Cause of a Disease or Health Issue – Morbific Agent

What is the cause of a disease or health issue? Is it defined differently in homeopathy and allopathy? If so, then how?

We might have heard in homeopathy, that the cause of a disease is within, in derangement of vital force, and not outside? Does that mean the cause was within, or just our vital force deranged due to a cause (present) outside?

There is a lot of difference in the two things, as the way we’ll understand the cause, in the similar way or on the same lines we’ll look for a solution. So, let’s see first, what the cause of a disease or health issue is, and how that disease or health issue then can be cured via homeopathy..

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Something else that needs attention is the meaning of morbific agent. This is where we actually erred, as we didn’t understand the meaning of this term. I went through a few dictionaries, both on paper and internet, but couldn’t find the word morbific anywhere. I went through J T Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy to see what he writes about it. In the ninth lecture wherein he explains aphorisms 10 and 11, he has written, “morbific agents that Hahnemann refers to are simply the extremely fine forms of simple substance”. He also says just before describing a morbific agent, that the cause of a disease or any health issue is million times more subtle than the very finest form of animal or vegetable life, bacteria, for instance, and cannot be seen by the human eye, even by the employment of instruments of precision. These words certainly seem very good to read, but don’t solve any purpose. Further, I must categorically say, this definition given by Kent for a morbific agent is wrong, that too if we may actually take it as a definition, despite these words rather used before describing it. So, to be precise, in the first place, there is not even any definition given for morbific agent, and he has just beaten about bush while talking about it.

By morbific agent, Hahnemann actually refers to various stimuli that cause disease in us, be it stress, mental, physical or emotional, be it any attack of virus, a bacteria, etc, on our body, or for that matter even any other outside stimuli. It might seem the same as in any conventional system of medicine, say allopathy, and might even seem to equate homeopathy to allopathy, as this is precisely what we have been proudly denying since the very inception of homeopathy! It however in no way equates homeopathy to allopathy.

Why are we forgetting, that in homeopathic philosophy, it’s the dynamic influence of outside stimuli that’s the cause of a disease or health issue, and not the actual material or coarse stimuli itself. This has very much been clarified by the master in the very same aphorism, as it says, “When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self-acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life;…

Apart from not giving a proper definition of a morbific agent, nowhere did J T Kent mention the cause of a disease or health issue to be a morbific agent, or for that matter, dynamic influence of a morbific agent on vital force. Kent rather describes the cause of a disease to be a million times more subtle than the very finest form of animal or vegetable life, bacteria, for instance, which can’t be seen by the human eye. However, we can actually see at least some morbific agents, which of course are the causes of diseases or health issues. We very well can see, of course with a microscope, a bacteria, a virus etc, but cannot see their dynamic action that deteriorates our layers. We can very much understand various stresses and emotions, or at least try to, whether we actually go through them or not, but we cannot see their dynamic action that deteriorates the layers. We very well can see physical stresses, but again can never see their dynamic action that deteriorates our layers.

We have been waxing lyrical from always on how the cause of a disease in homeopathy actually comes from within us. Just believe and imagine that if there’s no role of an outside stimuli or for that matter a morbific agent, this would mean that with whatever deterioration of layers we are born with, there cannot be any deterioration further by any means, as there would be no influence on them of any outside stresses, stimuli, and conditions. Further, after administering the correct homeopathic medicines, as per the already deteriorated layers, we would never fall sick again. More so, for a particular disease or health issue, there would have no meaning of its peculiar ameliorations and aggravations by the outside stimuli, simply for not even responding to them. Even further, if we would leave any disease uncured at any time, it won’t get worsened in some years, as the layers won’t deteriorate any further.  Not to miss, if we were really immune to various outside stimuli, there would have been no mention of the things like Staphysagria might be required for mortification, Ignatia for bereavement, and so on!

So, when it comes to the conscious mind, in the proud and boast of the feeling of being a homeopath, and to separate ourselves from other systems of medicine, we fabricate, believe and propagate such statements, which never even were preached by Hahnemann. The incorrect explanations too followed for them always, like by J T Kent and others. Probably as this is passed to us right from the beginning, we don’t even realize that we are wrong on this front. Still however, the blame on our own shoulders is no less.

Homeopathy for sure is different from any other system of medicine, but we should present it in the right spirit, and not with incorrect statements. We rather should advise and propagate on the cause of a disease being the dynamic influence of outside stimuli, and how homeopathy dynamically removes its dynamic action in the cure process. The wrong propagations not only confuse someone alien to homeopathy, rather even creates the room for an air of extreme ego from various homeopaths themselves. It also is a big factor for wrong homeopathy.

How it’s the dynamic effect of a morbific agent, is again emphasized by Hahnemann in Aphorism 16 of the sixth edition of Organon. “Our vital force, as a spirit-like dynamise, cannot be attacked and affected by injurious influences on the healthy organism caused by the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life, otherwise than in a spirit-like (dynamic) way, and in like manner, all such morbid derangements (diseases) cannot be removed from it by the physician in any other way than by the spirit-like (dynamic, virtual) alterative powers of the serviceable medicines acting upon our spirit-like vital force, which perceives them through the medium of the sentient faculty of the nerves everywhere present in the organism, so that it is only by their dynamic action on the vital force that remedies are able to re-establish and do actually re-establish health and vital harmony, after the changes in the health of the patient cognisable by our senses (the totality of the symptoms) have revealed the disease to the carefully observing and investigating physician as fully as was requisite in order to enable him to cure it. Most severe disease may be produced by sufficient disturbance of the vital force through the imagination and also cured by the same means.”

It clearly states, that only the dynamic action of outside stimuli causes a disease. Moreover, he also defines morbific agent in this aphorism, though without mentioning the word itself. His words, ‘the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life”, giving their “injurious influences on the healthy organism’, quite clearly tell what he means. Further he says, the only way we can remove these influences on our vital force, is by the dynamic action of medicines. In the light of truth, it surely translates to the fact the only way we can remove these influences on our material energies, is by the dynamic action of medicines. This is what homeopathy is all about!

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