Supporting Layers

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The tale is such that certain layers never deteriorate beyond a particular level, subject to the condition that they are present along with some other specific layer in that individual. I am calling such layers as Supporting layers, and the specific layer in the presence of which a supporting layer cannot deteriorate beyond a particular level as, a Main layer.

¶[Conditional Definitions]

The name Supporting layer also suggests that a supporting layer can only be present in an individual if there is a Main layer in the first place. Yet, this is totally untrue. A so-called supporting layer can also be present in an individual without the presence of a so-called main layer. This is because the definition or the name supporting and/or main, holds true when both of them are present together in a particular positioning! Therefore, if a so-called supporting layer is present without the presence of a so-called main layer, the so-called supporting layer becomes just like any other layer in that individual.

This means a supporting layer in a certain positioning, behaves as a usual or just another layer in some other positioning, without the presence of its main layer. Also note that a so-called main layer too can exist in an individual without the presence of a so-called supporting layer, and it’s not mandatory that its so-called supporting layer will be present in all the positionings.

My findings till now have come across a good number of remedies in the category of supporting layers, and there will be many more too. Certainly, I’ll tell about their main layers too. When you’ll learn on such pairs, and have a look in various Materia Medicae, on the why factor, you yourself will understand that why there exist many more.

As this finding is applied more, we’ll come across many new remedies in this category. The only thing needed is a little care to see if a particular medicine can be in the category of a supporting medicine. Certainly the identification of the main layer, for the supporting layer, also needs to be done. It can be a bit tricky too in some cases, which we’ll understand in the coming sections. For tougher ones, it’s then hard-work and proper help of cosmos, which helps in getting to them.

¶[Lachesis Pair]

The medicine to christen the discovery of a supporting layer was Crotalus Cascavella. William Boericke in his Materia Medica, writes under Lachesis, “Crotalus Cascavella often completes the curative work of Lachesis.” Almost similar sentences are provided in other Materia Medicae as well. Though the words say that Crotalus Cascavella often completes the curative work of Lachesis, they do not say that it’s not required beyond a particular potency along with Lachesis, or is required in a lesser potency with it.

In beginning I too was not expecting this medicine to show such behaviour of not being required beyond a particular potency when both Lachesis and Crotalus Cascavella are present. The case was not that this layer was not deteriorated beyond that particular level, rather that it can never be deteriorated to the same level of other layers, in the presence of its main layer, which of course is Lachesis. The different behaviour and action of Crotalus Cascavella was quite noticeable.

On potency relationship aspects, when Lachesis layer is at the level 200C, and there also is Crotalus Cascavella layer in that individual, it then is required in 6C. In cases where Lachesis is at 1M, Crotalus Cascavella would be at 30C, and when Lachesis is at 10M and CM, Crotalus Cascavella is at 200C and 1M respectively. Using a similar extrapolation, if Lachesis would go at MM, Crotalus Cascavella would be at 10M.

In Lotus as well as Boericke’s Materia Medica, Crotalus Cascavella is termed as complementary to Lachesis, and the same sentence that it often completes the curative work of Lachesis, appears in Lotus Materia Medica as well. It’s, however, very much evident in the light of new findings, especially on them being required in different potencies, that we actually should not call them as complementary to each other. The correct terms to address such a pair would be a Supporting layer and a Main layer. The term complementary, if used for them, can at times cause confusion, suggesting them to be required in the same potency, when they exist together in any positioning.

Further, despite the fact we now have defined a separate category of supporting layers, we should not forget that any main layer and its supporting layer surely are complementary to one another. However, they are complementary with a special condition that they are always required in different potencies, when used together..

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