Homeopathic Vaccination – A False Concept

Homeoprophylaxis is the administration of a suitable homeopathic remedy, in the face of some imminent danger of a disease, to create right forces in the body at that time, that can help the disease to stay away.

It seems great then to take it to Homeopathic Vaccination too. And there one goes wrong!

Reason being, any medicine which is not needed, which can’t cure our energies or layers, is soon taken out of body, but with the work done by our energies or layers, i.e. our constitutional layers. So, we use our energies or layers to put off that not needed medicine. In wrong prescriptions too, this is what our body does again and again! Though, in both cases, the medicines create both its action and reaction forces, which thus can cause some troubles too, and this again is seen with them.

The troubles are more when medicine is used for long time, or in high potencies. Or some Palliations are seen, particularly with a wrong medicine at lower potencies, but again at the expense of our body doing work to put off the medicine, than getting cured.

So, if we are putting any remedy in our body, thinking that it will stay in our body for always, or its possible memory, to ward off a particular disease homeoprophylactically, for always, we certainly are wrong there.

Either then we’ll take it again and again, and cause our energies to deteriorate more and more, as they’ll push it out again and again. Or we’ll take it in higher potencies too, in the name of homeopathic vaccines. Generally three or four potencies are used for each medicine, from lower to quite higher ones, like from 30C to 10M. In all the potencies, we are doing undue damage to our energies, i.e. we are making ourselves bad, particularly of course with medicines at higher potencies.

It’s very sad actually, that today many homeopaths are propagating the use of homeopathic vaccines! The same stupidity we did with allopathy, is now running in homeopathy. And in the same way, the unaware parents, unaware of the actual principles, are taken away by a homeopath’s cajoling. The way the situation and principles of homeoprophylaxis are presented unto them, looks them too good and true.

Even if anyone feels the method as wrong, they generally decide to go through it, thinking homeopathy being safe, and doing no harm. They thus shell off some money, for keeping their kids good, as per their thoughts of course. No one however realizes that they damaged their kid, to some or the other extent, which will trouble him sooner or later.

What else would you expect from a really long list of medicines, delivered in three or four potencies, from lower to higher ones! Thus, the way the parents were unaware earlier, with conventional vaccines, the same story repeats.

It would take some time before parents get properly aware of the wrong use of so-called homeopathic vaccines, though by then, many kids would have been gone through the damage.

The way to avoid vaccines is no vaccines, and not another sophistication of homeopathic vaccines.

Letting our mind influenced by a name, Isaac Golden, who did something in Homeoprophylaxis (like someone did in Cease), and thus taking it to Homeopathic Vaccination, is one of the wrongs many can easily do. That too, despite the factor that it’s again the promotion of fear of disease, and then a false way of prevention from it as usual, but this time by using homeopathic medicines!

Homeoprophylaxis is for using at times, when we feel some imminent danger of a disease, to possibly ward it off. This at times, can’t be made permanent, in something like homeopathic vaccines. So, the best seeming prophylactic medicines should always be used at times, and never taken to the extreme ways as homeopathic vaccines.

The understanding of forces created by any medicine, and how it helps in cure, or homeoprophylaxis, or even palliation, helps to understand this in the best manner.


It’s the action force in homeoprophylaxis, as in the diagram above, that helps to possibly ward off the disease, and not the reaction force, which actually cures a deteriorated energy, and thus the issue or disease.

In Palliation, when any medicine is not right, and does some palliations, it’s somewhat matching force, i.e. to some extent, which thus helps somewhat in reaction force. Though, as it’s not a right medicine, and not the exact force needed, cure isn’t established, but just some palliation. This is what also happens in smaller issues many a times, like in normal cough and cold, wherein any medicine, whether given by a homeopath or taken by ourselves, gives relief in a while. It may not be the exact medicine needed, but smaller ailments get good soon, and thus by palliation, which even otherwise had to settle soon. The problem however is faced in bigger issues.

For Homeopathic Vaccinations again, then apart from a wrong medicine unduly deteriorating our energies, which of course is more by high potencies, the other issue is of Suppression of Energies, which is primarily even caused by conventional vaccines. The same here thus is done by the so-called homeopathic vaccines, or simply the wrong medicines, and this again of course is more by high potencies. The need thus is to stop this menace now itself, before it creates the same big havoc, on a larger scale, as has already been done by conventional vaccines.

The parents must be aware, before this extension of Homeoprophylaxis as Homeopathic Vaccines, by twisting the data of Homeoprophylaxis, becomes as dangerous as vaccines are today.

Try to understand where you are misled, in extensive details provided, when Homeoprophylaxis is misused and projected as a way to take it to Homeopathic Vaccines.


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