Dark Energy and Homeopathy

74% of energy in the universe is called Dark Energy, Dark aptly called coz we still don’t know what it is, and thus the name is given Dark to it. Please give due stress on the point that it’s the name Dark that is given to it. Scientists have no option but to believe that Dark Energy exists, as otherwise we can’t reconcile what that 74% of Energy in the universe is. Please see in this link and read third paragraph here for sure.

Einstein’s mass energy equation, E = mc^2, gives us only 26% of the energy in the universe, and thus there is much more beyond it that is still unexplored. Answers to Homeopathy lies here only, however don’t think that it would be all some confusing science talks in this.

What is required is just to understand that Homeopathic medicines (alcohol) actually extract this Dark Energy from substances, when the medicines are prepared, and thus it’s this energy that is in them, and not any electrostatic potential, memory, magnetic field, etc, that have been proposed earlier. We even know how these earlier propositions haven’t given any plausible explanation to Homeopathy. More so, it must be clear from now onwards, that it is actually an Energy in Homeopathic medicines, than anything else.

Scientists earlier also have believed that everything in the universe is made of Dark Energy. Not all believe in this, but actually it’s very easy to visualize and believe in it, if we understand a few things.

Everything including matter, dark matter, etc, is made of this Dark Energy, and thus we too, especially our mind, which is in the real Dark Energy form itself, than in any matter form. This concept makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, and also explains each and every concept of Homeopathy scientifically.

Another point to be given due care is, that even any talk of Homeopathic medicines being energy medicines, that has been done earlier, has not provided any plausible explanation to the working and other concepts of Homeopathy. That is, even after calling it an energy, the explanation hasn’t been provided by any credible energy and force analysis.

So, how do things change now by calling it Dark Energy?

This all is actually possible now by keeping these two things in mind.

1. First, Homeopathic medicines contain Dark Energy in them, and

2. Second, Even our mind is formed of Dark Energy.

These two things are pillars, that explain all, and that’s where the difference exists..

Further, apart from this, and based on this, there are very many new discoveries and concepts in my work, in relation to the usage of medicines, and thus very many new things to have much better understanding as well as practise of Homeopathy!

When I posted the above information in a Homeopathic yahoo group Minutus, I was asked the following questions by Andrew Vincent over there. I replied to them but my message was not approved by the moderator, Soroush. Anyway, the same happens with all Truths initially, and many try to oppose it. I’m posting my reply here, what I did there. Later, fortunately, my mail was approved there, and now in this post I even have added things from the questions asked there afterwards, in the discussions.

Andew’s mail and his questions:

Hi Varun,

I have read these discussions with an open mind for a while now, but feel I have to respond to this posting.

I don’t profess to know much about Quantum Theory (although I do have an interest in new science, and any possible explanations for how we could explain the workings of Homeopathy), but I would like to quote back to you some of what you have written, with my comments..

“Scientists have no option but to believe that Dark Energy exists, as otherwise we can’t reconcile what that 74% of Energy in the universe is.”

So … we don’t really know what constitutes 74% of the Universe?

“Einstein’s mass energy equation, E = mc^2, gives us only 26% of the energy in the universe, and thus there is much more beyond it that is still unexplored. Answers to Homeopathy lies here only,..”

Do you have any evidence for this bold statement?

“…understand that Homeopathic medicines (alcohol) actually extract this Dark Energy from substances, when the medicines are prepared,…”

Again … any evidence?

“This concept makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, and also explains each and every concept of Homeopathy scientifically.”

Well actually it doesn’t prove anything …. you state that we can’t account for 74% of the substance of the Universe, and then state that this is how Homeopathy works…

So in summary, we don’t know what Dark Energy is, and this is what makes Homeopathic remedies work … which translated means that we don’t know what makes Homeopathy work!

Or am I missing the point?


These are my answers to his mail that I posted there.

Andrew, you have really posed very valid questions. Thanks a lot for asking them too.

First of all I would like to tell, that scientists don’t know what that 74% of energy is, and thus they have given the name Dark to it. Many hypotheses have also been put forward to explain it, but none has been accepted yet with proper conviction.

Just make it easy for a while and just think on the fact that it is some energy, and even scientists are keenly willing to find and know what it is.

About the fact of E=mc^2 giving 26% of energy, as you asked, then it comes as a natural by-statement to the fact that 74% of energy is required to reconcile total energy in the universe, as known mass as well as energies calculated and thus totalled does not account for total energy in the Universe. Now here mass would be totalled to energy by E = mc^2 only, and known energy would also come under the aegis of Einstein’s equation, naturally.

Let’s again come back to the point that Dark energy is some energy only. Our mind, which we really can’t see, is made of some energies only, and it will only come in the realms of Dark Energy. This is something big, which once understood, can make the understanding of everything very easy, that our mind is in the form of or made by Dark Energies itself. Can we see our mind? We can see our brain, but not our mind. Our mind is actually in the form of real Dark Energies itself!

Does this hypothesis solve any problem? Actually it does. If we can know somewhat into these energies, and know what all energies our mind is made of, including how these energies work in us, or you can say, if we can provide a framework to it (even without knowing what this energy is), then we get a very good lead to work into the concept of Dark Energies. You may say I’m somewhat confusing in my words here, but actually I’m not, as I’ve properly explained how our mind is made of some energies in my book, and how it works. Take it a thing like Newton said gravity is there, but he had no scientific evidence to prove it, when he said that. However, gravity explained falling of an apple, so it had to exist, and later it was even proved mathematically. Similarly, the understanding that our mind too is in the form of Dark Energies itself, and the putting forward of working format of these energies, gives us many right leads in homeopathy.

We have been saying right from the inception of Homeopathy, that Homeopathic medicines act on mind. Just try to catch the correlation here, that it can only be possible if homeopathic medicines are made of the same energies as our mind is made of. That is, both are having Dark Energies in them! This is the reason which makes Homeopathy the only perfect pathy, in working with the same energies as our mind is made of, as no other pathy works by extracting this higher form of energy in alcohol, and thus no other pathy can manifest cure in real terms!

A big step forward in my work also is that Dark Energy is not just one energy, but a blend of similar type of energies, and even our mind is made of them. Say like we have five hundred of these energies, and one person’s mind could be made of ten of these, and other’s say twenty of these.

Now my work explains all this, and even working of Homeopathic medicines by this. Even the Law of Similars comes as a natural by-statement of the concept! As gravity was required to explain falling of an apple, and it had to be true, similarly, anything which can easily explain the working of Homeopathic medicines, and all of its other concepts, has to be true.

I’ve been repeatedly saying that each and every concept of Homeopathy can easily be explained by my theory. If I’ve really explained these things there in the book, only then I’m saying all this.

More so, mark my words again, that there are very many new discoveries and concepts in the book, in relation to the usage of medicines, and thus very many new things to have much better understanding and practise of Homeopathy.

Again, please don’t think that it would be some confusing science talks in the book, as most talks on science end in the early part of second chapter itself, and what begins thereafter is the information about new discoveries and concepts for usage of medicines, that too in proper Homeopathic language. Further, I even have tried to put the things of homeopathy in a simple way, so that even the persons not from Homeopathic background are able to understand it with ease.

Till now I’ve talked about science, but let me also tell that what all seems so difficult to understand, is not so difficult actually, if we would have some knowledge into Indian scriptures, Vedas and Upanishads. Time and again scholars have said that Vedas and Upanishads are repository of vast scientific knowledge. I’ve got to learn about this rare knowledge from my Guru, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj, whom I’ve dedicated my book too. I’ve no qualms in saying that what I’ve put is a vast repository of rare knowledge he gave to me, when it came to saving my own life. The concepts are not even difficult to understand, as I’ve kept them very simple for everyone to read and understand. Many cases normally seen by Homeopaths on daily basis would require using these concepts, but as they are still not aware of them, they still are working on single medicine at a time concept.

If you remember, once in my earlier post (in yahoo group Minutus), I also said that Crotalus Cascavella might be required to mix with Lachesis in potency two standard potencies below Lachesis, taking 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M and CM as standard potencies. This means, if Lachesis is given in 200C potency, then Crotalus Cascavella should be mixed with it in 6C potency, and so on with the other potencies, if required as per a case. Now this comes from a very sound new concept discussed in the book, and I even have talked of more remedies under this, than only Lachesis and Crotalus Cascavella. This as well as the other new concepts I’ve discussed, can easily be verified too, as these things will easily be visible in day-to-day cases, thus providing all clinical evidence as well.

Some other important points as per more questions asked by Andrew there are also given below, as later my mail was approved in Minutus. Though, soon again the group owner created further troubles. Join this group, to understand more on the atmosphere there.

I know things might be hard to believe in the first go, but first of all just try to be clear in the concept that everything in the Universe evolved from what we call as Dark Energy, including mass as well as the other forms of energy. More so, just try to enter into the gravity of the situation, that this energy is beyond Einstein’s mass energy equation too, which leaves things to be a bit tricky, and more in the thought process, than in observations, as we cannot see this Dark Energy. But still it’s not so difficult to understand, as if we try to think on a simple form of any other energy too, even that is not visible to us, but only its actions are.

Take the example of a cricket ball kept over table. Now the ball has potential energy with respect to the ground, as per the height of the table from the ground. Though, just think, that can we see that potential energy in the ball? Actually no. We can only see the ball, and not the potential energy in it. To feel or to understand that the ball has potential energy in it, we would have to drop it from the table, and then we can feel the force in the ball, either on our hand, if we place it below the ball, or in any other way, if it can break a piece of glass below the table, or runs a small turbine placed in its path, to produce some electricity. Now here we can see the things done by the energy, by some mechanism, wherein energy had to deliver in terms of force, whether force on hand, or force on a piece of glass, or on turbine blades, but it’s certainly not that we could see the energy in the ball. Energy is not visible to eyes here too!

Now in the realms of Dark Energy, thing gets somewhat tougher, but not actually so tough that our mind cannot grasp it. Let me explain one more thing in relation to this that will make it easy to understand.

Just try to give a scientific explanation to the fact of what actually is a Thought, Imagination, Dream……... Scientific explanation…

Think it for a while before you see what I would have written below.

Are Thoughts, Imaginations or Dreams a potential energy, kinetic energy, electrostatic energy, or is it now Dark energy, as you might think that I may say. Actually they are none of them, that is, neither are they Dark Energy. It’s actually a way to feel or rather understand that Dark Energy in action, as we could feel the energy of a ball on our hand, or on a glass below the table, or through turbine blades. So, just think again, and the Dreams, Thoughts, and Imaginations are actually Forces manifested by the Dark Energy (of mind). Scientists have not yet given any plausible explanation to the nature of thoughts, imaginations or dreams, on scientific basis. Dark Energy like any other simpler forms of energy, is not visible, but its actions are just like the actions of any other form of energy. And I now even have provided a scientific statement to the nature of Thoughts, Imaginations and Dreams, and I hope scientific as well as Homeopathic community gives due importance and observation to this.

Now just give some insight into the fact that how great an importance we have been giving to thoughts, imaginations and dreams in homeopathy, right from the beginning. Symptoms of Mind, and we relish them in Homeopathy. Again this all is giving all plausible hints to the concept of Dark Energy. The forces of thoughts, imaginations, and dreams are coming from mind, the forces which are the symptoms to choose right homeopathic medicines, the medicines which are again having the needed Dark Energies! How simple it’s actually to understand all this, if we give a right thought/insight into it!

Forces of mind varies from person to person, and that’s how varies our selection of remedies for them. Dark Energies from which their minds are made varies right from birth, or rather right from when they were formed in mother’s womb, and then as per their development and challenges they face, Dark Energies show their action. Further, when required, we correct these actions of Dark Energy, and the unhealthy energies, via the same Dark Energies in Homeopathic medicines!

Again come on to the fact that everything is made of Dark Energy. When God could provide a way which would indeed be scientific by every respect, for the formation of Universe from Dark Energy, then why can’t they be extracted backwards from matter, and energies available to us? Fortunately extraction in alcohol is possible, as only that’s why the Homeopathic medicines work!!!

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