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I came with my book, my very first book, in 2010, expecting a great response, as if a blast would happen, and my book would be a super hit very soon. Though I didn’t know that it had so many language errors, and was also coming with somewhat a poor sense of book writing. Despite good ideas thus, the book didn’t gather much response, and even the ones who bought it, felt a sad taste in mouth, due to so many issues in language specifically.

I put below some parts of my post, from Blogger, the one I wrote on book’s release, on July 11, 2010, along with requisite edits.

I’ve found a grand new theory on homeopathy, that gives the true base of homeopathy itself, which despite the development of homeopathy, has still been an unsolved and mysterious matter. I also have discovered many new things in homeopathy, and they are part and parcel of this grand new theory, and without saying, are in the book too.

The book answers all the unanswered and unexplained things in homeopathy, whether how a homeopathic medicine acts, or any other ones. Just to tell again, it is much much more than that. As I said, it answers all the unanswered and unexplained things about homeopathy, for which we have had only question marks till now.

Not only this, but any of the existing concepts of homeopathy, which make way for confrontation, are also explained in true respect in the book. There will remain no room for any confrontation in any of the concepts of homeopathy from now on, as everything is sorted out and explained by this grand theory. All the wrong facts have been rejected by proving them wrong, and all the right ones have been retained. Not only this, but also any fight between classical and modern homeopathy will not exist from now on. More so, the theory is not just a theory, rather it’s a proven fact, proven in the book itself.

I’m not a homeopath by what we call by getting a degree, but I’ve discovered this theory in the process of saving my own life. I knew that only homeopathy is the science that could save me, and thus, when even my homeopathic doctors could not do anything for me, then as a last ray of hope, I took my case in my own hands. And by God’s grace I saved myself, and what required saving me was this grand new theory, and very many other concepts that are its parts.

It is also a well-known fact that many amongst us want to and try to understand homeopathy, but not everyone succeeds in doing so, as one may find it difficult to fathom the deep secrets of homeopathy for various reasons. One of the prime reasons for it is that initially we fail to generate interest in homeopathy, and if we generate, then we fail to sustain it, as many of the things are still unexplained, thus making it very difficult to give us the right direction, wherein we can move in our explores.

One very important thing that I want to share with you all, and especially with the homeopaths, is that the things in my book are way ahead of the current theories and practices in homeopathy, and thus it may become difficult at times to digest what all is written. But I’m not at all worried for it, as any big truth that comes out, experiences the same initially, as that of the revelation that Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa. And we all know that even our Master Samuel Hahnemann himself had to face a lot of opposition initially, so I’m not worried at all in this regard. (Actually I was too much worried!) More so, the earlier age when such truths were discovered, was different, as the information could not spread fast, but now as whole world is one global village, I know that many positive voices from various places, and certainly not only from the people of homeopathic background, is going to make the things align in favour of this theory and its related discoveries, very easily.

Something to tell about me, I’m 29, date of birth being 27th September, 1980. I’ve done high school in Science as major, and then Mechanical Engineering as major in bachelor’s degree, so I’m very much aware of the scientific aspects that I’ve discussed in my book. After bachelor’s I moved in management studies with Marketing as major in masters. And as I’ve already said, I’ve discovered this new theory while saving my own life.

At a very young age I got engulfed with major things in my life, discussed all in my book, and being young I really didn’t want to die, and also for other reasons written in the book. So, those things somehow made all this possible. I was interested in homeopathy right from my childhood, and started reading various books on homeopathy at a very early age, though never took it seriously for major studies or career. Who however knew at that time that I was to discover a big theory at such a young age. Lot of formative phase in homeopathy got built up in me right then, as many questions would arise in my mind, and I would keep on thinking about its answers many a time. So, homeopathy was really destined to happen to me, that too in a big way.

I could have waited for my death to come to me in some months, like many others do when even doctors say them no, but I wanted to live, and thus chose to give it a shot at least!!! Though I never knew where will it lead me, and I’m really lucky that by his grace I’ve found such a big Truth. I also knew when I began writing my book, that I may face difficulties in getting it published, as I don’t have a degree of homeopathy with me, but I kept on going, as I’ve always believed in myself, and more so in God, that he’ll show me the right way.

Samuel Hahnemann was not a homeopath before he discovered Homeopathy???!!! Who knew Albert Einstein, who clashed with his college authorities, for their teaching methods, will discover the biggest truth relating to Relativity in Time too??? Who knew Leonardo Da Vinci will make a working sketch of a helicopter 400 years before making of the first plane??? Who knew Thomas Alva Edison, who only had three months of formal education in his early life, will finally succeed in making the first practical electric bulb, even after failing so many times, and will become one of the greatest inventors of all times, with so many other inventions to his name??? Who could digest, when at the ripe age of ten years he set up his own laboratory in the basement of his home??? Who knew a big thing will happen to me too!!

World has always changed when people have dared to think differently. If Walt Disney believed in himself, and his vision, we have Mickey Mouse today. If Thomas Alva Edison believed that he could discover the first practical electric bulb, we have light today in our rooms, and much more that has followed after that. If he could make first electric car, and also encourage his friend Henry Ford in car manufacturing business, we could have first cars ever. So, I really hope that you won’t think low of my book in any way, for just the reason me not having something called a homeopathic degree.

Samuel Hahnemann made a beginning, and what I’ve written now is the grand theory, rather the self-explaining Truth, to mark Homeopathy on the face of the world, in true scientific aspects, and as the true scientific pathy!!! What I’ve in my book is the world changing Truth, a Truth that will shake the whole world. What I have in my hands is the moment of history.

Any of the comments or feedback from the readers is most welcome.

I also have posted it on some of the forums of homeopathy, you can see it/the discussions there too. The links in the forums are:


Your participation is needed, which lacked actually many a times… The work/book already has a very good recent edition… Hope you’ll give it due importance…

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