A Business of Palliation and/or Suppression

We in general always feel, that the homeopath or the person in charge of a particular method being used on us, for any of our ailments, does it with the positive intent of healing! Of course, we all take care to choose the right method, the right homeopath, and take the person to be goodContinue reading “A Business of Palliation and/or Suppression”

Years (time factor), and Fixes

Why many a times parents feel that if “a bit” of “results” are given by a homeopath, in autism cases, be in years, and then next “a bit” by another, is something good. Doesn’t it seem quite obvious then, that actually the right medicines couldn’t be found? Five to ten years given, in changing homeopaths,Continue reading “Years (time factor), and Fixes”

Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception

What is a constitutional medicine? When the so-called constitutional medicine doesn’t provide cure, why do homeopaths start looking for other medicines for clears, or to carry out a detox? These days, the medicines used for such clears or detoxes could be: 1. A Single or Mixed, generally Low Potency Medicines, to open the so-called BlockedContinue reading “Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception”

Chelation Can’t Cure

Chelation can’t cure, though may provide a bit of results, but with side-effects. Prolonged use, as metals keep coming out “endlessly”, for yet unknown, but surely some reasons of its side effects itself, is thus very harmful. A lot therefore is compromised in the health aspects of such kids. But in the first place whyContinue reading “Chelation Can’t Cure”