About my book

I’m putting here some very important things, about my book, so that it gets understood in a better way, and is easier to read.. Initial things may seem a bit difficult, but whenever it feels so, one can refer to these points, to make things easier..

It’s actually a guideline too, to read the book, and would prove quite helpful..

  1. First try to calmly understand the scientific foundation of homeopathy, with proper Energy and Force analysis.. And the scientific foundation of homeopathy gets completed in Section 2.1.15, with the concept of Dark Energy and Homeopathy..
  2. Try to understand a very simple thing how complementary medicines can be given “Together”, that too after getting sure of both, one by one, by giving one medicine at a time.. And this of course would happen, when a case demands both, that too at proper Constitutional level, Section
  3. Pls don’t miss Section 2.1.6, in any hurry, and also try to understand the concept of Supporting Layers, a very important concept, which needs to be understood with an open mind, Section 2.1.11.. Try to understand the given pairs or relations, and One would see its application in their cases too.. So, just try to grasp it, even if initially with question marks in mind..
  4. Constitutional Medicine in most of the cases is just One, but be open to more too, in some rare cases, that too whether they are complementary to each other or not (important)! That’s why the term, Major Constitutional Layers, Section 2.1.20..
  5. A must read for the Third Chapter, even if it appears a little difficult in maybe one or two of its sections..
  6. Fourth chapter can be missed initially, still, it’s important to read its initial part, to dispel a very wrong way, in which even homeopaths understand homeopathy..
  7. A simple way to understand Miasms, in Chapter 5, instead of looking at them with awe and utter enormity..
  8. The most difficult chapter, Chapter 6, wherein a separate nature of energies, termed as Resider energies later, is explained.. And how the first energy that got figured in it is Psorinum, and second one, the one of Lyme.. See for the ways too, to counter them..
  9. The comparison between C and LM scale, in Chapter 2 itself, in Section, and a proper understanding of the cases of Autism, in the 6th Chapter, in Section 6.5..

    There certainly are more things too, and one would get to them automatically, on proper read..

    (And also sharing, that I’ve gone overboard on three occasions, very small ones, and they’re in Section 3.13 – Carbo Animalis and …, Section – Agaricus relation, and very possibly also in Section in Eucalyptus pair.. Going overboard while handling such a big thing, is normal, and all homeopaths have done it, be it Hahnemann, or others.. Though, it’s good to admit, which I’m doing properly here.. It may still take some years at least, for the next edition of the book, so till then, it’s good to admit it properly.. I also feel that the ones who would be reading the book quite thoroughly, they may even have picked these mistakes..)

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