Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception

What is a constitutional medicine? When the so-called constitutional medicine doesn’t provide cure, why do homeopaths start looking for other medicines for clears, or to carry out a detox? These days, the medicines used for such clears or detoxes could be: 1. A Single or Mixed, generally Low Potency Medicines, to open the so-called BlockedContinue reading “Constitutional and Clears – Misnomer and Deception”

Chelation Can’t Cure

Chelation can’t cure, though may provide a bit of results, but with side-effects. Prolonged use, as metals keep coming out “endlessly”, for yet unknown, but surely some reasons of its side effects itself, is thus very harmful. A lot therefore is compromised in the health aspects of such kids. But in the first place whyContinue reading “Chelation Can’t Cure”