would get almost no answer.

Rather I would get a no for almost all visible jobs and sectors. And I was clear for what I didn’t want, even if not clear of what I want.

What I didn’t want…

Management passed, and I slowly got to find the way to save my life. The truth of homeopathy got revealed! I went to write it, passing through all difficulties, and turned to (became) a homeopath. Even realized on the path, that how this is what I really wanted. And now helping others and curing cases seems so nice.

Got no and fears from everyone, while on the path, but somehow held on the path, believing in Him, to show me the way, always, despite doubts every now and then. Faced no and fears from clients too, initially quite strong, and then it showed a downturn.

Even if we are clear on what we don’t want, and in a very firm way, despite uncertainties, God has ways to give us what we want. I learned this from it. A big thank you to him, for being with me always, through the thick and thin.


A Business of Palliation and/or Suppression

We in general always feel, that the homeopath or the person in charge of a particular method being used on us, for any of our ailments, does it with the positive intent of healing! Of course, we all take care to choose the right method, the right homeopath, and take the person to be good and trustworthy, having a positive intent of healing.

Is it however always so?

This question gains much more importance in difficult cases, like that of autism. Rather even in general cases, we can very well see, how mostly what is running around us, is a business of palliation and suppression, whether by a homeopath, or by any of the pathies. Why won’t it be to its utmost height in difficult cases, then be those any?

Unconditional Trust

Certainly, the ones genuinely trying to find right remedies and ways exist, though with most of the methods, as well as homeopaths, the respective person very well knows what he or she is doing, a business of palliation cum suppression. It’s not that the intent is healing, to find right remedies, and ways, but not able to, rather mostly the intent very well is palliation cum suppression, very much knowingly.


Let us discuss a method, and try to see where would it fall, a method that was brought to my notice, Respen-A. It’s related to autism, though it gives a very good insight into the kind of things going in homeopathy, for difficult cases.

The method involves the use of one same or fixed medicine, an alkaloid of Rauwolfia Serpentina, given to all kids, in 4x and 12C potency, applied topically. “Reserpine” or “Reserpinum”, the name of that medicine, which is simply applied topically for the exchange of huge sum of money. The medicine Reserpinum otherwise available in pharmacies at a very nominal cost (like here and here), and the needed dosage, if the medicine really needed, can be varied!

All the kids would be given the same medicine, an alkaloid of Rauwolfia Serpentina, having properties close to that of Rauwolfia Serpentina, though in a little different way. So, using it in low potency, as a palliative, or like an allopathic drug, to lower the agitated states.

Many use the plant, Rauwolfia Serpentina itself, in the crude form in India, as a palliative, for high blood pressure. It’s sold in market, by its nick name. The same thus intended upon with the usage of Reserpinum, for the kids having autism.

Search in google, which plant it is, Rauwolfia Serpentina, and also search by the keywords “Rauwolfia Serpentina Homeopathy”. You’ll see where it can be used, in the links coming up.

Search in the pdf of Respen-A (by find feature), describing what it is, and the word Rauwolfia appears twice.

I feel, the word is very carefully and cleverly used just twice, in the way that it doesn’t get noticed. Even the full name is not mentioned, with Serpentina, which can make one search more, and know on it. Neither what Reserpinum is, appears clearly, as an alkaloid of Rauwolfia Serpentina, to know what it really is. The ones who aren’t aware of homeopathy, especially parents, thus won’t get to know on it!

One or two odd cases from hundreds, seeing a good amount of recovery, would always show up, like it also happens with CD, Chelation, and other methods. Especially, the kids having speech already, and showing mostly agitated states, might see more benefits, that too of course not in all, and if the improvements happen in one. If it doesn’t turn the kid into a close to recovered case, it may diminish some behaviour issues.

Would that really be good, or a palliation cum suppression?

The symptoms which can help a good homeopath, to find the right medicines, thus would be subsided, that too if they happen to be so. One or two cases showing close to good recovery, and the rest big number being put on palliation cum suppression, that too knowingly, which may or may not show any good “results”.

Homeopathy, as many would know, is right when right medicines are found as per an individual, what he or she really needs. And not a “protocol”, to give Reserpinum to all, in the name of autism, just a bit differently. Not to mention the huge exchange of money.

When the business of palliations and suppressions is mostly around, even in smaller ailments, and proper curative cases really being very less, how less they would be in difficult issues, autism, asperger’s, and other such problems, with a vast chunk trying to work with palliation and suppression!

It must be thought on quite deeply.


For autism again, isn’t Cease another way of palliation cum suppression, that too if it happens by some amount in a case? A “protocol” in which vaccine clears are done, isopathically, by potentized vaccines. And of course many other homeopaths, giving just palliative and suppressive medicines, very much knowingly, and rather even unknowingly.

Apart from the selection of general palliative medicines, which is done regularly, the other widespread way for it is in the name of Vaccine clears, Miasm clears, Sequential Timeline, Detox, Drainage, and many other allied or more names and pleas. Not to mention the adverse reactions, as normal palliations cum suppressions aren’t seen in all.

When palliations and suppressions seen, then Atec scores, percentage of improvements, improvements in some areas, etc, certainly are there to be cited as “success results”!

And these then can be cited to appear as great success results in many ways, in testimonials, videos, blog write-ups, articles, newsletters, etc, than present the real or exact story. Parents too very easily get lured in them, as the right ways to catch attention are very effectively used. Neither the parents understand homeopathy really, and thus can’t make out the difference between good and bad, or right or wrong. In addition people also in general prefer quick palliations and suppressions, as those are fast results, be it by some percentage in most of them.

A case is cured or recovered when the kid is at par with normal kids, not when a homeopath declares it this much percentage cured or better! A palliation achieved, atec scores somewhat better, and the case done with, practically in the mind of the homeopath, as certainly it won’t go towards cure. Even if one feels it’s at least better than the original state, giving a possible hope in mind, it of course isn’t cure..

The situation may seem grim, and even an acknowledgement and acceptance of it might bring a bad taste in mouth. Though, considering all these tough situations and states, a very vigilant as well as actively involved mind is certainly needed. We can draw a very important lesson, and understanding, even from our school times, which though we don’t try to apply as much needed, and neither in all spheres, as we grow up. The homeopaths too, in the making, go through the same states, which any other individual might go through, while in school, college, etc. Not all would study properly, or care to understand homeopathy properly, and mostly all would study just before exams! Then comes the tough world, after getting the degree, where a good clinic, a respectful practice, and all the social aspects and pressures come.

How many would come bright through all this, in real terms? Means, how many would really be curing the cases? How many would be good in good palliations and suppressions? How many would give bad reactions, which get noticed more in such difficult cases? And not to miss, how many would have a mindset of a thief or a criminal, unfortunately, the other part in our society!

Years (time factor), and Fixes

Why many a times parents feel that if “a bit” of “results” are given by a homeopath, in autism cases, be in years, and then next “a bit” by another, is something good. Doesn’t it seem quite obvious then, that actually the right medicines couldn’t be found?

Five to ten years given, in changing homeopaths, or even methods i.e. including even others than that of homeopathy, and something or just a little being achieved. Which means autism still being there, or maybe the diagnosis got changed to ADD and others for the lucky ones.

Doesn’t it make an obvious sense then, that what was done by the remedies, or methods, was just some palliations, or very possibly even suppressions?

Of course, not to forget, that the wrong reactions would have got many a times, as this simple scenario of just palliations, or a bit of results, gets in with a very few!

It’s therefore very important that parents come out of the mindset of a bit of things done to be called as “results”. This understanding will help them to find right needed homeopaths and therapies.

There is no point in calling fixes by palliations and suppressions, as results. The fixes are produced by fixing the child. A crude sentence, but if it helps in the understanding.

We must try to keep ourselves as aware as possible, so that somehow we find the right needed homeopaths and therapies.

Like if parents learn and understand more, a vast majority of the ones going for CD, Chelation, and even other Detox methods, both by homeopathy and others, would fall down drastically. Anyone would know, how really a big number is after such methods.

Videos and/or Testimonials shared by their practitioners, that they produced so and so “fixes”, by calling them as “results”, and parents too happily calling them as “results” or “improvements”, even if produced by fixing their own kid, leads to a big cult following.

One or two odd cases seeing better results further add to the cult, even if in others it produces either just a bit of palliations, or rather even drastic reactions, which largely go unreported. Neither if any parent cries his or her heart out against such methods gets heard, and the ones going for them still want a tryout. Nor they listen to others guarding against such methods.

A very sad situation thus, which seeks a very right change..